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FICRA Board minutes 4-9-2015


April 9, 2015

Board Attendees: Uwe Krohn, Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Hal Goodell, Howard Stapleton.  Bob Bowser and Gina Olson excused.


President Krohn opened the meeting at 7:04 PM.


The Trust’s CrimeWatch report was given by Stan Weston.  The rate of crime incidents is much better than last year (last year was not the best year in some categories).  There are comments coming in about incidents occurring that are not posted in our CrimeWatch system.  We will encourage other organizations to advise their members to call 549-7744 if they become aware of crime incidents that should be investigated.  Jim will write a letter to that effect to FIYC, the churches, the museum and Chapel.


Minutes from the March 12, 2014 meeting approved.


President’s Report:  Uwe Krohn thanked all who helped make the Easter Egg Hunt work.  Uwe feels that we are not getting the deserved recognition for our events from the Fox Island news service.  Off island events seem to get better coverage.  Uwe stressed the need to coordinate events throughout the island and it was suggested we convene a workshop including FIYC, Museum, Chapel, and church representatives to coordinate a master calendar.  Volunteers to help on events can be difficult to recruit.  Howard will look into a signup mechanism on where we can post specific jobs that need help and see if that works.  Also e-mail and newsletters are resources for recruiting help – but we need to be specific on the jobs in need.  Uwe mentioned the need to get phone book corrections gathered ahead of our next printing.  It was suggested we notice a date (June meeting?) for folks to bring their accumulated edits to the phone book.


Consent Calendar: No items.


Treasure’s Report: Hal Goodell asked for approval of the FICRA Budget – motion approved.


FICRA  3-01 Checkbook: Bal: $22,172.64*, 3-31 Balance:$23,431.40

*3-1 cleared balance was $23,158.30

Money Market  3-01 Balance: $18,596.35, 3-31 Balance: $18,597.93

PayPal: 3-01 Balance $138.69, 3-31 Balance  $2,111.96


Committee Reports: 

Social Activities: Jean Peterson excused.  The Mysteries of Africa presentation will be held on April 15th at NCC.  The Plant Sale is May 2. Volunteers needed for setup May 1 as well as May 2.


Membership Committee: Bob Bowser excused. Goal is still 400 members – currently 371.  It was suggested to start acquiring members for the following year.  Hal stated that several folks have paid for this year and next year at the same time.  Another attempt for current year may be best via letter.  Motion approved to charge only $15 for the dues for the remainder of this year.


Publicity: Jim reported that Lisa is doing a great job pulling the whole communications effort together.  Howard technical assistance is also very valuable.


Unfinished Business: None.


New Business: Bylaw revisions reviewed and will set the first reading for May 14 meeting.

Motion approved to Adjourn at 8:47 PM.  Next Meeting is May 14, 2015.  


Respectfully submitted by Jim Braden for Tony Moore, Secretary