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FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 1-8-2015


January 8, 2015

Board Attendees: Uwe Krohn, Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Hal Goodell, Gina Olson, Howard Stapleton and Bob Bowser excused.

Uwe Krohn opened the meeting at 7:07 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minutes from the December 11, 2014 meeting approved.

President’s Report:  Uwe Krohn. There are many positive strides from last year. There are many exciting things planned for the new year.  Crime watch continues to be a focus and vehicular speeding issues.  The holidays gave Uwe and his wife many opportunities to make more acquaintance with residents of FI.  One issue Uwe thinks should be addressed is that “thank you” letters should be mailed promptly to all persons who make a donation. Post cards use for this in the past are needed.  Lisa suggested a thank you could be added the eFlash or website, with name, or without name, without dollar amount to show appreciation. Hal states 200 per year are the numbers, and mailing would protect donators privacy. To Crime Watch donators, Mike Gordon would be willing to give a thank you message/call.  Howard, Gisela, Hal and Lisa to get together and work out details.

Consent Calendar: No items.

Treasure’s Report: Hal Goodell


FICRA  12-01 Checkbook: Bal: $20,967.16  12-31 Balance:$21,358.07

Money Market  12-01 Balance: $18,591.76 12-31 Balance: $8,593.34

PayPal Balance: 12-01 $1,473.34 12-31 Balance: $115.32 (Monies transferred to Trust CW, Rental and FICRA dues)

Membership is up to 319.  139 from last year not renewed as of yet. A reminder letter to be mailed. Of 108 emails, there were 50 replies to pay dues.

Committee Reports: 

Social Activities: Jean Peterson reports Marti Gras planning is going well with a lot of new people with great ideas. John Jolibois to provide the food.  There is renewed interest to having a monthly lecture hour. Amy Wilkerson wants to host a program on Scotland.  Casper Baby Pants Concert to be held in Feb 28th, and there is some suggestion to advertise this in eFlash and the Gateway. Fliers for local businesses. Lisa Grey contact. Magical Strings in March. Cravens are contact.

Membership Committee: Bob Bowser, excused. Uwe reports that the FI deli market has drawn a couple of memberships.

Publicity: Jim Braden reports that Lisa Stapleton continues to improve the communication processes with Howard Stapleton continuing to improve the web site, too.

Unfinished Business: None.

New Business: Geisel and Hal to confirm that taxes reported from sales have been sent out if necessary.

Page Ketchum is planning a senior project to commemorate Tanglewood Island.  She has approached Lynn Goodwin and it was suggested a plague could be made and posted in the NCC.  She plans to contact FICRA, and service hours are needed. Jean to contact her.

Audit Committee: Geisel, Tony and Hal to meet and report in March.

Motion approved to Adjourn at 8:06 PM.

Next Meeting is February 12, 2015.  

Respectfully submitted Gina Olson, Secretary