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Trust Board Meeting Minutes 07-13-2023

FICRA Building Trust Board Meeting Minutes 
Thursday, July 13, 2023, 7:00PM 
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington 

2022-2023 Revised FICRA Trust Board
Arlyn LawrencePresident
Wes KingVice President
Candy WawroSecretary
Hal GoodellTreasurer
Craig McLaughlinDirector
Matt DejardinsAdvisor
Lindsey JensenAdvisor

FICRA Trust Board Meeting

Thursday, July 13, 2023, 7:00 PM

Meeting Called To Order at 7:03 PM

Public Comments: Rick Baze (neighbor to the Nichols Community Center and lawn maintenance person) addressed the Board on several points: (1) There needs to be a sign out front that identifies the premise as the Nichols Community Center.  (2) There is chalking on the sidewalk.  He addressed the parent to inform them that he believed the child was damaging property with graffiti.  (3) We have no signs that say the Nichols Community Center grounds are only open to the Community (not for those from Gig Harbor).  He reiterated several times is the property for public use or just community usage.  (4) He suggested we have a motion activated light in the gazebo.  He informed us that he has used a bullhorn to tell park users the park is closed. (5) He suggested a wifi door lock for the front doors.  It would still have a manual key to override if necessary.  (6) Door on the South side by the basement needs repair.

Arlyn made a motion to award $1,000 to have Jim and Wes get signage made for the property.  Hal seconded the motion.  A motion was also made that Jacob Paukert and Wes fix the side door and investigate a possible electronic lock for the front door.  Vote was unanimous, motion carried. Arlyn made a motion to award $200 to purchase a wifi-capable door lock for the front door.  Craig seconded the motion.  Vote was unanimous, motion carried. Wes also suggested that we begin Rick’s list with signage first.  Candy pointed out that the “chalking” on sidewalks or tables is inconsequential and is easily removed with water.  Candy also pointed out that the grounds of the Nichols Community Center is open to the public, including the community.  There is no way of monitoring where users live or work, nor should we.

Approval of the June 2023 Minutes:  Arlyn made a motion to approve the June 2023 minutes.  Wes seconded the motion.  Vote was unanimous, motion carried.

Approval of the June 2023 Minutes:  Arlyn made a motion to approve the June 2023 minutes.  Wes seconded the motion.  Vote was unanimous, motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: (Hal Goodell)

     Trust Checking

                Beginning Balance            $ 15,210.88

                Checks & Payments              3,995.50

                Deposits & Credits                    150.54

                Cleared Balance               $ 11,365.92

     Trust Savings

                Beginning Balance            $       731.61

                Checks & Payments                       0.00

                Deposits & Credits                         0.03 (interest)

                Cleared Balance                $       731.64

     Building Trust PayPal (Period Ending June 30, 2023)

                Beginning Balance         $    2,574.43

                Checks & Payments                 100.84

                Deposits & Credits               2,440.00 

                Cleared Balance            $     4,913.59

     Trust Capital Checking

                Beginning Balance        $        338.32

                Checks & Payments                    0.00

                Deposits & Credits                      0.00

                Cleared Balance            $      338.32

     Trust Reserve Checking

                Beginning Balance        $      153.20

                Checks & Payments                  0.00

                Deposits & Credits                    0.00

                Cleared Balance            $       153.20

     Trust Money Market (General, Capital, Reserve, EP, NW)

                Beginning Balance       $208,864.19

                Checks & Payments               422.45

                Deposits & Credits                 765.79

                Cleared Balance           $209,207.53

                               Trust General Money Market (QB Money Market Fund)

                                                Beginning Balance       $108,515.80

                                                Checks & Payments                    0.00

                                                Deposits & Credits                 343.34

                                                Cleared Balance            $108,859.14

                               Trust Capital Money Market

                                                Beginning Balance       $  36,468.71

                                                Checks & Payments                   0.00

                                                Deposits & Credits                     0.00

                                                Cleared Balance          $    36,468.71

                               Trust Reserve Money Market

                                                Beginning Balance      $    40,802.47

                                                Checks & Payments                    0.00

                                                Deposits & Credits                      0.00

                                                Ending Balance            $    40,802.47

                               Trust Community Events/Activities Money Market

                                                Beginning Balance       $    12,100.96

                                                Credits & Payments                     0.00

                                                Deposits & Credits                       0.00

                                                Cleared Balance           $    12,100.96

                               Trust Emergency Prep. Restricted Money Market

                                                Beginning Balance       $      6,591.59

                                                Credits & Payments                     0.00

                                                Deposits & Credits                       0.00

                                                Cleared Balance            $      6,591.59

                               Trust Neighborhood Watch Restricted Money Market

                                                Beginning Balance       $      4,384.66

                                                Credits & Payments                     0.00

                                                Deposits & Credits                       0.00

                                                Cleared Balance           $      4,384.66

                               Trust Money Market (Other)

                                                Beginning Balance        $             0.00

                                                Credits & Payments                 343.34 (June Interest Transferred to Gen MM)

                                                Deposits & Credits                   343.34 (June Interest)

                                                Cleared Balance            $             0.00

                                Sum of QB Sub Money Markets


     30-Month Flex Certificate (Matures 06/09/25)

                Beginning Balance                            $101,912.35

                Checks & Payments                                     0.00

                Deposits & Credits                                     333.38 (June Interest)

                Cleared Balance                                $102,245.73

10-Month Certificate (Add On) – Matures 03/31/24

                Beginning Balance                         $  80,009.98

                Checks & Payments                                     0.00

                Deposits & Credits                                  299.48 (June Interest)

                Cleared Balance                                $   80,309.46

Current Membership:    396

Joel Gibson Concert proceeds + $485, Summer Solstice – $153

Standing Committee Reports

Building & Grounds (Jim Braden):  The awning for the North Deck was finally used for a party on Saturday, June 3rd.  It appears to be doing the job we desired: shade and lighting. 

