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FICRA, the Fox Island Community and Recreation Association, is a volunteer organization that serves our island community by providing many great social and recreational activities for islanders to enjoy. FICRA relies on its many volunteer members to make it all happen, from the Easter Egg Hunt and Plant Sale in the Spring, Solstice Celebration and Fox Island Fair in the Summer, to the Christmas Tree Lighting and Family Concert in the Winter. The nonprofit organization was formed in February 1970 and meets the requirements of section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code. As stated in the Bylaws, the purpose of FICRA is:

  • to promote matters pertaining to the health and safety of Fox Island residents; and
  • to promote the welfare and development of Fox Island; and
  • to provide recreation and social activities of a non profit nature as a public service to the residents of Fox Island.

Management of FICRA is vested in a seven-member Board of Directors. FICRA Board members are elected at the Annual Member Meeting in March of each year. Persons residing on or owning property on Fox Island who have paid membership dues for the current year are eligible to vote. Board Officers serve one year terms; Directors serve two year terms. The Board meets monthly at the NCC (or by teleconference during the current COVID-19 pandemic).

2022-2023 FICRA Board of Directors

Lindsey JensenVice


Recent Board Meeting Minutes & Agendas