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Thursday, July 9, 2020, 6:30PM

2020-2021 FICRA Board2020-2021 FICRA Trust Board
Miguel MartinezPresidentHoward StapletonPresident
Pia BeethamVice PresidentNaomi GrantVice President
Candy WawroSecretaryGina OlsonSecretary
Hal GoodellTreasurerHal GoodellTreasurer
Howard StapletonPast PresidentKaren KretschmerDirector

TRUST Board Attendees: Jim Braden (outgoing), Hal Goodell, Naomi Grant, Karen Kretschmer (incoming), Gina Olson and Howard Stapleton in attendance.

FICRA Board Attendees: Pia Beetham, Hal Goodell, Miguel Martinez, Howard Stapleton and Candy Wawro in attendance.

Additional Attendees: Joan Broughton and Ray Kittelberger (joined later).

The Zoom Meeting started at 6:30pm and there was a brief waiting period to allow everyone to join.  The meeting was called to order at 6:38pm.  The meeting was posted and advertised to the residents of FI on the FICRA website with a minimum 10 days’ notice.

Minutes from the FICRA Annual Member Meeting, FICRA Board Meeting, and FICRA Trust Board Meeting from June 11, 2020 were unanimously approved.

Election Results from Nominating Committee and appointment of President, Vice‐President, Secretary and Treasurer:  The 6/21/2020 Trust Election results (Howard Stapleton, Naomi Grant, Gina Olson, Hal Goodell, and Karen Kretschmer) were presented by the Nominating Committee.  Naomi Grant made a motion to accept the results, Pia Beetham seconded and it was unanimously approved.  The new FICRA Trust Board unanimously agreed to the positions as reflected in the Minutes above.

Treasurer’s Report: Hal Goodell

Hal reported that there was not much happening on the financials.  The following information was provided verbally with written reports to follow:

FICRA Checking: Jun 1: $ 14,145.55 Jun 30: Cleared Balance: $ 13,988.67

FICRA Money Market: Jun 1: $ 30,995.09 Jun 30: Cleared Balance: $ 31,002.73

FICRA PayPal: Jun 1: $ 23.97 Jun 30: Balance: $ 23.97

Trust Checking account: Jun 1 Balance: $ 17,587.56, Jun 30 Balance: $ 20,585.21

Trust Capital Checking: Jun 1 Balance: $ 3,925.45, Jun 30 Balance: $ 3,925.45

Trust Reserve Checking: Jun 1 Balance: $ 1,541.00, Jun 30 Balance: $ 1,541.00

Trust Money Market:  Jun 1 Balance: $ 184,997.23, Jun 30 Balance: $ 185,080.86

Trust Savings: Jun 1 Balance: $ 268.00, Jun 30 Balance $ 268.01

Trust PayPal: Jun 1 Balance: $ 24.28, Jun 30 Balance $ 72.53

Hal reported that there was a Trust donation from Chevron based on a matching donation from a private FI resident with a combined total of about $3,800.  Hal noted that the Citizens’ Patrol Program is expected to be $3,000 in the red and suggested that we ask for CP donations in a combined all island mailing for membership renewals.

FICRA Publicity Committee Report:  With all of the face‑to‑face events cancelled,  there is agreement that we should send out an all island mailer requesting membership renewals and CP donations.  Pia suggests a survey of how residents prefer to hear from and about FICRA events.  Candy and Karen will coordinate the social media post and mailer.  Hal would like to use “resident” mailer format and include a self‑addressed envelope.  Jim volunteers to help Candy and Karen with wording on the CP information.  The newsletter (FICRA E‑Flash) contacts have been moved from Constant Contact to new application called Mailchimp.  Howard will cancel the Constant Contact account before any new billing occurs.

NCC Maintenance & Facility Improvements:  Jim reports they are working on prep for the painting on the building exterior.  Jim has volunteers and he has arranged for the painting and rental of scaffolding.  He will remind volunteers to wear masks in compliance with state and county requirements. Ray Kittelberger noted that the windows and sills are in poor condition and asked why these weren’t repaired prior to painting.  Jim indicated there is no approval as of yet from Pierce County for the proposed window repair; the Building Committee continues to work on this. 

Outdoor signs wording is in review, and Jim would like to have input, working with Kyle.  Ray would like to see “Private Park owned by the FI residents” posted.  

The soccer goals currently on NCC field are repaired, glued, netting retied. Thank you, Jim and Miguel. 

Sports Field Irrigation: Jim is working on a cost estimate and proposals for Sports Field irrigation. He is working with Chamber’s Bay to obtain information related to the watering system, water pressure, water volume used, costs, etc.  FIMWA is supportive of the effort.  Rates typically increase when water usage goes up, so this has to be further assessed.  Jim with proceed with gathering information and estimates.  Joan Broughton asked if the new FIMWA rates have increased water costs.  Current watering by hose has not increased water bills significantly, but Jim expects this would change if we have a dry year.  Gina reports that added watering will increase the frequency of mowing required.  Hal suggested another person be hired to mow every other week.  Miguel suggests when designing the new irrigation system, we consider using an application to manage irrigation to better control usage.

Scout Camp Out: The scouts are having a camp out, with required physical distancing, a total of 4 families, all using the space on the field for a camp out on July 11-12th. There are no other events on the calendar.

FICRA Building Trust Board Resolution 2020‑002: Resolution 2020-002 (attached) designating Jim Braden as the FICRA Building Trust Representative to Trust Sponsored Scouting Organizations was unanimous approved by the Trust Board.

New Business:  Jim has been the volunteer NCC rental coordinator since the previous person resigned. He reports that there have been ongoing requests for NCC rentals. Jim would like feedback on how to respond in light of the Covid-19 pandemic regulations. Howard has provided some recommended language for the rental/use agreement that incorporates considerations being addressed for rentals at the Chapel.  To address concerns about renters not following regulations, the proposed language places their deposit at risk.  Naomi provided some information on the Chapel’s experience with renters and suggested that it would be helpful for the Chapel and NCC to be on the same page.

Planning has been cancelled for the 2020 FICRA Fair.

Meeting Adjournment:  The meeting adjourned at 7:34pm.

Next Meetings: The next FICRA and FICRA Trust Board Meetings are scheduled for Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 6:30pm via video/teleconference.  The meeting notice and instructions for receiving the Zoom meeting invitation are posted on the website event calendar.  Note: the meeting date was subsequently revised to August 20, 2020 and posted to the website.

Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary