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FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 07-08-2021

Fox Island Community & Recreation Association 
Board Meeting Minutes 
Thursday, July 8, 2021 7:00PM 
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington 

2021-2022 FICRA Board of Directors
Lance PowersPresident
Lindsey JensenVice President
Candy WawroSecretary
Hal GoodellTreasurer
Aileen JonesDirector
Wes KingDirector
Miguel MartinezImmediate Past President

Board Attendees:  Lance Powers, Hal Goodell, Candy Wawro, Weston King, Aileen Jones, and Lindsey Jensen.  Miguel Martinez excused.

Meeting called to order at 7:02 pm.  Aileen made a motion to approve the June minutes.  A second was made by Wes.

President’s Report:  Lance reports that he is pleased with his team for the recent accomplishments, including ice cream social and the baseball field improvements. He reminds us that “The FICRA mission is to Connect, Create, Engage, and Thrive as a community” and he feels that what has been done so far is in keeping with this mission.

Public Comments:  None

Treasurer’s Report:

Checking: Jun 1: $37,324.16 Jun 30: Cleared Balance: $36,855.83

Savings: Jun 1: $25 Jun 30: Cleared Balance: $25

Money Market: Jun 1: $31,059.81 Jun 30: Cleared Balance: $31,063.64

Pay Pal: Jun 1: $841.41 Jun 30: Balance: $889.35

Membership:  358, with 151 Expired

Unfinished Business:  Wifi costs (installation and on-going monthly fees) will be shared with the FICRA Trust.  Installation is $150 but is returned with a gift card.  One hundred mg service is $130 monthly and 200 mg service is $165 per month.  Aileen made a motion to approve the shared costs and that was seconded by Wes.

Committee Reports

Heidi Alessi set an online registration for volunteer activities.  We need further communication from Heidi who those volunteers are and how to contact them.  Hal remarked that we also have a list of those that indicated such when they paid their membership dues so we need to merge the two lists into one. 

The ice cream social event is underway.  It is scheduled for July 9th from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.  Ice cream truck is scheduled to handle pre-packaged treats.  Cost of ice cream truck is approximately $650.  Bounce House is also scheduled and sponsored by Foursquare Church.  Hal will volunteer to take membership dues.  Water will also be available.   Lindsey would like to do a “FICRA FRIDAY” monthly.  Candy remarked that we should stick to a certain Friday of the month to make it easier for busy families. 

Baseball field is moving toward completion.  Fencing is ordered but installation date is not fully set by the installer.  The hope is to have a full installation by the FICRA fair in August but that depends on the installers’ availability.  The irrigation system is also delayed due to installer backlog.  There is a need to acknowledge those that volunteered their time and services to the project.

FICRA Fair:  Gina Olsen does the clothing orders and manages the sales.  We need volunteers to man the membership booth and enlisting help with setup.  Vendors will be down due to late start in planning and the previous COVID restrictions.  Musicians are scheduled.  Hal is the FICRA chair and needs to provide a list of needed duties.  Lance proposed we set up a “kid zone” and offered carnival games used by Foursquare Church in the past.  Lindsey proposed that we again utilize a bounce house or two in the kid zone.  Another meeting is needed to get a full grasp on all that needs to be completed prior to the August 14th date.

New Business:  Aileen contacted Murray’s to inquire about costs for garbage collection.  There was much discussion about getting garbage collection during the summer months or possibly getting a dumpster with a lock.  Discussion ensued that in the past, the dumpster was used by islanders to rid themselves of extra waste and even if it were locked, extra garbage would accumulate outside the dumpster inviting rodents and litter.  Item was tabled.

Wes would like to volunteer to find a permanent place for the scout bench that has been uprooted.  Gina discussed a possible new location in the shade (north side) by the playground.

Motion made by Aileen and seconded by Wes… Meeting was adjourned at 8:04.