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Trust Board Meeting Minutes 09-14-2023

FICRA Building Trust Board Meeting Minutes 
Thursday, September 14, 2023, 7:00PM 
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington 

2022-2023 Revised FICRA Trust Board
Arlyn LawrencePresident
Wes KingVice President
Candy WawroSecretary
Hal GoodellTreasurer
Craig McLaughlinDirector
Matt DejardinsAdvisor
Lindsey JensenAdvisor

FICRA Board Meeting Minutes

September 14, 2023

Attendees:  Arlyn Lawrence (President), Weston King (Vice President) excused, Hal Goodell (Treasurer), Candy Wawro (Secretary), Craig McLaughlin (Director), Jim Braden (Buildings & Grounds)

Pre-Meeting Sign In:  Bruce Monell, Joan Broughton

Voting of New Bylaws:  Arlyn called for a vote on the new bylaws as published on our website and approved by the Board.  Voting was unanimously approved.

Public Comments:  Bruce Monell suggested that the FICRA Board become engaged in talks with Pierce County over the replacement/construction of a new Fox Island bridge.  Jim Braden explained that he and a select few are already engaged in that discussion with appropriate Pierce County officials.  Jim further explained the conundrum that Pierce County did not set aside funds for the bridge’s replacement as is normally done with projects of this size.  Hence, if they must replace the bridge, other projects cannot be satisfactorily completed throughout the county.  As of today, there is an impasse on funding.  Pierce County continues to seek State and other funding to remedy the problem.  Pierce County continues to vigorously check the weakened areas for further deterioration and maintains that the bridge remains safe for pedestrians and motorists.  Talks with the county are ongoing.  Bruce suggested that FICRA’s new website might also help keep voters appraised on developments.

Approval of July 2023 Board Minutes (as there was no Board meeting in August due to the FICRA Fair):  Arlyn made a motion to approve the July Board minutes.  Craig seconded the motion.  A vote was carried and unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report (Hal Goodell):

Trust Checking:

Beginning Balance  $ 14, 342.55

Checks & Payments      13,208.41 (Deputy & Fair Expenses)

Deposits & Credits      27,576.13

Cleared Balance   $ 28,710.27

Trust Savings:

Beginning Balance  $ 731.67

Checks & Payments    0.00

Deposits & Credits      .03 (interest)

Cleared Balance   $ 731.70

Building Trust Paypal, Ending 8/31/23 $ 96.02

Total Income  6,580.00

Total Withdrawn (including fees)       5,630.02

Ending Balance                              $ 1,046.00

Trust Capital Checking

Beginning Balance  $ 338.32

Checks & Payments   0.00

Deposits & Credits   0.00

Ending Balance   $ 338.32

Trust Reserve Checking

Beginning Balance  $ 153.20

Checks & Payments                  0.00

Deposits & Credits                  0.00

Ending Balance   $ 153.20

30 Month Flex Certificate

Beginning Balance    $ 102,591.35

Checks & Payments      0.00

Deposits & Credits               346.79 (August interest)

Ending Balance   $ 102,938.14

10 Month Certificate

Beginning Balance   $ 80,620.08

Checks & Payments                   0.00

Deposits & Credits               311.82

Ending Balance   $ 80,931.90

Trust Money Market (General, Capital, Reserve, EP, & NW)

Beginning Balance  $ 209,562.90

Checks & Payments               355.37

Deposits & Credits               711.34

Ending Balance   $ 209,918.87

Trust General Money Market     

Beginning Balance    $ 109,214.51

Checks & Payments       0.00

Deposits & Credits                355.97 (August Interest)

Ending Balance     $ 109,570.48

Trust Capital Money Market

Beginning Balance    $ 36,468.71

Checks & Payments       0.00

Deposits & Credits                    0.00

Ending Balance     $ 36,468.71

Trust Reserve Money Market

Beginning Balance    $ 40,802.47

Checks & Payments       0.00

Deposits & Credits       0.00

Ending Balance     $ 40,802.47

Trust Community Events/Activities Money Market

Beginning Balance    $ 12,100.96

Checks & Payments       0.00

Deposits & Credits       0.00

Ending Balance     $ 12,100.96

Trust Emergency Prep. Restricted Money Market

Beginning Balance    $  6,591.59

Checks & Payments                    0.00

Deposits & Credits                    0.00

Ending Balance     $  6,591.59

Trust Neighborhood Watch    

Beginning Balance    $  4,384.66

Checks & Payments       0.00

Deposits & Credits       0.00

Ending Balance     $ 4,384.66

Trust Money Market (Other)

Beginning Balance    $   0.00

Checks & Payments               355.97

Deposits & Credits               355.97 (August Interest)

Ending Balance     $   0.00

Sum of QB Sub Money Market       $209,918.87

July Concert

Income   $2,353.00

Expenses    1,955.71

Net Income $ $ 397.29


Income   $ 7,315.00

Expense   $ 8,352.78

Net Income   $(1,037.78)

Labor Day Concert

Income   $ 6,161.00

Expenses  $16,475.05

Net Income   $(10,314.05)

Standing Committee Reports:

Buildings & Grounds (Jim Braden):  The watering of the lawn around the NCC building (East, North, and West sides) was undertaken to have the FICRA Fair on green grass and not the usual dusty conditions.  Although that was successful, the cost of the water, once billed, will be considered for the future of this action.  Jim visited with FIMWA’s Mike Ireland, and it appears that water will be available for keeping the Sports Field green longer.  FIMWA’s concern will be timing of watering to avoid local pressure drop in the morning.

