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FICRA Fridays Wine & Wire Workshop

FICRA Wine and Wire Workshop
Join us on May 20th for a FICRA Friday Wine and Wire Workshop for FICRA members and their guest(s). The workshop will run from 6-8:30 pm.

Our artist, Buddy Bassett, will show us how to create works of art creating wire sculptured trees. He will provide all the tools and materials needed to create a masterpiece of your own, but you are welcome to bring your own needle nose pliers, two-sided knitting needle, and work gloves (may be helpful if you have joint issues). We will have beverages to spark your creativity and enhance this fun experience.

We only have space for 25 people at a cost of just $26.00 per person. Attendance is limited to FICRA members and their guests. When completing this online form, please provide the FULL name of EACH person in your group attending the workshop.

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