FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 1-5-2012


JANUARY 5, 2012

Mimi Miller, treasurer, was absent.  New trustee, John Jolibois attended his first meeting.  All other board members were present.

President Lynne Goodwin opened the meeting with the pledge.

The minutes from the previous meeting were approved as read.

Lynne gave her presidents report:

  • Thanked the people who worked to decorate the NCC and make the Christmas Tree Lighting event successful.
  • Focused on the upcoming 2nd Annual Wine and Cheese Party and Auction.
  • Encouraged all to invited their neighbors to become members.

John Ohlson introduced two members of the new Cub Scout Pack who presented the Cub Scout Charter to the FICRA board.  John read a letter from the pack requesting financial help  to cover the $200 cost of a Pack Flag 3 x 5 feet with troop number and FICRA on it.

Treasurer’s report:

Max presented the report for Mimi:

Beginning balance, checking                   $  986.04

Deposits                                                         9397.13

Expenses                                                        7249.52

Ending balance                                           $3133.65

Money Market                                               $27,055.09

Membership for 2012 – 35

Budget: Budget committee – Mimi, Max, and  Jim Jones.  Max reviewed the budget for 2012-2013 (attached).  Crime Watch expenses were discussed.  If each of the 1700 box holders on the island contributed, each would pay $5.30.  If FICRA membership reached 400 and each contributed $23.00 CW expenses would be covered.  It was suggested to put information with suggested amounts on the web, and reminders on the bridge sign.  One of the best benefits on the island.

Committee reports:

Crime Watch – Stan reported another slow month.  He asked that people report any incidences.  He noted that CW volunteers do not confront people.  They observe and report if appropriate.

Activities – Karen Craven would like to add activities and events to the NCC calendar.  Suzie Vendetti is working on starting a children’s choir.

Nature Center – Phil Craven reported that the committee is collecting stream quality data; experimenting in anti-slip surfaces (Trex surface is doing well); scrubbed the bridge, and completed the volunteer recognition board.  The Scouts constructed another section of broardwalk and bridge using leftover and donated materials, and did it without disturbing the stream.  The committee logged 203 person hours for the year.  They are thinking now about programs for children, perhaps beginning with the home schooled students on the island.  There is a work party on Jan. 21; a meeting on Jan. 18.

By laws – Jim Braden reported that there were some good suggestions from FICRA members resulting from the first presentation of the bylaws in December and posting on line.  Several items changed for the 2nd presentation are:

  • the street address of the Nature Center
  • board member removal requirements after 3 consecutive unexcused absents
  • special board meeting clarification

Discussion for the floor concerning:

  • vice president being responsible for fundraising
  • clarifying term limits for officers; suggestion of taking time off from board
  • off-island members not being able to vote
  • the intellectual property statement under communication
  • directors 2 year staggered term

Jim stressed this is not re-writing the bylaws, but updating them, as is recommended in our bylaws.  They are posted on line.

Tony moved to approve the clarifications as presented in the meeting as a second reading of the bylaws update.  It was seconded and passed.

Unfinished business:  John Ohlson presented the request for $200 to purchase a troop flag, pole, and finial for the new Cub Scout pack.  He explained that lettering is the reason for the high cost.  It was suggested that the scouts would appreciate the flag more if they raised money for it instead of having it presented to them.  There was discussion about this concept.  John said the boys have had one fundraiser for supplies, but did not earn enough money for a flag.  No other fundraiser is planned.  Jean read the history of FICRA contributions to the Boy Scouts taken from the minutes. Questions about liability of FICRA.  Boy Scouts of America covers liability. Tony moved to provide up to $100 toward the flag if the boys raise $100.  The motion was seconded and passed.

Landscape:   Jean explained the changes to the landscape in the front of the building and announced that Sean Scanlan has graciously agreed to bring his equipment and some helpers to move the 2 large rhododendrons and 2 trees in front of the building.  He will do it on Monday, Jan. 9.  With our credit of $250 at Erin Rockery and Sean donating his time and equipment, this will not entail any expenditure for FICRA.  Plants for the new landscape are estimated to cost $325, with a 20% discount for Rosedale Gardens.   It was moved by Tony, seconded and passed to proceed with removing the grass, moving soil, and moving the existing plants on Monday with no expense to FICRA.  Donations for plants will cover the cost later.

It was agreed to give Sean a 2012 FICRA membership, an advertisement in the E-Flash and the phone book, and recognition at the Wine and Cheese event.

New business:  Lynne talked about the Wine and Cheese party on Jan. 28.  Invitations designed by Kalli Ostner were available. There will be a short auction and a brief presentation to recognize volunteers who helped with the recent spruce-up of the building and landscaping.  Postcard invitations will be mailed to all paid members.  Distribution to non-members was discussed.  People are urged to invite their neighbors – It is a membership drive, not an open house, and all who come must become members.

Jean announced that Sue Spencer, Joan Broughton, and Cec Anderson are on the nominating committee, and she has calls into another person.

The Sand and Soil Garden Club requested someone to represent FICRA at the plant sale in May.  Karen Craven volunteered.

John Ohlson presented a plan for a Boy Scout’s display case to be hung on the south wall of the south hallway.  The plan will be passed on to the building committee for review.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:23.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Peterson

 FICRA Budget
2011 2011 2012
Budget  YTD Actual  Budget
Advertisement  $600  $981  $2,000
Interest  $40  $25  $-
Community Events  $1,440  $4,982  $2,300
Christmas Tree Lighting
Clean Up Day/Plant Sale  $500  $490  $500
Easter Egg Hunt  $45
Garage Sale (Crime Watch)  $240  $999  $1,000
Garden Tour  $700  $771  $800
Holiday Gift Bazaar  $2,466 Proceeds from 2010 Bazaar
Other  $211
Donations  $1,284  $9,500 Necessary to break even
Crime Watch  $8,000 This is a challenge
Other  $1,500
Dues  $6,300  $9,045  $10,000 Assumes 400 members
FICRA Clothing  $1,600  $1,598  $1,600 Raise T-shirt prices to $12
FICRA Fair  $5,018  $2,977  $3,000
Beer  $619  $500
Booth  $2,358  $2,500
Rental  $7,000  $7,215  $5,000
Monthly Market  $3,000
Playground  $900  $1,000 Caspar Babypants
Miscellaneous  $57  $-
TOTAL INCOME  $21,998  $29,064  $37,400
Bank Fees  $145
Communication  $45  $47  $1,500 Includes signs, web, Constant Contact, etc.
Community Events  $1,849  $1,754  $1,950
Bingo  $22
Easter Egg Hunt  $364  $269  $300
Fair  $543  $489  $500
Tree Lighting  $742  $675  $1,000
Ice Cream Social  $50  $50
Troop 27  $200  $249  $100
Other  $91 Prizes, trophy, some snacks
Contract Cleaning  $420  $505  $2,040 $85 per cleaning, twice monthly
Contract Rental  $1,414  $496  $500 15% of non-recurring rentals
FICRA Clothing  $1,000  $1,950  $1,000 Need to reduce outlay
Fire Inspection  $86  $86  $100
Insurance  $4,040  $4,307  $4,500
Licenses and Permits  $10  $10
NCC Maintenance  $3,482  $4,920  $3,200
Bug  $552  $273  $600
Building  $1,332  $3,497  $1,200
Furnace Repair  $543  $100
Yardwork  $1,055  $1,080  $1,100
Nature Center  $70  $200
Miscellaneous  $1,750  $6
Playground  $1,302  $1,000
Directory & FICRA Flash  $2,120  $3,403  $3,900
Printing  $708  $1,908  $2,400
Postage  $1,412  $1,023  $1,500 Postage goes up in 2012
Other  $472 Directory
Crime Watch  $9,000 Includes deputies, mileage, phone
Scholarship  $500  $500  $500
Supplies  $1,309  $1,048  $1,000
Taxes  $2,547  $3,052  $3,000
Utilities  $4,315  $3,531  $4,200
Electricity  $1,299  $1,500
Oil  $1,545  $2,000
Porta Potty  $501  $500
Water  $186  $200
Web Page  $26 Included in Communications
TOTAL EXPENSE  $24,903  $27,061  $37,400
NET INCOME  $(2,905)  $2,002  $-