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Trust Board Meeting Minutes 02-09-2023

FICRA Building Trust Board Meeting Minutes 
Thursday, February 9, 2023, 7:00PM 
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington 

2022-2023 Revised FICRA Trust Board
Arlyn LawrencePresident
Wes KingVice President
Candy WawroSecretary
Hal GoodellTreasurer
Craig McLaughlinDirector
Matt DejardinsAdvisor
Lindsey JensenAdvisor

FICRA Trust Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, February 9, 2023 7:00pm

Attendees:  Arlyn Lawrence (President) excused, Wes King (Vice-President), Hal Goodell (Treasurer), Candy Wawro (Secretary), Craig McLaughlin (Director) excused, Lindsey Jensen (Advisor) excused, Matt Desjardins (Advisor) excused, Jim Braden (Project Manager)

Approval of Minutes:  A motion was made by Hal to approve the January minutes.  Craig seconded the motion.  Motion was unopposed.  Motion carried.

Public Comments:  Two candidates for Eagle Scouts, Reed Rea and Holden Hubbs, made a proposal to enhance the playground on site.  Plans include removing the bark there, placing it under the existing exercise equipment, and replacing it with soft fall bark (mulch), putting sand in the sandbox, removing the digger from its present location to the sandbox cemented in and painting the equipment where rusted or bare metal to match.  The two candidates expect it will take two weekends to complete the work beginning the second week of March.  The Board has already pledged $3,000 for playground improvement.  A motion was made by Wes and seconded by Candy to up the donation to $4,000.  All members voted unanimously, and motion was carried.  Jim Braden, as Scout liaison will meet with the candidates to supervise the improvements proposed and make sure the work is aligned properly.  Also, Aidan WingerStiver, another Eagle Scout candidate, is proposing a lending library to be placed out front of the Nichols Community Center.  We did have one previously there that was stolen.  Jim will also meet with Aidan on installation.

Madeline Hunter of French Toast presented a proposal for summer camps utilizing the Nichols Community Center Monday-Friday beginning June 25-August 25.  A motion was made by Wes to approve the usage of the Nichols Community Center for a rental rate of $25 per hour.  The motion was seconded by Candy.  A vote was taken.  The vote was unanimous, and motion carried.   

Treasurer’s Report (Hal Goodell):

FICRA Trust:

     Trust Checking

                Beginning Balance:           $  38,397.94      

                Checks & Payments:        $ 15,784.23       

                Deposits & Credits:          $ 37,653.16       

                Cleared Balance:               $ 60,266.87       

     Trust Savings

                Beginning Balance:           $       754.54      

                Checks and Payments:    $        130.51

                Deposits & Credits:         $               .03     

                Cleared Balance:               $        624.06

     Trust PayPal Ending

                Beginning Balance:           $   11,239.15  

                Deposits & Credits:          $     1,400.00  

                Checks & Payments:        $   11,290.48       

                Cleared Balance:               $     1,348.67

     Trust Capital Checking (Restricted Funds)

                Beginning Balance:           $     3,600.33

                Deposits & Credits:         $   10,500.00

                Checks & Payments:       $     6,536.84

                Cleared Balance:               $    7,563.49

     Trust Reserve Checking (Restricted Funds)

                Beginning Balance:           $       187.92      

                Checks & Payments:        $       318.43       

                Deposits & Credits:          $       130.51      

                Cleared Balance:               $           0.00  

     Trust Money Market (General, Capital, Reserve, EP & CP)

                Beginning Balance:           $262,362.58

                Checks & Payments:        $    1,491.74

                Deposits & Credits:          $    8,399.77

                Cleared Balance:               $269,270.61

     Trust General Money Market

                Beginning Balance:                                                           $  79,626.73

                Checks & Payments:                                                        $        591.87     

                Deposits & Credits:                                                          $     6,908.03   

                Cleared Balance:                                                               $   85,942.89

     Trust Capital Money Market

                Beginning Balance:                                                           $   36,856.17

                Checks & Payments:                                                        $             0.00          

                Deposits & Credits:                                                          $         591.87         

                Cleared Balance:                                                               $   37,448.04

     Trust Reserve Money Market

                Beginning Balance:                                                           $   42,802.47

                Checks & Payments:                                                        $             0.00          

                Deposits & Credits:                                                          $             0.00  

                Cleared Balance:                                                               $   42,802.47 

     Trust Community Events/Act. Money Market

                Beginning Balance:                                                           $   62,100.96

                Checks & Payments:                                                        $             0.00

