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Fox Island Baseball League Waitlist Signup

Thank you for your interest in the Fox Island baseball league. Registration is closed because the program is full, but if you would like to join the waitlist in case a spot becomes available please complete the form below. We encourage you to join the waitlist to help us plan for next season.

Fox Island Baseball League Waitlist

Instructions for using this Form

If you see a red asterisk (*) next to a field name, you must fill out that field with the correct information or you will be unable to submit the form. If the form is rejected because the required information was not included, you may have to fill out some of the fields all over again.

Please note that this online form is difficult to fill out on a phone screen, since the layout may change. We strongly recommend you use a desktop system or large tablet. You can also use the tab key on the keyboard to move to the next field when filling out this form.

FICRA/Trust Membership

Are you a current Member of the FICRA Building Trust?
Please enter the address used for your membership registration.

Player Registration

Please do not enter a PO Box in this field. This field is used to determine if you reside on Fox Island or somewhere else.
Zip Code
Do you have a separate mailing address?
Provide a mailing address that you would prefer we use instead of (or in addition to) your residence address.
Number & Street / or PO Box
Zip Code

Team Member & Coach Requests

Our normal practice is to assign siblings to the same team. We also accept requests for players to be assigned to the same team or play with a specific Coach. We will do our best to honor your requests, but suggest limiting friend requests to one or two.
If you would like your child to play on the same team as a friend, please list their name here.
If you would like your child to play for a specific Coach, please list their name here.

Parent Information

Please enter complete information for at least one parent. Make sure your EMail Address is correct or you will NOT receive a confirmation EMail from us. Information for the second parent is optional but will help us if we need to get in touch with you.
Are you interested in volunteering? If so, please indicate how you would like to help.

Additional Parent

Do you want to enter information for a second parent?

Parent Information – 2nd Parent

First Name & MI
Last Name
Phone Nbr
Addl Phone
Email Address
2nd Parent – Are you interested in volunteering?