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FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 4-7-2011

April 7, 2011

All board members were present.

President Lynne Goodwin called the meeting to order and lead in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The minutes of the March 3 meeting were approved as read.
The minutes of the special board meeting on March 29 were approved as corrected.

There was a question about the special board meeting on March 29 not being publicized and conducting FICRA business.  Lynne explained that it was called for two reasons: so the 3 new board members could introduce themselves and get familiar with the process of conducting business for FICRA, and to address the request by Lise and Sue that a decision be made on the rental before April 2.  The only vote that was taken was to rent the NCC 10 months of the year for the Monthly Market.  Lynne assured all present that other special meetings will be posted on the website.  For those who do not use the website, Duane has agreed to post notices at the store.  It was suggested that Duane be asked to allow a FICRA suggestion box to be located at the store.

Lynne gave a president’s report reviewing new activities that are going on at NCC, and reviewed the meeting policy and norms that were discussed at the March 29 board meeting.

Treasurer’s report:  FICRA balance:   $54,036.43
Trust                1,650.65
Total             $55,687.08

Crime watch        $531.83

Membership:  231 (120 more than this time last year); 82 new members in March

Unfinished business:
Max Ostner reported on plans for the parking expansion on the south side of the building which will allow vehicle access to the ramp to the NCC back door.  A sketch of the project is attached to these minutes.

Tony Moore reported that persistent rain has interfered with the roof repair.  It is expected to be completed in a day or two with no rain predicted.

Max read the recommendations for maintaining and improving a building on the Historical Registry.  These recommendations are attached.

Lynne reported on the PenMet matching grant of $1200 for the playground, and took questions.

New business:
Lynne reported on the meetings and events that are planned in the near future and which are posted on the Fox website and the FICRA Fox Island Facebook page.
Lucinda Capers announced the FI Garden Tour fundraiser for each of the island non-profits on May 14.  Last year each non-profit received over $1000.

Tom Purvis is willing to donate a commercial coffee pot to NCC and will plumb it into the cold water supply.  It was moved, seconded and passed to accept the coffee pot.  Tom was thanked for the gift and the installation.

Lynne announced that the FI Flash newsletter will be going out April 11 or 12 and she will be accepting material for another 2 days.  Advertising accepted.

Committee reports:
Building committee – Mimi Miller read the mission statement and committee structure which the committee had prepared. She stated that the committee is divided into two subcommittees: interior which will research and recommend treatments inside; and structure and facilities which will take care of the health of the building structure, electrical, heating and plumbing. The mission statement is attached to these minutes.
The interior sub-committee presented a bid for flooring replacement and refinishing from Henderson Flooring of $22,000 to $28,000. Jim Braden and Tom Wiley have determined that a pull-out device could be installed under the stage for table and chair storage. Tony reported for the structure and facilities sub-committee that the light at the front door is probably out because of a faulty ballast and all ballasts will need to be checked and the burned out one replaced.

Easter Egg Hunt – Sara Christ reported that each section for the egg hunt will have a special egg with great prizes from Gig Harbor businesses.  She encouraged various FICRA committees to have booths to promote their activities. She has egg-stuffing meetings each Sunday at 5:00 at NCC.

Playground – Jennifer Bush Luce announced the improvements planned for the playground:  re-do the sand box, replace glider swing with a tire swing, and re-bark.  Work parties are planned; a booth will be up at the Easter Egg Hunt.

Activities – Cec Anderson reported on the activities coming up, and stressed the adult game night on April 29 and subsequent last Fridays.  Bring Your Own Beverage and snacks and favorite games.

Plant Sale – Nan Feagin announced the 35th Jeff Feagin Plant Sale to be on May 7 from 12:00 until 2:00.  Set up will be Friday and plants can be delivered from 5 to 7:00, or from 9 to 11:00 on Sat.  Some strong backs are needed to help carry heavy plants.  Linda Dodds offered a Hot Dog Wagon if FICRA wanted to sell hot dogs at the sale.

Nature Center – Ed Burrough reported on the activities of the Nature Center and Wildlife Preserve Committee and presented the proposed ‘Purpose and Scope of Activities of the Nature Center and Wildlife Preserve Committee’ for the board to approve.  John Ohlson gave a background of the Nature Center and read the original vision statement presented to donors at the time of purchase of the property.  He is concerned with the restrictive terms used in the proposed document.  He stressed that in November 2010 he obtained an ‘Open Space Tax Agreement’ with Pierce County that is binding, and restricts the use of the land.  He requested time to get input for some of the original donors for the purchase of the land and the scout families who have an interest in the property before accepting the agreement, and requested amendments before being accepted.  Linda Dodds will get Pam Britschgi’s planting plan to the Nature Center committee.

Discussion:  There were questions regarding the committees:
Do committees have decision making authority?  No.  The committees research and recommend to the board.  The board has the decision making authority.
It was suggested that all committees have the same policy.
There was talk about the nature of the governance of FICRA.  It is governed by the board, but at board meetings the vote of the membership is traditionally counted, though the board carries the responsibility of all decisions.
It was requested that information on committee reports and other items coming before the board be posted on line so people have an idea of what is to be presented.  Also, have a series of readings for items to be voted on such as a 1st reading one month, 2nd reading, etc. so everyone understands what is going on.  When Lynne posts the agenda on the website she will attach a history of the item to be discussed to give people a background on the issue.
When was the Nature Center committee formed?  Sign-ups were in Nov. 2010, committees accepted in Jan. 2011.

Crime Watch:  Stan Weston reported that there was a car stolen, a boat tampering in the early morning hours, a burglary, and a woman reporting a burgundy Chevrolet that has caused a problem with tailgating or stalking. He requested a license number of a 90’s burgundy Chevy. Crime is less on Fox Island than just across the bridge. He was asked how often Crime Watch messages are checked.  Each day usually.

Other business:  Maggie Flanagan introduced herself and gave her background.  She announced that she would like to bring up concerns about  the election process, and would like people to be thinking about solutions.  We want to hear concerns, comments, and suggestions.

Stan Flemming, newly elected county councilman, was introduced and made comments.  He seemed to think that the Health Department would be more lenient with the selling of baked goods at community events.  Call him with concerns.

Linda Dodds brought up the possibility of buying the old Post Office for $200,000 to turn into a commercial kitchen.

Thank you to Kalli and Max Ostner for providing the 1934 American flag and the lights along the walkway.  It would have been dark and dangerous on the front steps since our front porch light was out.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05.   Respectfully submitted,  Jean Peterson