We have secured a tile craftsperson (professional, to ensure surviving outdoor weather extremes) for the Sports Field donor tiles.  This started today and will be completed tomorrow (9/15/23).

We have three bids (estimates) received for the NCC front and back door replacement.  Evaluation of bids is underway.

Materials are purchased for the completion of remotely tying the generator to the NCC.  Wes is preparing examples of signs for the NCC site.

Nature Center (Ed Burrough):  No news other than concern about the dry conditions.

Emergency Preparedness (EP):  EP has submitted a draft block diagram and opening page to the website team for the soon to be upgraded website.  A special open house event has been set up for 9/16/23 at our fire station to capitalize on the awareness of wildfires and the consequences in Lahaina.  Please attend and invite your friends to hear stories from our District 5 Fire Department who have been assisting in the California wildfires.

Neighborhood Watch (formerly Citizens’ Patrol):  It has been another very good year for our management of crime.  The Neighborhood Watch Team is getting new magnetic auto signs that will display the term “Neighborhood Watch” in place of Citizens’ Patrol.

The radio station KGHP is still questioning being an aid to our emergency communication for the long term.  PSD 401 has not decided on that.

Fox Island Amateur Radio Club (FIARC) is considered a part of the Emergency Preparedness (EP).  Emergency Preparation had a booth at the FICRA Fair along with the FIARC which had a demonstration on radio signal source direction finding in which Fair attendees participated.

Other items:  Bylaws – A draft was sent to the Board members and they subsequently (8/17/23 special meeting) unanimously voted to have that draft sent to the FICRA members for final member approval which is planned for the September meeting (9/14/23).  

Capital Expenditures Report is updated.  Significant changes are highlighted in red.

FICRA Events and Activities Update (Candy Wawro):  FICRA Fair had its usual good turnout.  It is a lot of work for the few volunteers we have.  We do have lots of apparel left over.  Music is always a positive but remains to be a high expense.   September Labor Day Concert and Car Show went well.  We were down to one food truck (Boss Mama’s) as the second truck had mechanical issues.  It is suggested that one food truck may be adequate for future events.  We have a Paint & Sip painting class set for Sunday, September 24th from 2-4pm.  Hoping to continue for a monthly activity.  Also, we have a watercolor class beginning September 18th (6 weeks on Mondays from 12:30-3:30pm) and a Tai Chi Chih class beginning September 24th from 10-11am for 10 weeks.

Up for October events is Oktoberfest (October 7th).  Band is the Smilin’ Scandanavians (Bavarian Band).  We had difficulty hiring a band and finding a food truck as Puyallup has a large Oktoberfest on the same day with lots of food trucks in attendance.  We do have one acquired.  The band came highly recommended as being fun and engaging the audience.  Hopefully, mother nature cooperates.  If not, we can move the event inside.  We also have a Murder Mystery event scheduled on Saturday, October 28th, with a social hour from 5-6:00pm and beginning the event at 6:00 pm. Tickets are $10pp for FICRA members and $15 for non-members.  Due to the nature of the event, this is a 21+ night.  We do have beer/wine for sale.  With the cost of food these days, the admission price and liquor sales pay for the elevated appetizers.  It’s a new type of event so we will see if it is repeatable.  Also, hoping for another Paint and Sip Sunday, no date set yet.

At present, nothing is on the calendar for November (perhaps only a Paint & Sip, yet to be determined).  December, however, is packed with parties, the Christmas Tree Lighting (December 3rd 6-8:30pm), the Wicklines Concert (December 3rd 4:00-5:00pm) and the Santa Run (December 9th).  Santa arrival is set for December 3rd 6:00-8:30 pm.  We had to move the date up from our usual second Sunday in December due to Santa’s schedule.  The Fox Island History Museum’s Santa in the Barn is Saturday, December 2nd.  Candy did notify the History Museum that unfortunately our Santa visit comes directly after theirs but was unavoidable.  They replied that they totally understand the scheduling.  

Wes was not in attendance to answer questions about the Santa Run.  It is believed that Jacob Paukert will assist this year with Wes in hopes of turning it officially over to him in 2024.  Questions received from last year are could we make it into a Fun Run for families versus an official 5K with timers.  Some families said they would like to participate but at a price of $35 per person, families thought it was too expensive.  Could we do an official 5K every other year?  We also need the Sheriff deputies to help block the road (a necessary expense to ensure the safety of the runners).  Lastly, it is difficult every year to attain volunteers as flaggers.  How might we improve this?  Legendary Donuts food truck is acquired for that morning.  We don’t have a Santa but do have a Grinch if needed.  Perhaps there are prizes awarded for the best costume, first place, etc.

Old Business:  Website Update – Arlyn has obtained a local developer who is working on a new website.  She has asked all Board members to email the developer with their needs or desires.  A new site is expected by mid-October.

New Business:  Santa Run Planning/Discuss need for a shuttle:  Again, Wes was not in attendance to fully discuss this option.  Each shuttle costs approximately $1,000 when used for the FICRA Fair.  The item is tabled until Wes returns next month.

Meeting Adjournment:  Arlyn made a motion to adjourn, Hal seconded such motion.  The vote was unanimous.  The meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.