                Deposits & Credits:                                                          $             0.00

                Cleared Balance:                                                               $  62,100.96  

     Trust Emergency Prep Restricted Money Market

                Beginning Balance:                                                           $  21,591.59

                Checks & Payments:                                                        $            0.00

                Deposits & Credits:                                                          $            0.00

                Cleared Balance:                                                               $  21,591.59

     Trust Citizens’ Patrol Restricted Money Market

                Beginning Balance:                                                           $  19,384.66

                Checks & Payments:                                                        $            0.00

                Deposits & Credits:                                                          $            0.00  

                Cleared Balance:                                                               $   19,384.66

     Trust Money Market – Other

                Beginning Balance:                                                           $             0.00        

                Checks & Payments:                                                        $         388.03

                Deposits & Credits                                                           $         388.03

                Cleared Balance:                                                               $             0.00

                               Sum of QB Sub Money Market                    $ 269,270.61

     30-Month Flex Certificate (Opened 12/9/22)*                $  100,250.79          

               Checks & Payments:                                                  $              0.00

               Deposits & Credits:                                                         $          338.88

               Cleared Balance:                                                              $  100,589.67

                *Long Term Trust Emergency Reserve

Current Membership 349 (as of 02/08/23)

Standing Committee Reports & Actions

                Finance Committee (Hal Goodell):  No news to report.  Board members did meet to sketch out a budget for 2023.  Budget has yet to be ratified.

                Building & Grounds (Jim Braden): Please go to the Capital Expenditures report that has active & proposed (mostly capital) projects with priorities indicated in the red Priority column. The status of each project is indicated on the last column of the report.  The Board is the manager of prioritization and should visit that in the meeting occasionally.

The awning for the North Deck is ordered and to installed in early March.  TruGreen has not been able to apply the weed kill (a spray) on the Sports Field due to the wet weather so far this winter.  After the weed kill application there is a 30-day minimum delay until doing the over-seeding.  We’re still waiting for a little better weather to do the final design and fix on the emergency exit from the basement.

                Nature Center (Jim Braden):  Ed Burrough (Chairman) – The Nature Center Committee continues to keep the trails usable.  We continue to carry wood chips out onto the trails to improve their passage (a slow process).  At our next work party, we will be planting a potted yew tree, donated by Bill Sawyer, which will bring our total to three on the property. We were not able to do that at our last work party.  The Nature Center Team is working on establishing their own Facebook page to solicit help, advertise the Center as a year-round attraction, and make the work party schedule known.

                Emergency Patrol (former Citizens’ Patrol) (Jim Braden): We can, again, report that we’ve had basically no crime on Fox Island for last month.  We should have a new description for the Emergency Patrol system presented at the Board meeting.  This is needed to send to our insurance company to ensure coverage of all our volunteers.

                Emergency Preparedness (Jim Braden): We have recruited more Area Block Coordinators (ABC’s) and are getting them oriented to their positions.  Once the Block Coordination organization is up and running well, again, EP will take on providing support to residents who do not have a Block Coordinator (BC).  We had our first on-Fox-Island Disaster First Aid (DFA) class on Saturday, February 4th attended by 11 of our Block Coordinators.  This DFA class will be the training that we will encourage our BC’s to take.  Emergency Response exercises are also in the planning stage for this Spring.

                Fox Island Amateur Radio Club (FIARC) (Jim Braden):  The presentation on new technology applications for Emergency Response use was well received.  The next monthly meeting is set for February 25th, 9:30 AM.

                FICRA Events and Activities (Candy Wawro):  New events committee has formed with Rebecca Becal, Alice Timken, Martha Derr, and Delene Galvin.  We brainstormed ideas including a carnival for children instead of Trunk or Treat, more classes such as a paint night, a travel club, chili cookoffs, history talks, etc.  The next event is scheduled for March with “That Irish Guy” as well as attempting to have a student art show so the students’ artwork is showcased as well.  Easter Egg hunt is scheduled for April 8th.

Old Business:  FICRA’s GHHS Scholarship Donation was submitted, 2 – $5,000 scholarships; we will have the opportunity to review notebooks and choose the recipients (March 14, 15, or 16), and present the awards.

New Business:  Jim Braden reminded the board that nominations for Board positions are due at the March Board meeting.  Jim Braden has been on the nominating committee in previous years and suggested that younger members take on this task.  Candy and Wes volunteered to canvas for additional Board members and bring them forward in March.

Wes made a motion to adjourn.  The motion was seconded by Hal.  Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm.