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Trust Board Meeting Minutes 01-12-2023

FICRA Building Trust Board Meeting Minutes 
Thursday, January 12, 2023, 7:00PM 
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington 

2022-2023 Revised FICRA Trust Board
Arlyn LawrencePresident
Wes KingVice President
Candy WawroSecretary
Hal GoodellTreasurer
Craig McLaughlinDirector
Matt DejardinsAdvisor
Lindsey JensenAdvisor

FICRA Trust Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, January 12, 2023 – 7:00 pm

Attendees:  Arlyn Lawrence (President), Wes King (Vice-President) excused, Hal Goodell (Treasurer), Candy Wawro (Secretary), Craig McLaughlin (Director), Lindsey Jensen (Advisor) excused, Matt Desjardins (Advisor) excused

Approval of Minutes:  A motion was made by Hal to approve the December minutes.  Arlyn seconded the motion.  Motion was unopposed.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report (Hal Goodell):

FICRA Trust:

     Trust Checking

               Beginning Balance:          $  33,683.28       

               Checks & Payments:        $ 10,145.07        

               Deposits & Credits:          $ 14,859.73        

               Cleared Balance:              $ 38,397.94        

     Trust Savings

               Beginning Balance:          $       754.51    

               Deposits & Credits:          $              .03        

               Cleared Balance:              $       754.54

     Trust PayPal Ending

               Beginning Balance:          $    9,529.53

               Deposits & Credits:          $    1,775.00

               Checks & Payments:        $          65.37  

               Cleared Balance:              $  11,239.16

     Trust Capital Checking (Restricted Funds)

               Beginning Balance:          $    3,600.33  

               Cleared Balance:              $    3,600.33

     Trust Reserve Checking (Restricted Funds)

               Beginning Balance:          $        187.92  

               Checks & Payments:        $            0.00

               Deposits & Credits:          $            0.00

               Cleared Balance:              $        187.33       

     Trust Money Market (General, Capital, Reserve, EP & CP)

               Beginning Balance:          $ 320.005.14

               Checks & Payments:        $  100,282.45      

               Deposits & Credits:          $    42,639.89 

               Cleared Balance:              $  262,362.58

     Trust General Money Market

               Beginning Balance:                                                       $  178,726.86

               Checks & Payments:                                                     $  100,000.00    

               Deposits & Credits:                                                       $          899.87    

               Cleared Balance:                                                           $     79,626.73

     Trust Capital Money Market

               Beginning Balance:                                                       $     36,856.17

               Checks & Payments:                                                     $               0.00

               Deposits & Credits:                                                       $               0.00 

               Cleared Balance:                                                           $     36,856.17

     Trust Reserve Money Market

               Beginning Balance:                                                       $      42,802.47

               Checks & Payments:                                                     $                0.00

               Deposits & Credits:                                                       $                0.00

               Cleared Balance:                                                           $      42,802.47

     Trust Community Events/Act. Money Market

               Beginning Balance:                                                       $   20,000.00

               Checks & Payments:                                                     $             0.00

               Deposits & Credits:                                                       $    42,100.96

               Cleared Balance:                                                           $    62,100.96

     Trust Emergency Prep Restricted Money Market

               Beginning Balance:                                                       $   21,591.59

               Checks & Payments:                                                     $             0.00

               Deposits & Credits:                                                       $             0.00

               Cleared Balance:                                                           $   21,591.59

     Trust Citizens’ Patrol Restricted Money Market

               Beginning Balance:                                                       $   20,028.05

               Checks & Payments:                                                     $         643.39

               Deposits & Credits:                                                       $              0.00

               Cleared Balance:                                                           $    19,384.66

     Trust Money Market – Other

               Beginning Balance:                                                       $             0.00

               Checks & Payments:                                                     $         256.48

               Deposits & Credits                                                         $         256.48

               Cleared Balance:                                                           $             0.00

                              Sum of QB Sub Money Market                    $ 262,362.58

     30-Month Flex Certificate (Opened 12/9/22)*                  $             0.00

               Checks & Payments:                                                  $             0.00

               Deposits & Credits:                                                       $ 100,250.79

               Cleared Balance:                                                           $ 100,250.79

               *Long Term Trust Emergency Reserve

A prospective budget meeting was held January 5th with Board members.  Arlyn asked that ratification of the budget be voted on in our February Trust meeting so Board members have ample time to digest the budget allocations.  Arlyn made a motion to delay the budget ratification until February’s meeting.  Candy seconded.  Voting was unanimous and motion carried.

Standing Committee Reports & Actions

               Finance Committee (Hal Goodell):  No new news.  Work still needs to be completed on the by-laws that need review from 2011, especially with the dissolution and absorption of FICRA into the Trust.  All paperwork has been completed to the State in this regard.

               Building & Grounds (Jim Braden): Major Projects – Please go to the Capital Expenditures report that has active & proposed (mostly capital) projects with priorities indicated in the red Priority column. The status of each project is indicated on the last column of the report.  There will be a little dialog on that during the Board meeting.

Jim proposed a bid for the Board’s approval for the North Deck. Cost previously allocated by the Board was $10,000.  Estimate for the awning came in at $10,342.08 from Kings Handyman Services (awning installer for SunSetter, Inc.).  The estimate includes: 20 Plat Plus Semi-Cassette XXL 13’, Motor (l), Color Silica Stone, Straight Valance, White Frame 24’ Cord ($7,747.00), LED Dimmable lighting ($506.00), wireless wind sensor reg 279 minus Discount offer ($79.00), all weather warranty combo ($394.00), installation ($850.00) and tax ($766.08).  Arlyn made a motion to purchase the Sunsetter awning with the quote provided.  Craig seconded.  Voting was unanimous.  Motion carried.

