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Trust Board Meeting Minutes 10-12-2023

FICRA Building Trust Board Meeting Minutes 
Thursday, October 12, 2023, 7:00PM 
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington 

2023-2024 FICRA Trust Board
Arlyn LawrencePresident
Wes KingVice President
Candy WawroSecretary
Hal GoodellTreasurer
Craig McLaughlinDirector

FICRA Trust Meeting

October 12, 2023, 7:00pm

Attendees:  Arlyn Lawrence (President), Weston King (Vice President), Hal Goodell (Treasurer), Candy Wawro (Secretary) excused, Craig McLaughlin (Director), Jim Braden (Buildings and Grounds)

Public Comments:

Approval of September 2023 Minutes:

Treasurer’s Report (Hal Goodell):

Trust Checking

     Beginning Balance                      $  28,710.27

     Checks and Payments                  21,435.51

     Deposits and Credits                    22,068.54

     Ending Balance                            $  29,343.30

Trust Savings

     Beginning Balance                      $        731.70

     Checks and Payments                             0.00                   

     Deposits and Credits                                 .03 (Interest)

     Ending Balance                          $       731.73

Building Trust PayPal Ending 9/31/23

     Beginning Balance                      $     1,046.00

     Checks and Payments                           60.14

     Deposits and Credits                        1,260.00

     Ending Balance                          $      2,245.86

Trust Capital Checking

     Beginning Balance                      $          338.32

     Checks and Payments                       1,528.42 (signage)

     Deposits and Credits                         1,600.00 (From Trust MM for signage)

     Ending Balance                            $          409.90

Trust Reserve Checking

     Beginning Balance                      $         153.20

     Checks and Payments                              0.00

     Deposits and Credits                                0.00

     Ending Balance                            $         153.20

30-Month Flex Certificate

     Beginning Balance $                  $  102,938.14

     Checks and Payments                               0.00

     Deposits and Credits                            336.73 (Sept Interest)

     Ending Balance                            $  103,274.87

10-Month Certificate (Add On)

     Beginning Balance                    $    80,931.90

     Checks and Payments                               0.00

     Deposits and Credits                            302.93 (Sept Interest)

     Ending Balance                            $    81,234.83

Trust Money Market (General, Capital, Reserve, EP, NW)

     Beginning Balance                      $  209,918.87

     Checks and Payments                       2,113.89

     Deposits and Credits                            856.95

     Ending Balance                            $  208,661.93   

Trust General Money Market

     Beginning Balance                                                                      $ 109,570.48

     Checks and Payments                                                                       1,600.00  (Trust MM to Capital Ckg-Signage)

     Deposits and Credits                                                                             500.98 (Sept int plus awning excess funds)

     Ending Balance                                                                            $ 108,471.46

Trust Capital Money Market

     Beginning Balance                                                                      $   36,468.71

     Checks and Payments                                                                          157.92 (Excess awning  funds to Gen MM)

     Deposits and Credits                                                                                 0.00

     Ending Balance                                                                            $   36,310.79

Trust Reserve Money Market

     Beginning Balance                                                                      $   40,802.47

     Checks and Payments                                                                              0.00

     Deposits and Credits                                                                                0.00

     Ending Balance                                                                            $   40,802.47

Trust Community Events/Activities Money Market

     Beginning Balance                                                                      $   12,100.96

     Checks and Payments                                                                              0.00

     Deposits and Credits                                                                                 0.00

     Ending Balance                                                                            $   12,100.96

Trust Emergency Prep Restricted Money Market

     Beginning Balance                                                                      $     6,591.59

     Checks and Payments                                                                              0.00

     Deposits and Credits                                                                                  0.00

     Ending Balance                                                                            $     6,591.59

Trust Neighborhood Watch Restricted Money Market

     Beginning Balance                                                                      $     4,384.66

     Checks and Payments                                                                              0.00

     Deposits and Credits                                                                                 0.00

     Ending Balance                                                                            $     4,384.66

Trust Money Market – Other

     Beginning Balance                                                                      $             0.00

     Checks and Payments                                                                          343.06 (Sept Int transferred to Gen MM)

     Deposits and Credits                                                                             343.06

     Ending Balance                                                                            $             0.00

Sum of QB Sub Money Market                                                    $  208,661.93

Standing Committee Reports

Building and Grounds (Jim Braden):  The watering of the lawn around the NCC building cited in last month’s report was successful.  The cost of the watering was reasonable enough to plan for that again in 2024.  Jim has, again, visited with FI Municipal Water’s Mike Ireland, and it appears that water will be available for keeping the sports field green longer.  The FI Municipal Water’s Board is very supportive of this project.  Their concern will be timing of watering to avoid local pressure drop in the morning.

The sports field project has been completed.  The tile installation work was done by a professional craftsperson, pro bono, assisted by FICRA volunteers.  Sports field infield weeding started.

We have three bids (estimates) received for the NCC front and back door replacements.  Finalizing the contract for the back door is underway.  There are still visits needed to get the remaining two firms to finalize their bids on the front doors.

The project to tie the emergency generator stored in the garage directly to the NCC has been completed and tested.  That project is complete.

The emergency exit has finally gotten approval from Pierce County Building and Code Enforcement and Pierce County’s Emergency Management Fire Marshal.  Construction can begin.

Wes King has signs for the NCC site in hand and will manage installation.

Nature Center (Ed Burrough):  They continue with their 3rd Saturday of the month (9am) work parties working now on path surface safety.  They have also established their own Facebook site which Jim Braden will confirm and get into our new website.

Emergency Preparedness (EP):  Emergency Preparedness is reviewing the new website presentation by Parabellum to prepare input to the development process. 

Neighborhood Watch (formerly Citizens’ Patrol):  It has been another very good year for our management of crime.  The Emergency Patrol Team is getting new magnetic auto signs that will use the term “Neighborhood Water” in place of Citizens’ Patrol.

The radio station KGHP being an aid to our emergency response communication is still questionable.  PSD 401 has not decided on the future of KGHP.

Other items:  Bylaws approved 9/14/23 are filed in Google repository.

                         Capital Expenditures Report is updated.  Significant changes are highlighted in red.

                         Need to address rental rates and insurance protocol for repeating rentals.

FICRA Events (Candy Wawro):  Oktoberfest was a nice success.  We had $1455 in ticket sales with $960 in beer/wine sales.  Band was $1,755 and expenses of $167 gave us a profit of almost $700.  The Chapel reminded us that they had a piano concert on the same evening.  Since the two venues’ music was completely different, and a free event for the Chapel, it was not likely that we were in actual conflict for attendance.  We did have a difficult time finding a food truck with the Pacific Northwest Oktoberfest in Puyallup on the same day.  The same was true for our band.  Our band did two shows, one in Puyallup and then later for us, as they got an early time slot to play in Puyallup.  The food truck did get mixed reviews.

Paint & Sip ($40) is scheduled for October 22nd from 2:00-4:00pm.  This is little work for the Events Committee.  The instructor would like to hold one each month.  Not everyone who registered in September came.  Given our release of our website uncertain, the October event will be cash only.  Emails were sent to September participants as well as will post on social media.

The Murder Mystery Event is scheduled for Saturday, October 28th from 5:00-10:00 pm with a 5:00-6:00 social hour so we can begin promptly at 6:00pm.  Cost is $10pp for FICRA members and $15pp for non-members.  All “persons of interest” in the case are on video. 

Halloween:  Still uncertain currently.  I suggested collaboration with Madeline Hunter on her planned Monster Mash.  Although she agreed to the idea, no details were conveyed.  She has not been very communicative lately.

Meditation Class:  Class begins Monday, November 6th, from 10-11:30am following our yoga class.  Payments go through a website called “Spiffy” where customers can break down payments monthly if they choose or pay one total payment.  We got a pretty good response through Facebook.  Payments go directly to the instructor.  We were solicited with this opportunity.

The watercolor instructor would like to run a second session beginning November 13th for 6-weeks on Mondays from 12:30-3:30 for beginners and post-beginners.  Class will run only if participation deems it is wanted.

Wicklines’ Concert is Sunday, December 3rd, from 4:00-5:15pm prior to our Tree Lighting/Santa event.

Christmas Tree Lighting is also Sunday, December 3rd, from 6:00-8:30pm.  Santa is scheduled and invoice sent to Hal for payment.  A fellowship group has arranged for the Center’s decorating on Thanksgiving weekend.  We will once again have a Children’s book room. 

Santa Run is scheduled for Saturday, December 9th, from 9:00-12:00pm.  Legendary Donuts will have coffee and donuts for purchase.  The run this year is family themed without professional timers, but we will have our own clock for those that like to mark their own time.  We will order the wrist jingle bands again this year.

Ukelele Class begins January 9th through January 30th (Tuesdays) with numerous options available for times.  We have a 2:00-3:00pm class for adults and children 13 and over, a 4:00-5:00pm class for students 10-13, and a 6:30-7:30pm class for adults and children over 13.  All classes are dependent upon a minimum enrollment of 3 and a maximum of 15 students.  Fee is $115 for the 4-week session.  He would like to do a second level in February if there is interest.

Future thoughts:  We have a concert planned for July 13th with Mixed Tapes from 6:00-9:00pm.  They get quite a crowd when they play at Zogs.  Cost is $1200 for a 3-hour set.  We inquired about having Joel Gibson back.  They did not have any Saturday evenings available in June or July.  They could do a Wednesday evening in late July for $1800 (a bit out of our price range).

Old Business:  Arlyn has talked with Chris (website developer), and we were given a quick run through via a zoom meeting to answer questions.  Training is forthcoming.  We currently are still in “limbo” between the old website and the upcoming one. 

Signage Progress:  Wes has acquired some of the NCC signs with more to follow.  The remaining signs are complete and need to be retrieved.  Installation is forthcoming.

Santa Run Update:  Wes and Hal have contacted Pierce County for permission.  We are having some issues with our present insurance carrier.  Our new agent is “pushing” our request up the chain in her office as it is a new endeavor for her and doesn’t have the expertise in handling this type of issue.  More information to follow.

New Business:  Outstanding Capital Expenditures – Discussion and Commitments on the following:

  • Security cameras
  • Electricity to and prep of garage (95% completion)
  • Air conditioning
  • Front door (underway by Jim)
  • Other doors
  • Irrigation (sports field and around the building/gazebo)
  • New request – new projector for use with outdoor screen

Motion to adjourn:  Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.