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Trust Board Meeting Minutes 11-09-2023

FICRA Building Trust Board Meeting Minutes 
Thursday, November 9, 2023, 7:00PM 
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington 

2023-2024 FICRA Trust Board
Arlyn LawrencePresident
Weston KingVice President
Candy WawroSecretary
Hal GoodellTreasurer
Craig McLaughlinDirector

Attendees:  Arlyn Lawrence (President), Weston King (Vice President), Hal Goodell (Treasurer) zoomed, Candy Wawro (Secretary) zoomed, Craig McLaughlin (Director), Jim Braden (Buildings and Grounds) zoomed

Public Comments:  None

Approval of October 2023 Minutes:  Craig made a motion to approve the October minutes.  Arlyn seconded the motion.  Minutes approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report (Hal Goodell):

Trust Checking

     Beginning Balance                      $  29,343.30

     Checks and Payments                    6,883.25              

     Deposits and Credits                    14,349.10                          

     Ending Balance                            $  36,809.15 

Trust Savings

     Beginning Balance                      $        731.73

     Checks and Payments                             0.00                           

     Deposits and Credits                               0.03 (Interest)                                

     Ending Balance                          $        731.76      

Building Trust PayPal Ending 9/31/23

     Beginning Balance                      $     2,245.86

     Checks and Payments                     3,675.86             

     Deposits and Credits                       1,430.00                      

     Ending Balance                         $             0.00 (zeroed out PayPal & transferred to Trust Checking)     

Trust Capital Checking

     Beginning Balance                      $          409.90

     Checks and Payments                               0.00                      

     Deposits and Credits                                 0.00                        

     Ending Balance                            $           409.90        

Trust Reserve Checking

     Beginning Balance                      $         153.20

     Checks and Payments                              0.00

     Deposits and Credits                                0.00

     Ending Balance                            $         153.20

30-Month Flex Certificate

     Beginning Balance $                  $  103,274.87

     Checks and Payments                               0.00

     Deposits and Credits                             349.10 (October Interest)                           

     Ending Balance                            $ 

10-Month Certificate (Add On)

     Beginning Balance                    $    81,234.83

     Checks and Payments                               0.00

     Deposits and Credits                            314.20 (October interest)                       

     Ending Balance                            $    81,549.03  

Trust Money Market (General, Capital, Reserve, EP, NW)

     Beginning Balance                      $  208,661.93

     Checks and Payments                          343.06                      

     Deposits and Credits                            697.50                           

     Ending Balance                            $  209,016.37

Trust General Money Market

     Beginning Balance                                                                      $ 108,471.46

     Checks and Payments                                                                         0.00                                                            

     Deposits and Credits                                                                        354.44 (October MM Int. trans. from Bank MM)                             

     Ending Balance                                                                            $  108,825.90

Trust Capital Money Market

     Beginning Balance                                                                      $    36,310.79

     Checks and Payments                                                                         

     Deposits and Credits                                                                                  0.00

     Ending Balance                                                                            $     36,310.79  

Trust Reserve Money Market

     Beginning Balance                                                                      $   40,802.47

     Checks and Payments                                                                              0.00

     Deposits and Credits                                                                                0.00

     Ending Balance                                                                            $   40,802.47

Trust Community Events/Activities Money Market

     Beginning Balance                                                                      $   12,100.96

     Checks and Payments                                                                              0.00

     Deposits and Credits                                                                                 0.00

     Ending Balance                                                                            $   12,100.96

Trust Emergency Prep Restricted Money Market

     Beginning Balance                                                                      $     6,591.59

     Checks and Payments                                                                              0.00

     Deposits and Credits                                                                                  0.00

     Ending Balance                                                                            $     6,591.59

Trust Neighborhood Watch Restricted Money Market

     Beginning Balance                                                                      $     4,384.66

     Checks and Payments                                                                              0.00

     Deposits and Credits                                                                                 0.00

     Ending Balance                                                                            $     4,384.66

Trust Money Market – Other

     Beginning Balance                                                                      $             0.00

     Checks and Payments                                                                     354.44 (Interest transferred to General MM)                                     

     Deposits and Credits                                                                       354.44 (October Interest)                                                                          

     Ending Balance                                                                            $             0.00

Sum of QB Sub Money Market                                                    $ 209,016.37

Finance Committee to meet in December to carve out a budget proposal for vote in January/February.  Neighborhood Watch funding is down about $6,000.  We need another electronic Flash before the year ends.  Also, need to discuss scholarships for Gig Harbor High School at the first budget meeting.

Standing Committee Reports

Building and Grounds (Jim Braden):  We have awarded the back door replacement contract to Nisqually.  The development of final bids for the front doors is underway.  Some of the signs for the NCC site are in the basement.  Stainless screws are in hand for the front sign.  We need to ensure the signs are ready for weather resistance.

Nature Center:  Ed Burrough (no updates).

Emergency Preparedness (EP):  EP is looking at the new draft website and has many questions.  We have communicated our needs with Chris of Parabellum.  We read that the FICRA Board would prefer to not wait and rather get the ‘Beta’ version up and running(?)

Neighborhood Watch (former Citizens’ Patrol):  It has been another good year for our management of crime.  The Neighborhood Watch team has ordered new magnetic auto signs that will use their new persona of “Neighborhood Watch” in place of Citizens’ Patrol. 

The radio station KGHP is still questionable on being an aid to our emergency communication for the long term.  PSD 401 has not yet decided on that, but they did conduct an input meeting which Jim attended to encourage continuation of that due to its extreme value in a major emergency.  KGHP is built into our emergency response system.  More to come as Jim is on a study team led by PSD 401 on that issue.

Fox Island Amateur Radio Club (FIARC) is working on the new website as well.  Our FIARC secretary, Jane Tollett, has been ill, and we hope to get back into that effort soon.  We are working with the Scouting folks to get a radio event that introduces the amateur radio world to both Cubs and Scouts.

The Capital Expenditures Report has been updated.  Significant changes are highlighted in red.

Other items:  Need to address rental rates and insurance protocol for repeating rentals.

Old Business:  Revisit capital expenditure report (see attached).

FICRA Events (Candy Wawro): 

Paint & Sip ($40) is scheduled for November 26th from 2:00-4:00pm.  This is little to no work for the Events Committee.  The instructor would like to hold one each month.  Given our release of our website uncertain, the November event will again be cash only.  It was advertised on social media.

The Murder Mystery Event scheduled for Saturday, October 28th from 5:00-10:00 pm was a success.  We had about 44 participants and made a profit with beer and wine sales. 

Meditation Class:  A second class round of 10-week classes will begin mid-January on Saturday mornings from 10-11:00am.  We have no rentals scheduled for most of January, February, and March (only one early January).  Payments go through a website called “Spiffy” where customers can break down payments monthly if they choose or pay one total payment.  We got a pretty good response the first time through.  Payments go directly to the instructor. 

The watercolor instructor would like to run a second session beginning November 13th for 6-weeks on Mondays from 12:30-3:30 for beginners and post-beginners. 

Wicklines’ Concert is Sunday, December 3rd, from 4:00-5:15pm prior to our Tree Lighting/Santa event.  Volunteers will man a coffee and cocoa station with treats for attendees.

Christmas Tree Lighting is also Sunday, December 3rd, from 6:00-8:30pm.  Santa is scheduled and invoice sent to Hal for payment.  A fellowship group has arranged for the Center’s decorating on Thanksgiving weekend.  We will once again have a Children’s book room.  Our expenses include the garland, poinsettias, more lights for our tree, a few more ornaments for the tree as we lose a few each year, hot cocoa, coffee, cups, and a few incidentals.   

Santa Run is scheduled for Saturday, December 9th, from 9:00-12:00pm.  Legendary Donuts will have coffee and donuts for purchase.  The run this year is family themed without professional timers, but we will have our own clock for those that like to mark their own time.  Jingle bands have been ordered and received.

Ukelele Class begins January 9th through January 30th (Tuesdays) with numerous options available for times.  We have a 2:00-3:00pm class for adults and children 13 and over, a 4:00-5:00pm class for students 10-13, and a 6:30-7:30pm class for adults and children over 13.  All classes are dependent upon a minimum enrollment of 3 and a maximum of 15 students.  Fee is $115 for the 4-week session.  He would like to do a second level in February if there is interest.

Signage Progress:  Wes has acquired all the NCC signs.  Jacob Paukert will assist Wes with installation.

Rental Business Update:  It was discussed that we are gaining popularity as a venue with rental income up by several thousand dollars.  Again, it was mentioned that we need to make a comparison with other venues to assess rental fees and what is included in those fees.  Candy suggested charging a cleaning fee of $150 instead of raising rental fees (much like an Airbnb or VRBO).  Jim and Hal thought this gave renters the idea that they don’t need to clean up after themselves.  Craig and Jim volunteered to seek out the local venues for a cost comparison. 

On the Pen Met Levy Lift proposal, Fox Island voters voted 72 percent against the renewal.

Motion to adjourn:  Meeting adjourned at 8:34pm