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FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 5-13-21


May 13, 2021

Board Attendees: Miguel Martinez, Lindsey Jensen, Wes King and Aileen Jones in attendance

Meeting Called to order at 7:05 pm

Approved absences: Lance Powers, Candy Wawro and Hal Goodell

No previous meeting minutes to approve as it was joint meeting with FICRA TRUST.

Public Comments: No public present

Miguel thanks everyone for attending this evening.

President’s Report: Miguel had no formal presidents report, acting as stand in for Lance Powers.

Treasurer’s Report: Miguel spoke in Hal’s place giving a brief update to the budget and explaining process for requesting funds for events/activities.

BANK BALANCES: Miguel reports

Checking: April 30: $17,289.46 Cleared Balance: $17,490.47

Money Market: April 30: $31,052.02 Cleared Balance: $31,055.85

Pay Pal: April 30 $481.24 Ending Balance: $697.28

Current Membership: 353

Unfinished Business: Lindsey agreed to contact Gig Harbor Audio to get a quote on the outdoor movie theater setup. Cost for the professional quote and recommendations is $159.

Committee Reports:  Miguel went over proper meeting formats and Roberts Rules. Heidi Alessi has agreed to be the Volunteer Coordinator. Hal will need to get together with her via email to provide the updated list of volunteers.

Social Activities: Wes showed a presentation on his goal for the baseball field. He provided 2 quotes from fence installers. One is much lower and partly because they have several employees that live on the island. He said he has the tractor to put in the dirt for the infield. Miguel mentioned other island residents that might want to help with this project as well.

Lindsey discussed the outdoor family movie nights as a “opening up” of FICRA activities. We talked about what marketing tools we have at our disposal and found that color postcards have been effective for other organizations to attract new people to their events. It was decided that would be one of the forms of reaching residents. Also, we will build a social media campaign promoting the movie nights. We will need WIFI and since this was preliminarily approved both with FICRA and TRUST in 2020 we want to move forward with that asap. We can split those costs with the TRUST. Miguel will provide Aileen and Lindsey the contact information for Swank Motion Pictures for movie licensing.

It was decided that Movie Night would be the #1 event and that kid’s sports program would be the #2 event for 2021 as we open up according to State and Local guidelines. It is much easier to manage outdoor events than indoor ones.

Membership: Current paid membership is 353, expired membership is 286

New Business: Motion made by Lindsey to “use the funds, from the Julie Sorensen donation dedicated to FICRA events and activities in the amount of $20,000, to purchase the outdoor theater equipment and pay for the upgrades to the community ball field”. Motion 2nd by Aileen Jones, all in favor none opposed. This needs to be communicated to TRUST board to ask if they have any concerns about the fence that should be addressed.

Motion made by Lindsey to “split the cost of WIFI at the NCC with the FICRA TRUST for installation as well as monthly”. Motion 2nd by Wes, all in favor none opposed.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:20 pm

Next Meeting is June10, 2021

Respectfully submitted (by Miguel Martinez) for Secretary Candy Wawro