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FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 9-11-2014


Board Attendees: Uwe Krohn, Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Gina Olson, Hal Goodell and Howard Stapleton.   Bob Bowser, excused.

Uwe Krohn opened the meeting at 7:04 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance. Volunteers encouraged to sign in. Also, all persons who volunteer should record the hours they worked into the log.

Minutes from the August 14, 2014 meeting approved.

President’s Report:  Uwe Krohn Working on more activities for kids and one idea is a movie night. Friday night at 6:30 pm or 7 pm. The idea of a more youth activities is an on-going priority of FICRA to keep people involved.

Consent Calendar: None

Treasure’s Report: Hal Goodell BANK BALANCES: FICRA  08-1 Checkbook: Bal: $14,790.74 09-1 Balance: $20,921.82 Money Market  08-1 Balance: $18,585.54 09-1 Balance: $18,587.12 PayPal Balance: 08-1 $1,194.24 (discrepancy: $1,242.12 from last month balance)  09-1 Balance: $1,443.59 Some transfers made from FICRA since Fair were Crime Watch and Trust donations. Membership is currently 242. There are 190 members from 2014 who have not renewed for 2014-15 year. Membership drive to hopefully capture these.

Committee Reports:  Social Activities: Jean Peterson Little Foxes is working on a Casper Baby Pants Concert for this winter. Lisa Grey is working on setting up a date. Jean spoke with Lynn Goodwin about the potential of another Open Mic Night, however previous host, Michael, is away at school. October Fest has been canceled. The Cub Scouts are looking at changing meetings from Wed to Tuesday nights at the NCC.

Publicity: Jim Braden A meeting held on Sept 3rd to develop or improve the process of media communications, via Constant Contact, the Blog, FB, etc. The work is all coming together to improve communications and publicity. Lisa Stapleton will work with Hal Goodell to verify new members email addressees. Advertising the eFlash on the bridge sign suggested to help increase emails being opened. Jim to contact Kallie regarding this. Howard will update/change “Subscribed to our Newsletter” tab on web site to include info about receiving monthly emails of current events.

Special Committees:  Audit Committee: Ray Kittleberger, Gisela, Tony, & Joan Rental Rates of the NCC are needing to be increased: Special rate for resident members of Fox Island. There is concern about discounted rates being extended to non-island residents or friends via FI residents and how to approach this.

Membership Committee: Bob Bowser, excused. Uwe is planning to sit down with Bob and others to make a strategy for increasing membership. Renewal needs to be friendly, not an invoice, with paypal link. Process will begin with emails, Ficra Flash, then phones to capture new and renewal members. Door to door a difficult endeavor to be further evaluated in the future.

New Business:  A Fall work party at NCC is planned for Oct 4, 2014 9 am. Carolyn Braden has a sign up. Thank you to the Garden ladies who weeded and watered the NCC all summer. New sprinklers have been good investment. There is an article in the West Sound Home & Garden by Rodika Tollefson about the Nichols Community Center which some think is wonderful. There is a link to this article on the website:

Unfinished Business:  None

Movement to Adjourn at 7:54 pm. Unanimously approved.

Next Meeting is Oct 9, 2014.

Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary