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Citizens’ Patrol

Reporting Crimes and Suspicious Activity

To report a crime in progress, call 911

To report suspicious activity, Email Citizens’ Patrol
– or –
call the Sheriff’s Non-Emergency line (253‑287‑4455)

The Citizens’ Patrol Committee

Fox Island is a wonderful community – not just because of its beauty and rural feel, but because it is a safe place to live and raise a family. Fox Island has the lowest crime rate of any community its size, or larger, in Pierce County.

One of the benefits of community interaction is the enhanced safety on Fox Island. This interaction includes watching out for one another and supporting the dedicated efforts of our Citizens’ Patrol.

The FICRA Building Trust’s Citizens’ Patrol Committee leads the neighborhood watch effort and raises money to hire off-duty Sheriff Deputies for extra patrols on Fox Island. Citizens’ Patrol functions include observing our school bus stops, vacation home watch, managing a Hotline management, assisting in emergency response and more. These activities, and the hiring of Sheriff deputies, are a significant expense for the Trust. The Citizens’ Patrol Committee is responsible for raising the funds to keep the process working.

FICRA dues, which support recreational and other community activities, cannot be used for the Citizens’ Patrol under IRS rules. But you can help ensure our island’s safety and welfare by donating to and/or volunteering to assist the Citizens’ Patrol.

Home Check Program

The Citizens’ Patrol also provides courtesy home checks when requested. Patrol Members will drive by or conduct a visual check of properties for any suspicious activity. To request a Home Check, please complete the online request form at least 72 hours in advance. You may also download, complete and mail a printed request form to Citizens’ Patrol at PO Box 25, Fox Island, WA 98333.

Bridge Alert Flags

To find out why the bridge flags are up, Email Citizens’ Patrol.

Why do I see those flags up at the bridge occasionally? The flag/sign posting is an active component of Citizens’ Patrol.  Its purpose is to alert Island residents when there is a potential or current event which warrants community attention.

When you see posted flags as you come on to the Island, Email Citizens’ Patrol for information.

Reporting Other Concerns

You can also Email us at any time to communicate a concern or to leave a question for Citizens’ Patrol.  Examples might include leaving a complaint about speeders on Island streets, or questionable door to door queries.  If the incidents reported are situated within a identifiable community or section of the Island, the flags will be posted along with a message advising of the issue. We also use the information reported to us to identify priority patrol areas for both the Sheriff and Citizens’ Patrol members.

Thank you for your support! Donations may be made to our PO box or online.

Citizens’ Patrol
c/o FICRA Building Trust
PO Box 25
Fox Island, WA, 98333