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FICRA Board Meeting and Annual Election Minutes 3-3-2011

MARCH 3, 2011

President John Ohlson called the meeting to order at around 8:15 pm.  The delay
was caused by the large number of people registering to vote in the annual election.  234 people signed in.

The minutes were approved as read.  John requested a correction in the email minutes to read that he allowed Lynne to introduce herself in her statement.

Treasurer’s report:
Income for Feb. – $2934.22                      NCC – $57,361.55
Expenses         282.12               Trust –      1650.65
Members 149 – 59 more than ’10              Total – $59,012.20
Crime Watch –     984.29

It was decided to dispense with committee reports until after the election of officers.

Tony Moore, second year trustee of FICRA, took over the chair as election committee chairman.  Linda Wickline, Sue Delaney, John Jolibois, and Gerry Knight comprised the election committee.
•    Tony explained the election process which is attached to these minutes.
•    Tony announced that vice president Suzie Vendetti, who was nominated for re-election has resigned, necessitating an election for vice president.
•    Tony read the names of Lynne Goodwin and John Ohlson who the nominating committee has nominated for president.  He then asked for nominations from the floor for president.  Having asked 3 times with no further names presented, the nominations were closed.
•    Tony called for nominations for vice president.
o    Claudia Gustafson and Max Ostner were nominated.
o    Having asked twice more, the nominations were closed.
•    Tony read the name of Jean Peterson nominated for secretary and called
for nominations from the floor 3 times.  There were none.
•    Tony read the name of Judy Kanick nominated for treasurer and called for
further nominations 3 times.  There were none.
•    Tony read the name of Maggie Flanagan nominated for trustee and called
for further nominations from the floor 3 times.  There were none.

It was moved, seconded and passed to elect by acclamation the three unopposed candidates.

•    A coin was tossed to determine which of the candidates for president would speak first.  Lynne won the toss and chose to speak last.  Each candidate spoke for five minutes.  A question and answer period followed.  It was moved, seconded and passed to cease questioning.

•    Each vice president candidate spoke briefly.

•    Balloting proceeded.

•    Tony announced the election results:

o    John Ohlson         101        Claudia Gustafson    76
o    Lynne Goodwin    114        Max Ostner            131

Lynne Goodwin conducted the remaining meeting calling for committee reports.
Crime Watch – no report
Nature Center – Phil Craven reported that there was a successful work party at the center on February 12, a meeting on March 1 to revisit the vision statement and the scope of activities while working on determining the ‘best practices’ for the good of the property.  The committee is working to devise an alternative access arrangement to the neighboring property that will have minimum impact on the Nature Center.  The next work party will be March 11 (Thursday), at 10:30 to remove exotic invasive plants.

Building committee:  Tony talked about the roof replacement process and the decision to go with Wilson Construction as the contractor.  He displayed a roof sample and explained why it was selected.  It was suggested to add a zinc strip for moss control.  Roofers do not recommend it.  Discussion followed.

Budget:  Max Ostner read the proposed budget for the year.  A copy is attached to these minutes.  There was discussion as to how capital expenses should be integrated in the budget because those are paid through the Building Trust.

Naval Lab property:  Max Ostner reported that he went on the last tour of the property which is for sale for the “Suggested Opening Bid” of $500,000 with no end date on the bidding process.  The property is zoned R-10, for residential use.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Jean Peterson