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Trust Board Meeting Minutes 12-14-2023

FICRA Building Trust Board Meeting Minutes 
Thursday, December 14, 2023, 7:00PM 
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington 

2023-2024 FICRA Trust Board
Arlyn LawrencePresident
Weston KingVice President
Candy WawroSecretary
Hal GoodellTreasurer
Craig McLaughlinDirector

FICRA Building Trust Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, December 14, 2023, 7:00 pm

Attendees:  Arlyn Lawrence (President), Wes King (Vice President), Hal Goodell (Treasurer) zoomed, Candy Wawro (Secretary), Craig McLaughlin (Director), Jim Braden (Buildings & Grounds)

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm

Public Comments:  Several members of the community gathered to discuss the condition of the Fox Island tennis courts located on the property of the Fox Island United Church of Christ.  Sue Spencer brought to the board’s attention that in 1973 money was raised for the installation of the courts.  The United Church of Christ allowed the use of the land for the tennis courts and the group believes FICRA ‘promised’ the upkeep.  (Note: No one currently involved in FICRA has memory of this arrangement and no written documentation has been found.)  The FICRA, a 501C7 non-profit recreation club was established in 1973.  The FICRA Building Trust, a 501C3 non-profit was established in 1998.  The present tennis courts need repair as the upheaval of tree roots has made two of the courts unusable.  A recent quote from Looker Asphalt, Inc. was presented for the cut out and haul away of approximately 1,073 square feet of failing asphalt, the problem tree roots.  The quote included the grading and compacting of the existing base material, adding of crushed rock as needed (fine grade and compact), the application of soil sterilizer and the paving of 1,073 square feet with 2” compacted modified HMA.  The quote was estimated to be $9,306.00 and possibly $30,000 to recoat all courts.  At present the church takes care of the grounds and the courts. 

Wes King asked whose property the tennis courts are located.  It was confirmed that the property belongs to the United Church of Christ.  It was mentioned that the Church was approached by an outside party who offered that if they were donated the property, they would recondition the courts and assume future responsibilities.  It was voiced that the church was considering the offer.  In response, Wes asked if the church would consider a similar offer to FICRA. The UCC pastor present said he would have to talk with his board.  Wes asked if the tennis courts could also be used for pickleball.  The citizens’ group was not at all in favor of the multi-use as pickleball produces more noise than tennis (several neighbors were present).  Also, the lines painted are different.  Sue Spencer presented Jim Braden with many historical documents concerning the tennis courts.  Wes and Arlyn mentioned that support of such an endeavor goes along with our mission of community engagement.  Craig McLaughlin volunteered to look at the legal ramifications of leasing, sub-dividing the property, liabilities, etc.   Candy asked if this also includes the parking lot (liability & maintenance).  Jim brought up the aspect of future maintenance as a budget set aside item and who would maintain it if we leased or split the property.  More information is needed from several parties to bring the issue to conclusion.  A Board committee of Jim Braden and Craig McLaughlin will meet with representatives from the United Church of Christ to get further questions and details answered before moving forward with a decision.  This may take several weeks/months before an informed recommendation can be brought to the full Board for a vote.

Bill Spencer asked about another directory.  The last one published by FICRA was 2019.  Hal has mentioned that he keeps an accurate list of membership, emails, and phone numbers to the best of his ability.  Folks do change their emails more often than their phone numbers and it can be downloaded into a usable format.  Bill suggested making an updated copy in time for the fair.  Suggestion noted.          

Bruce Monell was present to ask about the Fox Island Bridge repair/replacement issue.  Jim has been working on this issue with Pierce County.  Unfortunately, not a lot of new information has been forth coming on this complicated issue.  Our Pierce County District 7 council woman, Robyn Denson, has also been involved.  Another study is forthcoming and then a proposed plan of action.  Bruce would like to be involved in future meetings.  A Fox Island bridgetask group is being formed by Robyn Denson (co-chair) and Bruce Dammeier (the Pierce County Executive as chair) and Melissa McFadden (County Engineer also a co-chair).  This would be an active work group to review the physical economic and community options for the Fox Island Bridge and suggest a preferred alternative to the County council and the Fox Island community for review.  The task group would include a BLM representative, a WADOT representative, a Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer representative, a Peninsula School District representative, a DNR representative, a Pierce County business owner serving Fox Island, a homeowner from Fox Island, a finance specialist from Fox Island, and an Engineer from Fox Island (Jim Braden, civil engineer by vocation).  More information to come.  Bruce Monell showed interest in being on the task force.

