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FICRA Board Meeting Agenda 6-9-2022

Fox Island Community & Recreation Association 
Board Meeting Agenda 
Thursday, June 9, 2022 7:00PM 
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington 

2022-2023 FICRA Board of Directors
Miguel MartinezPresident
Lindsey JensenVice President
Aileen JonesSecretary
Hal GoodellTreasurer
Wes KingDirector
Candy WawroDirector
Matt DesjardinsDirector
  1. Approval of absences – 
  2. Approval of May 12, 2022 FICRA Board Meeting Minutes
  3. Public Comment
  4. President’s Report – Miguel
  5. Treasurer’s Report – Hal
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Communications/Social Media – Candy
    2. Summer Solstice – Miguel
    3. Soccer – Miguel
  7. New Business
  8. Unfinished Business 
    1. Resolution to dissolve FICRA including
      1. Filing final tax return
      2. Submitting tax clearance certificate to WA State Corporate Commission that all obligations have been paid
      3. Transferring all existing assets to the FICRA Building Trust to include financial transfer of bank funds, closing of all accounts and changing authorized signatories at Sound CU  
  9. Consent Calendar
  10. Meeting Adjournment