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Trust Board Meeting Minutes 10-13-2022

FICRA Building Trust Board Meeting Minutes 
Thursday, October 13, 2022, 7:00PM 
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington 

2022-2023 Revised FICRA Trust Board
Arlyn LawrencePresident
Wes KingVice President
Candy WawroSecretary
Hal GoodellTreasurer
Craig McLaughlinDirector
Matt DejardinsAdvisor
Lindsey JensenAdvisor

FICRA Trust Board Minutes

October 13, 2022

Board Attendees:  Arlyn Lawrence (President), Wes King (Vice-President), Candy Wawro (Secretary), Hal Goodell (Treasurer), Lindsey Jensen (Advisor) excused, Craig McLaughlin (Director) excused, Matt Desjardins (Advisor), excused

Public Comments:  Madeline from French Toast Theater asked to be reconsidered for rental at the Nichols Community Center at a lower rate for a classroom at $25 per hour versus $32 per hour as return renter.  She made a plea for ballet lessons, theater lessons, and mini & me sessions to begin in February and run into early May that do benefit island children.  The Board said they would consider her request and get back to her before November 1st.

Approval of the September Minutes:  Hal Goodell made the motion which was seconded by Wes King.  A vote was initiated by Arlyn Lawrence, vote taken.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report (Hal Goodell):

     Trust Checking Beginning Balance:                   $ 36,103.66

                Checks & Payments:                                          13,330.21

                Deposits & Credits:                                             14,616.80

                Cleared Balance:                                               $ 37,390.25

     Trust Savings Beginning Balance:                        $       674.31

                Deposits & Credits:                                                      44.30

                Cleared Balance:                                               $        718.61

     Trust PayPal Beginning Balance:                           $     8,981.55

                Checks & Payments:                                               3,001.95

                Deposits & Credits:                                              1,825.00

                Cleared Balance:                                               $      7,804.60

     Trust Capital Checking Beginning Balance:       $      7,147.01

                Checks & Payments:                                               3,546.68

                Deposits & Credits:                                                      0.00

                Cleared Balance:                                               $      3,600.33

     Trust Reserve Checking Beginning Balance:     $          187.92

               No checks/payments/deposits:                                  0.00

                Cleared Balance:                                               $           187.92

     Trust Money Market Beginning Balance:          $   314,420.92

                Checks & Payments:                                                        66.75

                Deposits & Credits:                                                          157.20

                Cleared Balance:                                               $    314,511.37

      Trust General Money Market Beg. Bal.             $    178,086.84                   *($100,000 Restricted)

                Checks & Payments:                                                            0.00

                Deposits & Credits:                                                             90.45

                Cleared Balance:                                               $    178,177.29

     Trust Capital Money Market Beg. Bal.                $      31,911.97                   *(Restricted funds)

                Checks & Payments:                                                           0.00

                Deposits & Credits:                                                                0.00

                Cleared Balance:                                               $       31,911.97

     Trust Reserve Money Market Beg. Bal                $       42,802.47                                *(Restricted Funds)

               Checks & Payments:                                                              0.00

                Deposits & Credits:                                                                 0.00

                Cleared Balance:                                                $         42,802.47

     Trust Community Events Beg. Balance:              $                   0.00               *(Restricted Funds)

                Checks & Payments:                                                               0.00

                Deposits & Credits:                                          $         20,000.00               FICRA Equity 1st Transfer

                Cleared Balance:                                               $         20,000.00

     Trust Emergency Preparedness Beg Bal:           $         21,591.59               *(Restricted Funds)

                Checks & Payments:                                                             0.00

                Deposits & Credits:                                                                  0.00

                Cleared Balance:                                               $         21,591.59

     Trust Citizens’ Patrol Beginning Balance            $         20,028.05               *(Restricted Funds)

                Checks & Payments:                                                               0.00

                Deposits & Credits                                                                0.00

                Cleared Balance:                                               $        20,028.05

     Trust Money Market Other Beg. Balance:          $                  0.00

                Checks & Payments:                                                             90.45               *Sept Int.

                Deposits & Credits:                                                               90.45

                Cleared Balance:                                               $                    0.00

Sum of Sub MM:

                Trust General MM                                                                                          $         178,086.84

Trust Capital MM                                                                                                           31,911.97

Trust Reserve MM           `                                                                                               42,802.47

Trust Community Events MM                                                                                     20,000.00

Trust Emergency Prep MM                                                                                          21,591.59

Trust Citizens Patrol MM                                                                                              20,028.05

Total of Sub MM                                                                                              $          314,511.37

FICRA Checking Beginning Balance:                                                                          $            30,867.91

                Cleared Balance:                                                                                               $            30,867.91

FICRA Savings Beginning Balance:                                                                              $                    25.00

                Cleared Balance:                                                                                               $                    25.00

FICRA MM Beginning Balance:                                                                                    $             11,188.13

                Deposits & Credits:                                                                                                                      2.76

                Cleared Balance:                                                                                               $              11,190.89

Current Membership is 308, expired membership 2021/22 is 199 as of 10/12/2022.

