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FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 4-14-2022

Fox Island Community & Recreation Association 
Board Meeting Minutes 
Thursday, April 14, 2022 7:00PM 
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington 

2022-2023 FICRA Board of Directors
Miguel MartinezPresident
Lindsey JensenVice President
Aileen JonesSecretary
Hal GoodellTreasurer
Candy WawroDirector
Matt DesjardinsDirector
Wes KingDirector

April FICRA Board Meeting Minutes – April 14, 2022 

Attendees:  Miguel Martinez, President, Hal Goodell, Treasurer, Wes King, Director, Aileen Jones, Secretary, Matt Desjardins, Director, and Candy Wawro, Director.  Lindsey Jensen, Vice-President, excused.   

Meeting Called to Order at 7:53 PM 

Motion to Approve March Minutes:  Aileen Jones made a motion to approve the minutes and motion seconded by Wes King. 

Public Comments:  Gina Olsen mentioned that Four Square Church did a community service workday to improve the play yard and that the fresh bark was appreciated. 

President’s Report – Miguel Martinez  

Miguel reminded the Board that the goal for the FICRA team is to engage the community of all ages.  We are seeking additional people to help with accruing volunteers for several of our functions.  This position was formally held by Heidi Alessi.  However, she and Jack Avak have taken on new responsibilities concerning the Fox Island Bridge repair/replacement concerns.  Hence, we need a volunteer coordinator.  Hal made mention that we have a list of people who have volunteered to assist FICRA in their activities when they filled out their membership form.  It was recommended that we make a coordinated effort to reach out to these folks.  Lindsey and Candy to coordinate an invite to our volunteers to assess interest in particular activities. 

Treasurer’s Report – Hal Goodell  

Checking:  $34,268.34 

Savings:  $25.00 

Money Market Account:  $31173.71 

PayPal Account:  $1,068.87 

Expired Membership 2020-2021:  134 

Current Membership 2021-2022: 378 (14 members were new or renewed) 

Matt asked if the PayPal accounts between the Trust and FICRA are two separate accounts.  Hal clarified that they are one account and then separated accordingly.  PayPal fees are 3.47% of each transaction.  Hal would like to see events include the transaction fee in the future. 

Committee Reports

Miguel talked about the organization being a better communicator with other island organizations.  Although we are the largest organization, we are not the most important.  Noted that we did move our Wine and Wire night to accommodate a Chapel concert.  However, the McNeil Island History Talk did conflict with the Commodore’s Ball at the yacht club.  Unfortunately, conflicts will occur from time-to-time but we should try to coordinate as best we can.  Candy remarked that we had only one alternative date for the McNeil Island History Talk which fell over the Memorial Day weekend.  The Historian presenter is planning a research sabbatical in Indiana for the summer, hence the April 30th date. 

Magical Strings concert was a success.  We had 120 people in attendance.  Half of those in attendance were Magical Strings followers.  The last time that FICRA sponsored this group, we only had 35 attendees.  We took in $1650 in proceeds.  Expenses were $1181 with cookies and drinks and their fee of $900. 

Easter Egg Hunt:  Two thousand stuffed eggs purchased.  Boy Scouts contacted to help us “hide” eggs.  We have coffee donated.  Will purchase donut holes.  Hal mentioned that we should host a membership table with clothing for purchase from last year’s fair.  Miguel volunteered to take on that responsibility.  Four Square Church has volunteered to assist in setup.  Citizen’s Patrol to also have a table to answer any questions.   

Summer Events:  Miguel introduced Madeline Hunter, owner of French Toast Theater, as a possible contractor of FICRA events.  Ms. Hunter passed out presentations that explained several options such as a Movie Night, Summer Camps for Island children, Karaoke Nights, etc.  Hal questioned as to whether these activities fall under the FICRA umbrella or the FICRA Trust umbrella if the contractor is a for-profit entity, and no rental fee is charged.  Aileen mentioned that the movie night was very costly. Craig made mention that this conversation is null and void if the two boards merge into one in which FICRA is a committee under the Trust.  Craig then offered to sponsor the group Brothers Four for one of our concerts.  Miguel suggested a separate meeting to discuss Madeline’s proposal early the following week.   

Soccer Development:  Miguel also suggested that FICRA host a soccer development camp.  This would not be a competitive team but would only enhance skill development.  “Camps” would run 6-8 weeks and Miguel to solicit coaches interested.  There are no hard dates established yet.  Miguel would like to purchase 4 soccer goals (on wheels); two for adults and two for children.  The large nets are 8’ by 24’ and the smaller ones are 4’ by 6’.  The smaller nets would fit inside the larger ones for storage.  The cost of both sets is $735 on Amazon.  Wes motioned that we purchase said nets.  Matt seconded that motion. 

Unfinished Business:  Craig mentioned that we should have some Gmax testing done on both the baseball and soccer fields.  The harder the ground, the more susceptible injuries become.  Agreement was reached from Board members to complete this task.  Miguel to work with Jim Braden to get this accomplished.   

Motion to Adjourn at 9:14 PM