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Trust Board Meeting Minutes 07-21-2022

FICRA Building Trust Board Meeting Minutes 
Thursday, July 21, 2022, 7:00PM 
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington 

2022-2023 Revised FICRA Trust Board
Arlyn LawrencePresident
Wes KingVice President
Candy WawroSecretary
Hal GoodellTreasurer
Craig McLaughlinDirector
Matt DejardinsAdvisor
Lindsey JensenAdvisor


Attendees:  Wes King (Vice President), Hal Goodell (Treasurer), Candy Wawro (Secretary), Matt Desjardins (Advisor).  Excused were Arlyn Lawrence (President), Lindsey Jensen (Advisor) and Craig McLaughlin (Director).

Public Comment(s): None

Approval of Minutes:  Wes made a motion to approve the minutes and Matt seconded.

Treasurer’s Report: 

Trust Checking:

Beginning Balance:          $35,706.49

Checks & Payments:       (12,674.40)

Deposits:                                6,913.68

Cleared Balance                $29,945.77

Trust Savings:

                Beginning Balance:          $      674.22

                Deposits:                                             .03

                Cleared Balance:               $       674.25

PayPal Account:

                Beginning Balance:          $    3,492.26 (Closeout of FICRA)

                Total Income:                              295.00

                Fees:                                                (14.06)

                Cleared Balance:               $     3,773.20

Trust Capital Checking (Reserved Funds)

                Beginning Balance           $      7,147.01

                Ending Balance                 $      7,147.01

Trust Reserve Checking (Restricted Funds)

                Beginning Balance:          $          319.98

                Checks & Payments:                   (250.01) (Interior Wall Painting)

                Deposits & Credits:                        250.01

                Cleared Balance :               $              319.98

Trust Money Market (General, Capital, Reserve, EP, and CP)

                Beginning Balance:          $     294,476.85

                Checks & Payments:                     (312.47)

                Deposits:                                       20,123.06

                Cleared Balance :               $      314,287.44

Trust General Money Market (QB Money Market Fund – $100,000 Restricted)

                Beginning Balance:          $      177,892.76

                Deposits & Credits:                            60.60 (June Interest)

                Cleared Balance :               $       177,953.36

Trust Capital Money Market (QB Money Market Restricted)

                Beginning Balance:          $          31,911.97

                Cleared Balance :               $          31,911.97

Trust Reserve Money Market (QB Money Market Restricted)

                Beginning Balance:          $           43,052.48

                Checks & Payments:       $                (250.01) (Interior Wall Painting)

                Cleared Balance:               $            42,802.47

Trust Community Events/Activities Money Market

                Beginning Balance:          $                      0.00

                Deposits & Credits:                        20,000.00 (FICRA Equity 1st Transfer to Trust)

                Cleared Balance:               $             20,000.00

Trust Emergency Prep. Restricted Money Market

                Beginning Balance:          $             21,591.59

                Cleared Balance:               $              21,591.59

Trust Citizens’ Patrol Restricted Money Market

                Beginning Balance:          $             20,028.05

                Cleared Balance :               $             20,028.05

Trust Money Market – Other

                Beginning Balance:          $                        0.00

                Checks & Payments:                              60.60 (June Interest)

Sum of QB Money Markets:        $          314,287.44

FICRA Checking Account

Beginning Balance:          $            28,711.53

Credits & Payments                             (50.00)

Deposits & Credits                            2,205.78

Cleared Balance                $              30,867.31

FICRA Savings Account

                Beginning Balance:          $                      25.00

                Cleared Balance:               $                      25.00

FICRA Money Market

                Beginning Balance:          $               31,181.52

                Checks & Payments:                       (20,000.00) (Initial Transfer to Trust)

                Deposits & Credits:                                       3.76

                Cleared Balance:               $                11,185.28


                Beginning Balance:          $                   1,950.85

                Checks & Payments:                            (2,080.78)

                Cleared Balance:               $                     (129.93)

Current Membership for 2021-2022:  414

Standing Committee Reports:

                FICRA:  Shy Boys Concert was a big success.  Approximately 150 people attended.  Viewer comments were all positive.  Next up is a Jazz concert by the Harbor Five.  Most of the members are Fox Island students.  All donations go to the group.  It is not a FICRA function, just a FICRA support.