Brett Leedy, new to the island, introduced himself as being involved in Boy Scouts and wanted to see what FICRA was about. 

Approval of November Minutes:  Craig made a motion to approve the November minutes.  Wes seconded the motion.  All approved, motion carried.

Standing Committee Reports

Treasurers’ Report (Hal Goodell):

Trust Checking Beginning Balance                              $ 36,809.15

Checks and Payments                                                     10,538.18 (XFR to Cap mm, NSF Ck, NW Signs, Tax Prep., Deputy)

Deposits and Credits                                                          4,288.51

Ending Balance                                                                  $30,559.48

Trust Savings Beginning Balance                                 $      731.76

Checks and Payments                                                                  0.00

Deposits and Credits                                                                      .03

Ending Balance                                                                  $       731.79

Building Trust PayPal Ending 9/31/23

Beginning Balance                                                            $            0.00

Checks and Payments                                                                 17.66

Deposits and Credits                                                                 450.00

Ending Balance                                                                  $        432.34

Trust Capital Checking Beginning Balance               $        409.90 (50% of rear door project)  

Checks and Payments                                                            1,950.00

Deposits and Credits                                                              2,000.00 (xfer from Cap MM)

Ending Balance                                                                  $       459.90

Trust Reserve Checking Beginning Balance             $       153.20  

Checks and Payments                                                                   0.00

Deposits and Credits                                                                     0.00

Ending Balance                                                                  $        153.20

30-Month Flex Certificate Beginning Balance        $103,274.87

Checks and Payments                                                                     0.00

Deposits and Credits                                                                 338.98 (Oct Int)

Ending Balance                                                                  $103,962.95 

10-Month Certificate Beginning Balance                 $ 81,549.03  

Checks and Payments                                                                  0.00

Deposits and Credits                                                                305.24

Ending Balance                                                                  $ 81,854.27

Trust Money Market (General, Capital, Reserve, EP, NW)

Beginning Balance                                                            $ 209,016.37  

Checks and Payments                                                             2,354.44

Deposits and Credits                                                               2,670.63    

Ending Balance                                                                   $ 209,332.56

Trust General Money Market Beg Balance              $ 108,825.90  

Checks and Payments

Deposits and Credits                                                       $        344.09  

Ending Balance                                                                  $ 109,169.99

Trust Capital Money Market Beg Balance                 $   36,310.79

Checks and Payments                                                              1,972.10 (Transf from Trust Cking)

Deposits and Credits                                                                2,000.00 (Transf to Capital Cking – Rear Door)

Ending Balance                                                                  $     36,282.89

Trust Reserve Money Market Beg Balance              $     40,802.47

Checks and Payments                                                                        0.00

Deposits and Credits                                                                         0.00

Ending Balance                                                                  $     40,802.47

Trust Community Events/Act MM Beg Balance     $      12,100.96

Checks and Payments                                                                       0.00

Deposits and Credits                                                                           0.00

Ending Balance                                                                  $      12,100.96

Trust Emerg Prep Restricted MM Beg Balance      $         6,591.59

Checks and Payments                                                                          0.00

Deposits and Credits                                                                            0.00

Ending Balance                                                                  $          6,591.59

Trust Neigh Watch Restricted MM Beg Balance    $          4,384.66

Checks and Payments                                                                         0.00

Deposits and Credits                                                                             0.00

Ending Balance                                                                  $           4,384.66

Trust Money Market – Other Beg Balance              $                   0.00

Checks and Payments                                                                        344.09 (Oct Interest transf to Gen MM)

Deposits and Credits                                                                         344.09 (Oct Interest)

Ending Balance                                                                                      0.00

Sum of QB Sub Money Market                                         $ 209,332.56

Buildings & Grounds (Jim Braden):  The emergency generator, which is stored in the NCC garage, is installed to be used in a needed situation and has been tested.  The operations manual is completed and is stored in the garage in the instruction pockets on the wall.  We should have several people qualified to be able to commission the generator in an emergency.  Jim Braden and Doug Nelson are the only ones qualified at this time.

