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Nichols Community Center

The old schoolhouse was built in 1934 by the Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression. It was the Fox Island School until 1954. Now part of the Nichols Community Center, this building opens its doors to Fox Islanders for meetings and activities. It has two classrooms with the original black boards, a kitchen, lavatories, and an auditorium with a stage. The basement was used for indoor play on rainy days.

The building, which is 87 years old this year, is a tremendous asset for the Fox Island Community, hosting public meetings and activities for hundreds of people. Each year, the facility hosts the FICRA Fair, the Christmas Tree Lighting & Concert, the Fox Island Easter Egg Hunt and many other events. But maintaining the building and grounds costs thousands of dollars each year, and even with volunteers donating hundreds of hours of time, improvements are always needed.

Several projects have been undertaken over the last few years to bring the building back to the appearance and functionality it deserves. The entry hall and auditorium have been refurbished, restrooms have been updated, floors replaced and refinished, new lighting has been installed, and historic photographs of Fox Island welcome visitors into the building. The kitchen area was renovated a few years ago and we just completed painting the building exterior. We just restored the original windows in the front of the building and we are currently working on replacing the windows in the back. But there is always work to be done. We need your help to preserve this historic building for the Fox Island Community.

Please contact the FICRA Building Trust if you are willing to donate your time, money, or expertise toward the maintenance of this island treasure. If you can, please contribute generously to the Trust, a 501(c)(3) organization.


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