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FICRA Board Meeting Agenda 6/10/2021

Thursday, June 10, 2021 7:00PM
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington

2021-2022 FICRA Board of Directors
Lance PowersPresident
Lindsey JensenVice President
Candy WawroSecretary
Hal GoodellTreasurer
Aileen JonesDirector
Wes KingDirector
Miguel MartinezImmediate Past President
  1. Call to order and approval of absences: Lindsey Jensen
  2. Approval of May 13, 2021 FICRA Board Meeting Minutes
  3. President’s Report
    1. The FICRA Mission is to Connect, Create, Engage and Thrive as a community on Fox Island!
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Unfinished Business
  6. Committee Reports
    1. Social Activities
      1. FICRA Christmas event is FICRA Board not Trust
      1. FICRA Fair event is Trust not FICRA Board, however we contribute to this in terms of support
      1. Update on ballfield. – Wes K.
      1. Update on video/audio equipment. – Lance/Lindsey
      1. First 2021 coming out/connect event going to be, tentative date was July 9
      1. FICRA sponsored groups.
      1. Planning Calendar
    1. Communications
    1. Membership/Volunteer
      1. Create a more efficient way of onboarding and maintaining volunteers. Spreadsheets are very manual and require a lot of time. – Heidi A.
  7. New Business
  8. Meeting Adjournment (Next meeting scheduled for Thursday, April 9, 2020)


These are items that will be approved as a package unless a Board member or person from the audience requests an item be removed and discussed in detail individually.  The President will ask for any such requests ahead of the approval.  The Board discusses what it considers to be non-controversial issues between meetings and then conducts a vote on these in the regular meeting as a package to keep the regular meetings as time-effective as possible.

  1. No Items