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May 11, 2017


Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Gina Olson, Ray Kittelberger and Mimi Miller.


Meeting opened by Jim Braden at 7:04 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance

Volunteers asked to sign in for the record.


Jay Matson, the Representative for the Boy Scouts of America is here to present a Charter to Ficra/Ficra Trust.  We have sponsored a Pack, Troop and a Crew for many years. He thanks us for continuing to give support, in their goal of supporting youth to become good citizens.  Each unit has in turn contributed projects to the NCC.  He hopes someday one of those youth become involved in something like FICRA or other community volunteer organizations. Jim has accepted the Charter, and a photo has been taken to recognize the moment.


Minutes:  The April, 2016 meeting minutes approved.


President’s report: Jim Braden

Jim opens with a discussion regarding the FICRA Facebook page.  Goal is to increase FI residents utilization of this site so it will be the place go to for our publishing current information.  What has happened in the past, is the Facebook page ran by John Ohlson has been serving this purpose.  Currently “news” of Fox Island is posted on Ficra FB Page and shared with the FI News website. We are looking for ways to further advertise our site.  Lisa reports that many of the Shares to FI News, will then lead persons to return “visits” to our site, as can be seen by many “Likes.” Lisa explains that our page has 2 sections: there is an area that administrators can post, a side that visitors can post, and she can share.  Mimi reports that she (for example) does not utilize FB and many of her friends do not either.  Lisa explains that the website is rather static information, forms, minutes, scheduled events.  eFlash/Ficra News comes in an email.  FB page is a more current reporting of news or updates, etc. No other ideas at this time for broadcasting our news and activity schedule (other than possibly new bridge sign).


A new policy has been written for board communication. This includes board members, officers and team leaders or committee representatives within Ficra and the Trust.  Howard and Jim have been working on this together. It will be voted on at the next meeting. The board needs to approve things that are printed or posted with the Ficra name on it and this policy addresses several aspects of this and also lists exceptions.


Jim reports Rob Manihan, School Dist Supervisor 401 would like to attend a meeting with Fox Island residents focused on parents of school age children.   Jim has tentatively scheduled a meeting, likely in September hosed by the Trust.   Ray would like to have Kathy Weymiller accompany him, as there is concern about Bella Bella Dr bus stop.


Lisa has reached out to the Chapel, Museum, and Fox Island UCC regarding correlating all the Island events for the year.  Lisa is making a universal Google calendar, with different organizations shown in different colors.  She still needs a contact person with FIAC and another with the Yacht club. Jim will provide the Alliance Church contact.


Jim says that phone book creation is a difficult task.  There are 1300 listings.  48 pages.  28 lists per page. Some long time residents names are missing.  Jim would like to have volunteers to call and verify each person, and confirm information.  Jim reports 3 out of 5 numbers are no longer valid.  He wants to clean it up. Howard suggests that other than this, there is no way to make sure the information will continue to be valid. Two years ago there was a merger of last 5 years, and the list of residents from the museum which trimmed down to more accurately reflect current residents.  There are many suggestions for making it more current.  Mimi will share new member info for contact regarding what information they want in the FI phone book update. Lisa suggests Bob Bowser ask his block captains – Jim has been pursuing this.


Consent Calendar Items: Jean is approved to get estimates on the shades. Motioned by Miller and seconded by Moore. Unanimously approved. 


Treasurers Report: Mimi Miller. Hal and Mimi will be meeting next week to move some $ to the Checking account.


Trust Capital Checking:  Apr 1 Balance: $19,731.77      Apr 30  Balance: $19,731.77

Trust Reserve Checking: Apr 1 Balance: $20,480.17 Apr 30 Balance: $20,480.17

Trust Checking account: Apr 1 Balance: $33,975.68   Mar 31 Balance:$32,517.75

Money Market: Apr 1 Balance: $1,911.28       Apr 30 Balance: $1,911.28

Trust PayPal: Apr 1 Balance: $4,272.56 Apr 30 End Balance $4,907.67

Trust Savings: Apr 1 Balance: $86.81 Apr 30 End Balance $86.81

FICRA TRUST Budget (see posted document): Approved by the board unanimously.

Balances to be posted are now going to be the “cleared balance” to keep the numbers at the close of the previous months to be the same as the begging of the next month


Committee Reports: 

Citizen Patrol: Stan Weston, excused.  Mike Gordon reports no serious crime in the last month.  There are some issues happening, mail theft, and most concerning the bonfire parties that are happening at the boat launch.  There is concern because of speeding, drinks being thrown at cars, and the flag sign was vandalized.  Officer Joe McDonald is working with CP to help keep FI residents safe, and this issues.  Home checks 38 cases, and 744 home check days.  This is projecting to double from last year.  Mike is most grateful for the awareness of Ficra, and CP visibility, indirectly or directly lowering crime.