We contracted with TruGreen to apply a weed-and-feed on the Sports Field.  That is complete, but follow-up is needed on ground repair and an invoice that states exactly what was done.  The sprinkler for the Sports Field has been commissioned to try to keep the field green as long as practical.  Jim has contacted an irrigation firm to get an estimate.

The improving weather should permit us to do the final design and fix for the emergency exit from the basement. We are still looking to secure a tile craftsperson (professional, to ensure surviving outdoor weather extremes) for the Sports Field donor tiles.

The dehumidifier is in service at the NCC Garage which makes a difference – particularly for the folks storing home goods in the North side rental space.

Nature Center: Ed Burrough, The Nature Center keeps chugging along keeping the site safe for visitors.  The latest visible accomplishment is clearing along the frontage with 9th Avenue.

Emergency Preparedness (EP):  EP is anxious for our getting the FICRA website overhauled to help us upgrade Neighborhood preparation and response.  Emergency Response exercises are in the planning stage for this Summer.  We’ve had basically no crime issues on Fox Island for May with the bizarre exception of a break-in to the coffee hut at the Fox Island store.  It has been another very good year for our management of crime.  The radio station KGHP is questionable for our emergency communication for the long term.  PSD 401 has not yet decided on that.

Fox Island Amateur Radio Club (FIARC) is considered a part of Emergency Preparedness.  The FIARC participated in the PEP-C safety fair at GHHS on April 22. 

Other items:

  • Bylaws:  A draft has been sent to the Board members.  This should be voted upon.
  • We have yet to secure a vendor to assist in foxislandficra.org website upgrade. 
  • Wes and Jim are looking into having a presentation by FEMA on emergency preparation.  That could be of value as we continue to get residents to prepare.  Need a date set. 

FICRA Events & Activities (Candy Wawro):  Both the Summer Solstice and Joel Gibson concerts were received by the community with multiple compliments.  Several community members stepped up to assist in entertaining the kids and run the cornhole tournament.   We received a recommendation to host an Oktoberfest (which usually runs from 9/16-10/6).  We are looking into that.  Pretty Gritty Tours to do a return visit Wednesday, July 26th.  This is a free event for the community.  Themes are Haunted Washington and Urban Legends.  The back-to-school ice cream social is scheduled for Thursday, August 24th, from 4:00-6:30 pm.  We didn’t want it the following weekend (Labor Day) to interfere with families’ long (last) weekend before school starts.  Labor Day concert and car show planning is mostly complete.  Two food trucks were acquired (Boss Mama and It’s a Pizza My Mind).  Jewel Tones will open for the band, Sail On.  Tickets to go on sale August 1, 2023, on our website and can also be paid with renewal of FICRA membership at the Fair.  Craig and Jim are handling the car show portion. 

Craig will look at a different verbiage for receipts.

Jim suggested we book the Wicklines again this year ahead of our Tree Lighting event on December 10th.  He reminded the board; this has been a long-standing tradition for some of our island seniors.  Arlyn made a motion to have Jim contact the Wicklines to arrange for a concert on December 10th.  Hal seconded the motion.  Motion was unanimously approved.  Motion carried.  Candy suggested that we should have additional music for the 6:00-8:30 actual tree lighting.  Candy will contact Santa as well to arrange for his yearly visit.

Old Business: 

  • Scholarship Recipients – Arlyn read the “thank you” from each of the recipients.  Candy will post the award notifications and the thank you cards on the bulletin board.
  • Bylaws Update:  The new and old bylaws need to be posted for the community to read.  Arlyn will not be available for the next scheduled FICRA Trust meeting.  She asked that the vote take place the following week of August 17, 2023, beginning at 5:30.  Hal will arrange for Howard Stapleton to post these on our website.  Candy will post on social media and through email.  It will also be in our snail mail flyer.  The public needs at least 15 days to review the changes and have the possibility to vote on them.
  • Website Update:  No one firm has been selected.  Arlyn has two others that she will ask the team to investigate.  Hoping to budget from $2,000 to $4,000.  Arlyn and Craig will further investigate the two that are local.
  • FICRA Fair presentation (Hal Goodell):  Everything is on schedule and vendors continue to send in applications.  Arlyn did visit the Gig Harbor Farmers’ Market and hand out applications.  Hopefully, that helps spread the word. 

New Business:

  • NCC Side Door/Security Issues:  It was noted that the side door by the basement does not close properly.  Door needs to be repaired, needs outer skin recoat, and needs to lock sufficiently.  Electronic lock previously discussed for front door.  Wes, Jacob Paukert to take the lead on the lock and repair.
  • Signage:  Wes and Jim to take the lead on this project.
  • French Toast rental for Fall:  French Toast is again asking for rental space for the Fall at $25 per hour.  The schedule proposed is like last year (4:00 pm – 7:00 pm, Monday through Thursday).  A motion was made by Craig to allow French Toast to rent space at the Nichols Community Center for dance and theater.  Motion was seconded by Candy.  Vote was unanimous.  Motion carried.  Hal made mention that the rental payment for July was late.  Craig mentioned that she had been very ill and hospitalized.  Arlyn suggested that we allow Madelyn some grace as needed.
  • Arlyn asked if we need contracts for all our users who utilize the building due to liability concerns?  Craig volunteered to draw up a simple contract for our community users.

Arlyn made a motion to adjourn.  Hal seconded the motion.  Vote was unanimous.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.