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FICRA Membership Application/Renewal

FICRA Membership Application/Renewal

We welcome all Fox Island residents to become dues paying voting members and help support the community events sponsored by FICRA. Dues paying members receive a free Fox Island directory, reduced building rental rates and a reduced rate for a booth at the annual FICRA Fair. Your membership also provides you the opportunity to vote in the election of the Board of Directors each March and become active in the leadership of FICRA and the FICRA Building Trust. If you don't own property or live on Fox Island, you can still support our community by becoming an Associate Member. Associate Members do not vote in elections for the Board of Directors, but are welcome to participate in other member events.

Instructions for using this Form

Completing this form online should only be done for online payments via PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal Account to use their payment service. When you click the "SUBMIT APPLICATION/RENEWAL AND PAY VIA PAYPAL" button and see the PayPal payment screen, click the Pay with Debit or Credit Card link at the bottom of the screen to pay without signing up for an account. If you are not paying online, you should download and print out our form, complete it and mail it with your payment to FICRA at PO Box 25, Fox Island, WA 98333.

Please provide the information requested below to apply for or renew your FICRA membership. FICRA’s membership dues are for the year beginning August 1st and ending July 31st.  (Hint - when filling out this form, you can use the tab key to move to the next field.)


Please do not enter a PO Box in this field. This field is used to determine if you reside on Fox Island or somewhere else.
Provide a mailing address that you would prefer we use instead of (or in addition to) your residence address.


Please complete this section if there is an additional person in your household that shares your membership.


Are you interested in doing more to help out your community?


The information you provide to FICRA is used solely for FICRA and FICRA Building Trust purposes, which includes member communications, emergency planning and notifications. FICRA publishes an annual Fox Island Directory that includes mailing addresses, phone numbers and EMail addresses for members. If you would prefer not to have some of your information included in the directory, please indicate your preferences below.
Please note that if you choose to not provide any contact information (address, phone, email) you will not be listed in the Fox Island Directory.


Enter any additional information you would like to provide with your Membership Application/Renewal.




We use PayPal to process payments, but you do not need to have a PayPal Account to make a payment. Just click the "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" link when you see their screen to enter your information without signing up for an account.