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FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 6-9-2022

Fox Island Community & Recreation Association 
Board Meeting Minutes 
Thursday, June 9, 2022 7:00PM 
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington 

2022-2023 FICRA Board of Directors
Miguel MartinezPresident
Lindsey JensenVice President
Aileen JonesSecretary
Hal GoodellTreasurer
Wes KingDirector
Candy WawroDirector
Matt DesjardinsDirector

June FICRA Minutes

June 9, 2022 at 7:02 pm

Attendees:  Miguel Martinez, President, Lindsey Jensen, Vice-President, Aileen Jones (excused), Secretary, Hal Goodell, Treasurer, Candy Wawro, Director, Weston King, Director, Matt Desjardins, Director

Approval of May 12, 2022, FICRA minutes:  Matt Desjardins made a motion to approve the May minutes as written and Wes King seconded. All in favor… minutes approved.

Public Comments:  A recommendation made from the audience that Board members have name plates/signs in front of them so members of the audience could put a name and face together (especially new members). Recommendation accepted. Again, Board members introduced themselves.

President’s Report: (Miguel Martinez): It has been a pleasure to serve this community and that recently the team has worked with enthusiasm on varied events for the island including history talks, art classes, concerts, etc., with many planned this summer for adults and children.

Treasurer’s Report (Hal Goodell):

Beginning Checking Balance:           $30,445.48

Expenses Incurred:                             $  1,733.95

Cleared Balance:                                 $28,711.53

Savings Balance:                                  $       25.00

Money Market Beginning Balance: $31,177.55

Interest:                                                            3.97

Money Market Cleared Balance:     $31,181.52

FICRA PayPal Beginning Balance:     $ 1,783.45

FICRA PayPal Income:                         $     177.00

FICRA PayPal Fees                                $    (   9.60)

FICRA Ending PayPal Balance:           $  1,950.85

Current Membership for 2021-22 is 398

Committee Reports

                Social Media/Email:  We need a FICRA Flash in July (that gets mailed) to promote the FICRA Fair and other events. We may have a new printer to assist. Will look at the cost of postcards and mailing to promote events. A required 10-day notice was given to FICRA members through email and social media to dissolve FICRA and become one organization under the FICRA Trust.

                Summer Solstice:  No Thirst Responder this year as they are short staffed. We will be able to have beer and wine with a permit. We will be partnering with Zogs to fill those needs. Most bands were booked for summer events already. We are looking at alternatives, with a DJ, if all leads fall through. Miguel will talk with Cheryl Pense on possibilities and Jim Braden will talk with McCracken to see if they are available. Arlyn Lawrence suggested TwoMacs as a possibility.

                Soccer:  The development leagues are progressing nicely. We have sixty-nine children signed up (30 in the 5–6-year-old range, twenty-two in the 7–8-year-old range, and seventeen in the 9-10-year-old range). New nets have arrived, assembled, and ready to go. Miguel will notify parents next week of who is coaching who and practice times. The younger children will have 45-minute lessons with the older children having been an hour all on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Wednesdays were set aside for T-ball. Lindsey said the coaches were great and most parents were pleased they did not have to leave the island for practice. Miguel suggested we should take it slow and let the sports develop over time.

New Business:  None

Unfinished Business:  There was a resolution to dissolve FICRA and become one organization under the FICRA Trust as we do everything together anyway. There are no drawbacks for removing the 501C7 status and be a part of the Trust’s 501C3. Most islanders do not even know that there are presently two entities. Hence, if the Trust accepts, FICRA will technically dissolve. We have cash assets of approximately $60,000 which will still be available for community events. On the plus side, we are currently carrying two separate insurance policies which will lessen the cost when under one policy of the Trust’s and one set of bookkeeping for the treasurer. There was a 10-day required notice given to FICRA members on email and social media.

Miguel asked for a motion for the resolution to dissolve. Matt Desjardins made a motion to dissolve FICRA and become one organization under the FICRA Trust. Lindsey Jensen seconded motion. The vote was taken and was approved without opposition. The following now needs to be completed:  a filing of a final tax return, submitting tax clearance certificate to the State that all obligations have been paid, a transferring of all existing assets to the Trust (including the financial transfer of the bank funds, the closing of the accounts, the changing of signatures at the bank, notifying creditors, if any, of the dissolution, and writing a letter the Washington State Attorney General of the intent to dissolve. 

At the subsequent first meeting of the new Trust Board (following the FICRA Board meeting), a resolution will be made to amend the Trust’s By-Laws regarding the number of directors and the recognition stated of the passing of this resolution to increase the Board size and immediately fill the vacancies (with members of the FICRA Board). The Trust Board by its own resolution can approve these new Trust Board directors for the remainder of the current term. They will want to set a term(s) for the new positions, and the resolution will state that the new directors will serve the balance of this term.

At a subsequent Trust Board meeting, we will have new discussion about the need to have each director be a liaison to one or more the standing committees. Currently, those standing committees are the Boy Scouts, Emergency Preparedness, Citizens’ Patrol, etc. Jim Braden is currently reporting the Citizens’ Patrol, Emergency Preparedness, the Nature Center, Building and Grounds, Major Projects, and the Scouting activities. The Trust will also want to write a revised mission statement for the Trust to include community and the FICRA mission.

Miguel asked for a motion to adjourn. Weston King made a motion to adjourn.  Motion was seconded by Lindsey Jenson.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:44 pm.