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An Owl’s Whisper author Dr. Michael J. Smith coming to Fox Island July 25th!

Book Signing and Discussion

Dr. Michael J. Smith            An Owl’s Whisper

7:00 PM, Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fox Island Community Center

690 9th Ave, Fox Island

In the shadow of evil, truth is the riskiest choice.

Open An Owl’s Whisper and enter Eva’s world—one of truth and lies, refuge and peril, loyalty and betrayal, innocence…guilt… redemption.

Eva Messiaen is a young woman in 1940s Belgium when Hitler’s invasion and occupation eclipses continental Europe in a shadow. In those black times she is a beacon of light to her friends, but they don’t know her dark secret. Though she wants only a normal life, her controlling Uncle Henri demands she dedicate herself to his cause—remaking the world. Initially, Eva accepts losing her youth to responsibility and the savagery of war, but an atrocity changes everything. It exposes the hollowness of Henri’s vision and spurs her to strike at the Nazis. She has the moxie to set their web of evil ablaze, but does she have the wits to escape its flames unscorched?

An Owl’s Whisper, built on themes of guilt and redemption, tells Eva’s powerful story.

Eva’s story is mesmerizing. The author writes with insight, authority and passion.

—Barbara Winther, author of The Jaguar Dances and Let It Go Louie

I loved it. A great read, with memorable characters, suspense and wonderful writing.

—Jacqueline Haviland, non-fiction author and editor

Discuss Michael Smith’s WWII novel, An Owl’s Whisper, with the author and other readers.

Complementary Refreshments.

There is still time to read this well reviewed book (4.5 stars on Amazon!) – download a copy here: An Owl’s Whisper