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The Fox Island Community and Recreation Association has been combined with the FICRA Building Trust as has been advertised over the last year or so.

This was done to streamline our operations as there was much duplication of efforts with the two organizations. The main purpose of the Trust and the old FICRA remain the same:

  • “to preserve and maintain the historic schoolhouse”
  • “provide resources in support of the island’s health and safety”
  • “build a strong sense of community”
  • and “support local non-profit organizations”.

The common name for the FICRA Building Trust will be FICRA.

The FICRA Building Trust (FICRA) Board of Directors has updated the FICRA Bylaws which are available for review by Fox Island residents and property owners. Those Bylaws are on the FICRA website and in the FICRA Flash newsletters.

These updated Bylaws are to be voted on by FICRA Members, as defined in the updated Bylaws, at the September 14, 2023 FICRA Building Trust Board meeting. The FICRA board meetings are open to the public.

The current approved FICRA Building Trust Bylaws are available here.

The proposed Amended and Restated FICRA Building Trust Bylaws are available here: