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FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 01-13-2022

Fox Island Community & Recreation Association 
Board Meeting Minutes 
Thursday, January 13, 2022 7:00PM 
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington 

2021-2022 FICRA Board of Directors
Lindsey JensenPresident
VacantVice President
Candy WawroSecretary
Hal GoodellTreasurer
Aileen JonesDirector
Wes KingDirector
Miguel MartinezImmediate Past President

JANUARY 13, 2022
BOARD ATTENDEES: Hal Goodell, Miguel Martinez, Wes King, Aileen Jones, Lindsey Jensen, Candy
DECEMBER MINUTES APPROVED: Aileen motioned to approve, Miguel 2nd
Lance Powers has resigned as FICRA Board President as of December 31st. Lindsey Jensen will chair the
board until elections. Elections for board office is held in March. Miguel Martinez (past president) will
aid as needed.
Checking: $35,657.29
Savings: $25.00
Money Market: $31,162,18
PayPal: $210.86
Current Assets: $66,208.65
Profit from Santa Run: $2,800 includes one-time purchases
Current membership is 346 (typical number)
UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Rebranding meeting postponed until February meeting with the Trust Board
COMMITTEE REPORTS: Both the Christmas Tree Lighting and the Santa Fun Run were a success. The
length of the Christmas Tree Lighting was a little too long as attendance dwindled at the 2hour mark.
Suggested to hire the same Santa next year. Special thank you to all our volunteers that made these
events run so smoothly. Thank you cards to be sent to all our sponsors including the Chapel and the
Alliance Church. Thank you and gift cards from Greenwood Coffee (locally owned) to be sent to our
Flaggers, Lucy & Gary Adioos (hall decorating and Christmas treats), musicians for both events, and Fun
Run coordinators. Wes will supply a list of supporters and flaggers. Candy mentioned that next time we
need to have EMTs present. Wes informed that although they were present, we need to make the
station more visible. A suggestion was made by Sherriff deputies present to not include pets next time
as they provide a safety hazard to attendees and runners. Coffee and donut truck owners were pleased
with their proceeds and will be available at our next run. Aileen suggested that a Saturday versus a
Sunday would be more opportunistic due to islander church attendance and availability of Alliance
Church parking lot.
Upcoming Events Calendar: FICRA Fridays held the 2nd Friday of the month to give Islanders’
A. February 11th – Ties and Tiaras Dance for youth with parent/significant adult. Will need to
get a DJ for music. Perhaps a valentine theme. Tiaras to be boughtfor females.
B. March 11th – Irish Theme. Perhaps an adult paint and sip with Green Beer and/or Green
C. April 16th (Saturday) – Suggested to not hold on Friday the 15th due to religious observance.
Pre-filled eggsto be bought. Approximate cost $630. Suggestion was made by Candy to slow
the older kids down with just a specific color. Golden eggs have a special prize as in years
COMMUNICATIONS: FICRA Flash and social media to advertise upcoming events. Suggestion by Candy
to go back to Constant Contact versus MailChimp as a Flash medium. MailChimp does not allow us to
upload a PDF file and supplieslittle opportunity to design professional looking template. MailChimp
does have added templates for a price equivalent to Constant Contact but still does not afford us the
possibility of a PDF to be uploaded. Candy to switch over email addresses prior to the next Flash. Cost is
approximately $400 yearly.
MEMBERSHIP/VOLUNTEER STANDARDS: Lindsey suggested that we develop standards to have more
volunteers on our committees other than just Board members. That can be attained by individually
reaching out to individuals we know or show an interest.
NEW BUSINESS: Teen advisory committee needed. This is difficult to achieve as teens during the school
year are excessively busy with school, sports, etc. Candy suggested a possible summer arts program.
Item tabled until nextmonth.
Question raised on timeline for Wifi. Xfinity contacted months ago with no installment date. Will ask the
Trust for guidance in February.
Next meeting scheduled for February 10, 2021.
Meeting adjourned: 8:25 pm