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FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 4-5-2012


APRIL 5, 2012

Board Attendees:  Jim Braden, Jeff Goodwin, Patty Metzger, Mimi Miller, Tony Moore, Hal Goodell, Lynne Goodwin.

President Jim Braden opened the meeting at 7:30 pm with the pledge of allegiance.

Jim then explained the intent of board meetings and how they would operate: the board members will vote and the public will be invited to make comments.

Minutes from March 1, 19 and 28 were read, corrected and passed.

President’s Report:

  • Many volunteers have returned as committee chairs/members
  • The board will be setting priorities for the year in line with our financial boundaries
  • Focus on youth involvement
  • Focus on communication
  • Focus on increased membership

Treasure’s Report

  • FICRA Beginning Balance     $5004.05
  • Deposits                                 13,553.51
  • Expenses                                  13,229.85
  • FICRA New Balance               $5051.33
  • Money Market Beginning Balance  $22,063.61
  • Insurance                                                5,439.15
  • Transfer to Checking                                       (6,700.00)
  • Interest                                                           3.36
  • Money Market Ending Balance       $20,756.12

FICRA Trust Beginning Balance       $11,430.38

  • Dividends and Donations                          146.41
  • FICRA Trust New Balance                $11,576.79

Current Family Memberships: 194

Complete report is attached to these minutes.

Committee Reports:


  • Ray Kittelberger reported that Fox Island has the lowest crime rate in Pierce County.
  • There has been some high speed racing on Island Blvd. between a Jeep and a Porche.
  • Residents are encouraged to call 911 if they observe a crime, then to call CrimeWatch.
  • A system needs to be developed to ensure that all crimes are reflected on and that CrimeWatch is aware of all crimes reported to the sherriff.

Building Committee

  • Carolyn Braden reported there will be a clean up day on April 21 beginning at 8:30, with soup at 11:30.
  • FI Garden Tour will be May 19. Tickets are $15.
  • All new plants in the front beds have been donated.

Social Activities

  • Karen Cravens reported the committee has developed a mission statement (See attached)
  • Easter Egg hunt is well organized with many volunteers.
  • A list of activities was handed out. (see attached)
  • The committee would like to have a permanent sign in front of NCC stating upcoming activities.

Nature Center

  • Phil Cravens reported the committee is still pulling blackberries and planting native plants.
  • Gary Becker has offered native rhodies for the NC. Nan Feagin said these should be planted before June.
  • Phil suggested removing memorial stones and putting volunteer recognitions on a board at the NC entrance.  The committee will put a proposal together: the Board will make a decision.


  • Kalli Ostner reported that she will be looking for committee members.
  • The committee addresses all avenues of communication.
  • About 1700 FICRA Flashes were recently distributed, but some were thrown away at the post office.  In the future before the Flash is published Kalli will put a note on the bridge board telling residents to watch for the Flash.


  • Jeff Goodwin reported that he is looking for ideas to appeal to a broader group of islanders.
  • We may sponsor sporting events and may move to individual memberships.

Unfinished Business:


  • Jim Braden reported that the membership passed the revised Bylaws on Feb. 2, but the title on the property is still being cleaned up.
  • We are planning to clearly separate funding for FICRA and FICRA Trust with the upcoming audit.

 Plant Sale

  • Hal Goodell reported that the plant sale will be May 5. The FI Sand and Soil Club, FI Garden Club and FICRA will work on the sale. Hal will contact John Olson to see if  the boy scouts can help.

$500 Scholarship

  • Because this is an ongoing scholarship from FICRA for local high school seniors, it was decided that the board did not need to vote on its continuation.
  • Tony Moore reported that the same application used last year would be sent to Bellermine, Charles Wright and Gig Harbor High Schools.
  • We need a committee to evaluate the applications.

Meeting adjourned 9:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Patty Metzger