The replacement NCC back door has been manufactured. The next step is painting and curing.  Installation scheduled for January!  The development of final bids for the front door is underway.

Wes and Jacob have installed some of the new signs.  The signs have been coated for weather resistance.  Many compliments, already.  There is still some additional signage that needs to be updated to match the new signage.  A motion was made by Wes and seconded by Craig to approve an additional $500 to complete the project.  The Board vote was unanimous, motion carried.

Nature Center: (Ed Burrough) The Fox Island Nature Center committee continues to be actively involved in the maintenance, botanical and usage development, and protection of the Nature Center.  In November, we were pleased to have our island cub scout pack use the Nature Center in several ways for a two-day event.  They expressed appreciation for the great shape of the trails.

After much study and deliberation, we planted two Garry Oak trees, which were gifted to us by Gina and Brent Olson.  The Garry Oak aka Oregon White Oak is native to our area.  We will be caring for these for years until they become well established.

Emergency Preparedness (EP):  EP is working on an ancillary website focused on Emergency Preparedness (EP).  That website will be managed by the EP organization. Our thoughts currently are to have the address of this website be:  The new` website will have an easy means of getting transferred to with a simple tab on the ‘home’ page. will also include any important EP news releases in its news section.

It has been another very good year for our management of crime.  The Emergency Patrol Team has received new magnetic car signs.  The signs have the new term “Neighborhood Watch”. 

The radio station KGHP is still questionable on being an aid to our emergency communication for the long term.  PSD 401 has not yet decided on that, but they did conduct an input meeting which Jim attended.  Jim strongly encouraged continuation of that due to its extreme value in a catastrophic emergency.  KGHP is built into our emergency response system.  More to come on that as Jim is trying to get on a study team led by PSD 401 on that issue.

Fox Island Amateur Radio Club (FIARC) We continue to reach out to other radio clubs and response organizations to grow the network for off-island communication.  FIARC is working with the Scouting folks to conduct a radio event that introduces the amateur radio world to both Cubs and Scouts. The Scouts could possibly be of great value in helping manage emergency responses.

Other items:  Capital Expenditures Report is updated.  Significant changes are highlighted in red.

Events Committee (Candy Wawro):  The Wickline’s’ Concert was a huge success.  Approximately 150+ attended.  That was a huge increase in attendance from last year.  Someone posted on social media that this may be their last year due to health issues of some of their members.   Tree Lighting was also well attended.  Parking was an issue for both events, and we may need to have help in the future parking vehicles.  Volunteers decorated the building for the holidays and the lights were also completed with volunteers.  The new photo backdrop was also a big hit with families.  We should cycle new backdrops yearly.  Candy volunteered to answer “Dear Santa” letters for island children.  Will place Santa’s mailbox at Zogs.  Candy will also place the FICRA/Zogs/Fish Foodbank giving tree at Zogs (permission received from Zogs).  We did have an urgent need from Voyager Elementary School for a family sleeping in their car.  Social media posts forthcoming. 

Santa 5K Race and Jingle Dash were also well attended, despite the rain.  We had an estimated 129 runners and brought in $3,000.   Wes recommended that we buy a few sets of walkie talkies for future races but suggested we wait until the next race to make the purchase as technology changes.  Legendary Donuts was there with sweets.  Unfortunately, their coffee machine was not working.  We made coffee and hot chocolate inside the building and provided it to our runners.  Wes made a motion to do the Santa 5K race bi-annually instead of yearly.  Therefore, the next race would be in 2025.  Arlyn seconded the motion.  The board vote was unanimous.  Motion carried.   

Other Items:  The Labor Day Eagles Tribute Band has been signed.  It is a 6-piece band and, therefore, we will need a larger portable stage (probably set up behind the building) and anticipating a bigger crowd.  Craig will handle the staging requirements.

Craig also suggested a Fox Island Business Fair to showcase businesses on the island.  He will work with Candy to make the appropriate arrangements.

New Business:  Candy was approached by an islander about offering violin lessons.  When Candy told the person our rental fee of $32 per hour for rental space at the Nichols Community Center, she was told the instructor did not make that amount per hour teaching.  The Board decided that since the instructor falls in the “for profit” instruction, that we should stick to the fee schedule plus a damage deposit of $500 and a certificate of insurance already in place.

Arlyn made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:45 pm.  Wes seconded the motion.  All approved, motion carried.