Standing Committee Reports

                FICRA Events:  October (Trunk or Treat) & FI Trivia Hosted by Daryl & Charlie Houmes

                                             November (Karaoke): First Friday of the Month: Karen Fritze to host

                                             December (Santa Run – December 3rd): Wes & Angela King to host –

                                             December (Santa Run – December 3rd):  Need flaggers to support the runners

                                                                    Will invite those that worked last year as a beginning

                                                              Signups by Nov. 1st for t-shirts on Signup Genius          

                                                                    (Tree Lighting – December 4th): Tree decorating and lighting

                 Arranged by Josh Noorlander ~ $300

                Six more strings of lights Needed – C7 Outdoor

                                                                  (Wicklines Concert – December 4th): 4:00-5:15 ~ $1,000 

                                                                    (Caroling): 5:15-6:00 led by Cheryl Pense outdoors by firepit

    (Santa):  6:00-8:00 – Already arranged – Charles Howard – $500

    Harbor Square Church to decorate again this year

     *Still need refreshments, cups, etc.

                Finance Committee:  No updates

                Building & Grounds (Jim Braden):  The sports field irrigation and the NCC air conditioning are not practical objectives currently.  We also have not yet found an alternate firm that will restore the front doors.  We have the same problem getting bids on engraved tiles.  We are planning on doing a week kill on the sports field right away followed by an over-seed effort in the Spring.  The garage North side space was vacated and now is ready for a rental.  We are double-checking with our insurance company to provide coverage. 

                Nature Center (Jim Braden):  Ed Burrough (chairman) – the committee continues to distribute the load of wood chips that was donated to us.  These are carried into the nature center via buckets and wheelbarrows and then laid down over one-half miles of trails.  This helps control the under-foot plant growth.  Anyone willing to assist should call Ed at 503.593.2997 or join them at their monthly work party.

                Citizens’ Patrol (Jim Braden): We have had zero problems with crime on Fox Island.  We have been asked by the Sheriff’s Deputies to raise our rate of pay to become more in line with what they get paid for other such assignments.  Arlyn made a motion to raise the rate of pay for our Deputy patrols from $60/hr to $85 per/hr.  Wes seconded the motion.  A vote was taken, and motion carried effective October 1, 2022.  The Citizens’ Patrol is still working on a recommendation for the Board for sending to our insurance broker to ensure coverage for the folks involved in the new Emergency Patrol procedures.  When ready, they will send it to the Board for consideration.

                Emergency Preparedness (EP) (Jim Braden):  Jane Tollett who is already active in the FI Amateur Radio Club and Neighborhood Coordinator is taking the lead with the Neighborhood Block Coordinator (BC) program.  The paper EP newsletter that went out to all FI residents had little effect.  So, we are having meetings of the Block Coordinators and Area Coordinator, the first of which is scheduled for October 18th, to revitalize the BC program and add the objective of getting support to residents who do not have a Block Coordinator.

                Fox Island Amateur Radio Club – FIARC – (Jim Braden):  The repeater is in service and is being used regularly on the Sunday radio nets.  Some new communication processes continue to be evaluated as alternative and supplemental methods of communication for our Emergency Response.

New Business:  Is there a need for a designated social media person?  Cheryl Nelson, Lindsey Jensen and Candy Wawro do the posting now.  No extra person needed at this time.  Hal Goodell will send the current membership and volunteer listing to Candy to double check the list we have been using.  Also, there was much discussion about moving the date for our Party With A Purpose from late January 2023 to early March as the holidays are such busy times for our volunteers.  Hal will check with the auctioneer to see what dates he has available.  Hence, we can keep the same these of Paris with a slight tweak to “Springtime in Paris” to accommodate the March date.

Unfinished Business: 

                Update on finalizing insurance coverage – No new information.  Waiting on our agent as our previous agent retired.

                Recruiting drive to increase volunteer base for events – Hal to send Arlyn and Candy the volunteer lists.  They will contact individuals via phone and email to enlist help with the Party With A Purpose and other activities as needed.

                NCC Lawn Weed Treatments:  Underway (see above)

                Update on Planning for Party With a Purpose:  Underway (see above)

                Update on Trunk or Treat:  Underway (see above)

Meeting Adjourned:  8:25 pm