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FICRA Building Trust Board Meeting Agenda 11-13-2011 and Meeting Minutes 11-11-2011

Sunday, November 13th there will be a short FICRA Building Trust Meeting at the Nichols Center at 2:00.  Please find the Agenda below, followed by the minutes of the previous meeting.


Nov 11, 2011

2:00 PM at NCC


Minutes of Last Meeting

Financial Report

Old Business

  • Downspout Drainline Invoice
  • Insulation Project Proposals
  • Other Old Business

New Business




Attending: Tony Moore (President), Tres Walker, Mimi Miller (Treasurer), Jim Braden (Secretary, pro tem)

Meeting called to order at 4PM by President Moore.

Minutes of Last Meeting read and approved (Braden/Miller)

Financial Report:  Treasurer Miller reported the following:’

As of 8/11/2011:

Beginning balance: $3,228.02

Raffle: $1,825.00

Donations transferred: $   335.00

Interest: $       0.46

Ending balance: $5,388.48

Old Business:  None

New Business:

  1. Authorize Proposed Expenditures for Sprucing up Entrance.  The FICRA Building Committee (Carolyn Braden, Dee Ann Cline, Jean Peterson attending) presented Phase II of the NCC Spruce Up Project (proposal package on file).  The Trust Board approved the request of $4,773 (Braden/Miller).  Note that Phase I is underway and is considered to be maintenance therefore it had not been officially approved by the Trust Board.
  2. Update legal request with WAACO.  Jean Peterson explained how she had secured assistance from an attorney friend who had, in turn, secured an attorney (Emily Kelly) in his firm (Morton and McGoldrick) to help us, pro bono, on the legal issues the Bylaws Committee is pursuing.  Jim Braden has the information and will be following up with Ms. Kelly on Monday, September 12.  The relationship with WAACO will be left as is for the moment (until the Kelly relationship is clearly on track to resolve the legal issues).
  3. Oil Spill Update.  Tony Moore described the status of the oil spill effort.  Bob Bowser is our technical advisor and is also the technical contact for FICRA for working with the government authorities on wrapping this issue up.  Lynne Goodwin (FICRA President) is the official contact for FICRA on this issue.
  4. Insulation Project.  Tony Moore reported that we were working with engineer Bob Bowser and we would most likely be recommending that we limit the insulating effort to the floor and the heating ductwork.  Doing the walls is a fairly destructive process and the benefits are not clear (especially considering the sporadic/short-term use of the building).  Instead, besides doing the floor and ducts, we will install temporary heaters (Cadet type) and plastic layer the east windows and see how the building heating effort works with that.
  5. Other New Business.  Tony Moore indicated that we will have to address the old water well.  That is under study and will probably be re-activated for use exclusively as irrigation water.  Tres Walker indicated that the work on the use of 8th Avenue is still underway and there are three properties that need to be signed up for the new routing.  More to come.

Meeting adjourned at 5:55 PM (Braden/Walker)