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Annual Fox Island Garage Sale Sept. 13th 9-4 Click for Form!

Fox Island Annual Garage Sale

Official Application Form Saturday, September 13, 2014 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

CLICK  for a printable, pdf version of the Garage Sale Form or print the info below 🙂

Official GARAGE SALE Application Form-1

NAME: __________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________

EMAIL: _________________________________________

PHONE: ___________________________

Please list 3 or 4 items we can list on the map that would attract customers to your sale: ________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________


Nichols Community Center: (690-9th Avenue) Indoors: $30.00 Outdoors $25.00 (Please circle one)  Fox Island Museum: (1017-9th Avenue) $25 Home Site: $15

METHODS OF PAYMENT: (Please indicate type of payment)

 Checks should be made payable to “FICRA Building Trust

 If paying by PayPal (or credit card), go to (then to “dues” and then to “donate”).


Everyone who fills out a garage sale application and sends in a check or pays online will receive an official Fox Island Garage Sale Sign.

Proceeds from the NCC and Home sites will go to the Fox Island Crime Watch Fund, and the Museum proceeds will go to the Fox Island Historical Society.

The special map that we prepare has your GPS location and allows buyers to go directly to your site. The maps are sold for $2.00 each by the Fox Island Crime Watch Patrol.

If you have a space at the Nichols Community Center, we will provide a table and chairs for the indoor garage sale spaces, and the outdoor spaces are responsible for bringing their own.

The garage sale is conducted on behalf of the FICRA Building Trust, a 501(C)3 tax exempt organization.

The Nichols Community Center and the Fox Island Museum will have food service. Those serving food are required to comply to the food service regulations as set forth by the Pierce County Health Department

Questions? Please contact Jennifer Bush Luce at / 253-303-0090 (NCC), or Cheryl Nelson at / (360)430-7070 (Home Sites) , or Jane Schuelein 549-2723 (Museum)

Please mail all applications (and checks) to: Fox Island Garage Sale, PO Box 25, Fox Island, WA 98333