                Finance Committee:  No updates

                Building & Grounds (Jim Braden):  The west wall windows are scheduled for minor paint touchup on the outside by Chosen Wood Windows on Monday, August 15th.  We received a new estimate from Pacific Landscape for irrigation of the NCC building gardens and the Sports Field which went from $20K to $42K.  Two more A/C contractors have submitted bids.  Those numbers also have jumped significantly.  We are reconsidering whether that is a practical objective for the Auditorium.  We have one bid on restoring the front door which also seems high.  We have not yet found an alternate firm that does that kind of work.  We are also getting more bids on engraved tiles.  These are interesting times.  Every business we talk to has the same lament: they cannot find help willing to work.

                Nature Center (Jim Braden):  Work parties are active keeping invasive plants under control.  The committee is working with Candy on getting some advertising out inviting folks to visit the Nature Center.

                Citizens’ Patrol (Jim Braden):  As a part of the absorption of FICRA into the Trust, the Citizens’ Patrol will have a recommendation for the Board to approve for sending to our insurance broker to ensure coverage for the folks involved in the new Emergency Patrol procedures.  We will send that to the Board for consideration when it is ready.  The incorporation of FICRA into the Trust will impact the insurance (lesser cost with one organization versus two) and the Citizens’ Patrol risk can be addressed again with that.  The hiring of Sheriff Deputy for select extra patrols is still above normal for us.  We’ve had basically zero problems with crime on Fox Island but areas ‘across the bridge’ are not so fortunate with the current state of law enforcement.  The Citizens’ Patrol July is Crimewatch/Emergency Preparedness Month flyer will be sent out this week.

                Emergency Preparedness (Jim Braden):  We have yet to verify the Cascadia Rising II event timing proposed for Fall 2022.  The paper newsletter to all Fox Island residents with a focus on informing those who do not yet have a Block Coordinator of what they should be doing to prepare for and execute emergency response is in the post office and due to go out this week.

                Fox Island Amateur Radio Club (Jim Braden):  The repeater is in service and is being used regularly on the Sunday radio nets.  Some new communication processes continue to be evaluated as alternative and supplemental methods of communication for our Emergency Response.

                Miscellaneous:  The new resident welcome packet will be again updated with the eventual absorption of FICRA into the Trust.  Our website will, also, have to be updated after the approval of the new bylaws.  A copy of the Project Test Form will be handed out to Board members tonight as we look toward the future.  A copy of the payment voucher will also be handed out to Board members tonight.  Lastly, scouting is struggling locally and nationally to find leaders.  If you know of anyone interested, let Jim Braden know.

New Business:

                Playground (Candy Wawro):  We had two salesmen look at our current structures and make recommendations.  One was from Northwest Playground and the other was Cascade Recreation (the initial installer and purchaser).  Northwest Playground gave us three proposals at $110,350.08 (freight was approximately $11K and installation at $42K), adding a few small pieces at $64,639.19 (freight was approximately 11k and installation at $14,750) and the third for $220,873.93 (freight was $14,150 and installation at $59,500).  Cascade Recreation recommended two additional pieces of equipment (keeping all the rest) for a total of $44,369.65 (freight was $4,233 and did not include installation). Lead time for received new pieces could take up to six months.  Hence, recommendation is to fill the sandbox with real sand, increase the base with shredded wood fiber to 6 inches (up to the curb enclosing the playground), and touchup paint where needed.  Item tabled until all Board members are present to weigh in on any decision.

                Amendments and By-law process related to dissolving FICRA:  Jim Braden, Hal Goodell, and Joan to work on updates to our current by-laws.  Work is currently in progress.

Unfinished Business:

                Ficra Fair:  Vendor applications continue to come in.  The entertainment lineup is complete.

Adjourned:  8:20 pm