TruGreen is scheduling the weed kill on the Sports Field in about two weeks to be followed by a 30-day minimum delay to over-seed.  We’re still waiting for a little better weather to do the final design and fix on the emergency exit from the basement.

               Nature Center (Jim Braden):  Ed Burrough (Chairman) – The Nature Center Committee continues to keep the trails usable, although sometimes things change quickly.  We continue to carry wood chips out onto the trails to improve their passage (a slow process). 

At our next work-party we will be planting a potted yew tree, donated by Bill Sawyer, which will bring our total to three on the property.  One is a mature tree and two are about four feet tall.  

This is a prime time of year to continue our ongoing efforts to eradicate, or at least manage, the invasive Himalaya blackberries.  We try to dig out as much of the root as possible.  The soil is looser when it is damp.  The vines that have been dug up are all removed from the property and disposed of at the Purdy transfer station.

               Citizens’ Patrol (Jim Braden): (Now called Emergency Patrol):  We can, again, report that we’ve had basically no crime on Fox Island for last month.  This month, we did get a call about a person knocking on a resident’s front door who was unknown to the resident.  The resident had already called 911.  We need to stay alert and report suspicious behavior to call the Sheriff non-emergency number: (253) 798-4721 for non-emergency or 911 if there is threatening behavior.  There were several incidents where mail has been stolen.  One of the incidents a mail delivery person noticed that he was being followed.  He saw them take out mail and then throw it back in and then looked to go to the next mailbox.  He did call 911 and report it.  Since it is a mail, it is a federal issue, and the Post Office will be the ones reporting it on their end.  In the meantime, we can keep our eyes open for any suspicious activity.  We are working on written procedures for the new Emergency Patrol functions to present to our insurance company.

               Emergency Preparedness (Jim Braden):  We have recruited more Area Block Coordinators (ABC’s) and are getting them oriented to their positions.  Once the Block Coordination is up and running well, again, EP will take on providing support to residents who do not have a Block Coordinator (BC).  Jim and Doug have completed the CERT training and are working to bring Disaster First Aid classes to Fox Island, directly, for Block Coordinators as that class matches the BC responsibilities in an emergency.  Emergency Response exercises are also in the planning stage for this Spring.

               Fox Island Amateur Radio Club (FIARC) (Jim Braden):  The next monthly meeting is set for January 28th, 9:30 AM.  That meeting will be followed up by a presentation on new technology applications for Emergency Response use.

               FICRA Events and Activities (Wes King): Two events scheduled:  one (January 31st) is with Superintendent Krestin Bahr, Superintendent of Peninsula School District to discuss the upcoming levies up for a vote by February 14th.  One levy is a renewable for operational programs and the other is slated for technology and security.  The second event is a Disaster First Aid Class run by Pierce County.  The class is slated for Saturday, February 4th, from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm.  There is no fee for the class, but participants must pre-register on the Pierce County website.

Report on Giving Tree at Zogs:  FICRA Trust, Zogs and the Fish Food Bank collaborated to ascertain the needs of some Fox Island residents.  We borrowed a small tree from the Nichols Community Center and decorated it with lights and specific needs of a few families given to us by the Fish Food Bank as tags.  The tree was an overwhelming success with Zog’s customers.  Every wish was granted and provided.  Items were returned to the Fish Food Bank for distribution prior to Christmas.  We even had more gifts turned into Zogs after our Christmas delivery and they, too, were delivered to Fox Island families in need.  This is a tradition we should continue.  Arlyn proposed that we find new/fresh and exciting events for FICRA in 2023 to make this our best year to date.       

New Business:  Mission Statement and Incorporating Branding for 2023 –  Arlyn suggested we contact Melanie for the branding work she has prepared and begin utilizing it.  We need to prepare proper signage for the grounds of the Nichols Community Center and include the branding in future correspondence.  Due to time constraints, the mission statement will be put on hold this month. 

Old Business:  The children’s outdoor play kitchen was again brought up as needing replacement.  Candy stated that she did talk with Steve Hubbs on what needed to be done to the playground as far as replacing the large wood chips for fine wood mulch, placing the large wood chips under the outside exercise equipment, painting/sanding the areas of rust of bare metal on the existing playground structure, and the possible building of an outdoor play kitchen (perhaps under cover) as an Eagle Scout project.  Steve said we will forward the proposal to the Board for approval.  Arlyn/Jim will touch bases with Steve to get the proposal to the Board.  The Board has already approved $3000 for the new wood mulch for the playground.

Arlyn brought forth the paperwork from the Peninsula School District concerning the FICRA Trust proposed scholarship and the criteria the Board may ask of participants.  Hal brought forth the Garden Club’s criteria for participants who are interested in environmental studies to apply.  Board discussion ensued about the need for participants to provide examples of community service.  Candy asked if we could include an essay as part of the criteria.  Arlyn will send out the paperwork received from the Peninsula School District to Board members for their input.  All paperwork must be returned to PSD by the end of the month.  We are already in the Gig Harbor Scholarship Book.  There was much discussion on the amount of scholarship the Trust was willing to put forth.  Consensus was two (2) $5000 scholarships to be awarded.

Hal entertained a motion to adjourn.  Motion seconded by Arlyn.  Motion was unopposed.  Motion carried with adjournment at 9:08 pm.