Emergency Planning: Ray Kittelberger. On May 2nd a FIEP Planning and FI Bridge Update meeting was held. 140-150 persons attended.  Ray was most impressed with display tables, communication devices, food prep displays, chain saws, generators and med supplies.  Loa Anderson who is a certified instructor and educator for the County and expert on food preservation was there.  Gina Olson had many new medical volunteers sign up.  New volunteers signed up to be block captains.  Jim adds that the PC Bridge engineers had little substantial new information, but re-educated residents on the TSL (type size and location) study.  They had info regarding what properties would be affected. Discussion of alternatives, and a discussion regarding all the ways that a bridge of this expense might be funded.  A new bridge is the least expensive long term, but there is no final proposal, therefore financing is still the most difficult obstacle.  There are no expectations that the bridge will be built any sooner than 10-15 yrs from now. The Maritime survey results indicate that the current height of the bridge will stay at 32 feet. Lisa will post information to FB on this event if Jim supplies it to her. There is no expectation to hear about $ from Olympia until June.  Fuel reserve at the store contract is working – Jim with Andrew.

Building Committee: Jean Peterson. Working on obtaining shades for the front windows.  She has obtained a bid from Terri Alexander for $1845.00 for shades, tax and installation. She will be happy to obtain more bids.  This person she is working with was the lowest bid on previous purchase of shades for the back windows. The Board requested Jean get bids and present her recommendation to the Board for purchase (consent calendar item for June meeting).

Nature Center: Ed Burrough.  Everything is fine and growing like crazy. All the trees planted are looking good.  They expected 50% to grow, but at this time, all of them are growing.  They continue to work digging up blackberry, and removing them.  The county was planning to change status from Agricultural rating to R10,  but this has been dropped. He proposes that the Nature Center committee go to the county and propose the parcel be changed from permanent park status.  Phil Craven is in pursuit of this goal.

Audit Committee: No report. Tony to contact Joan, and they have plans to meet.

Nominating Committee:  No report

Finance Committee: Jim Braden. No meetings held.


Special Committee: 

Plant Sale: Last Saturday was a success again, but a little less than last year. Approximately$5500 was raised.

Photography exhibit: Lisa has been in contact with Ficra Scholarship winner who is planning to host a photo exhibit.


Unfinished Business:  

Capital Projects: Electrical permit in hand for garage.  A wall has been erected between each bay.  These will increase rental rate and be a great revenue source for the Trust.  Developing Sports Field plans. Bill Peregrin, walked the field with Jim, Jean Peterson and John Reese about making improvements. He has some great suggestions. Jim would like to know if the Board is aligned with the objective: level (smooth) the field, make it more useable, and safe. Survey had walking path the most popular feature on the survey.  The grass needs to be healthy, and drain well. Lastly, multi-use (soccer, baseball, walking) and may be a basketball court. Cost is projected at $50, 000 plus.  Jim wants to be sure that everyone is in consensus about this. Jean reports A master plan would be useful, and health of grass surface should be evaluated by boring/sampling. Jim volunteered to make a plan drawing with measurements, get soil sampling, and additional professional input.

Planning Calendar: Howard and Lisa continue to contribute big ideas and changes to our benefit.

NCC Siding: Jim is working with a paint company, and looking forward to summer for actual painting. Repair work to be done ahead of painting.

Welcome packet at Post office for them to hand out to new residents.  All contents placed inside a bag designed by Howard, with phone book, inserts for chapel, museum, and FICRA info, membership, etc.


New Business:

Letterheads for correspondence are needed.  Jim reports 2 possibilities, Island Living pic or another picture of facility (his preference).  He suggests a consistent image usable for all of our correspondence. Howard suggests a logo/brand image that can be remembered, and it can be altered a little if needed over time, but should stay consistent.  He suggests a high resolution picture that can be imaged larger or small with same quality: Vector Art, which is scalable. Lisa to take a photo and make it a charcoal. FICRA is the “core text piece.”

Mike Gordon has a CP logo for Citizen Patrol (previously called Crime Watch).  This will be reviewed by the Board for memorializing and possible copyright (or equivalent).

Rental advertising

Howard asks that the Trust Adapts the Capitalization Policy to $500 as reasonable.  The board made a motion, seconded and approved this Capitalization Policy. The new card readers are to be used by FICRA mostly.


Next meeting is on June 8, 2016


Meeting Adjourned at 8:48 PM.


Respectfully Submitted by Gina Olson,  Ficra Trust Secretary