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Trust Board Meeting Minutes 03-10-2022

FICRA Building Trust Board Meeting Minutes 
Thursday, March 10, 2022, 8:00PM 
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington 

2021-2022 FICRA Trust Board
Howard StapletonPresident
Arlyn LawrenceVice President
Gina OlsonSecretary
Hal GoodellTreasurer
Craig McLaughlinDirector

Board Attendees: Howard Stapleton, President; Arlyn Lawrence, Vice-President; Hal Goodell, Treasurer; Craig McLaughlin, Director. Excused: Gina Olson, Secretary

Additional Attendees: Jim Braden, Committee Chair, Capital Projects and Maintenance Project Manager, and approximately 12 more people in the audience

The meeting was called to order at 8:10PM.


Gary and Lucy Addeo:  Gary (the new campus leadership of Fox Island Foursquare Church) introduced himself and his wife Lucy.  Both have taken on new leadership roles for Fox Island Foursquare Church and are proposing some changes to their contracted rental at the Nichols Center.  The church would like more than 30 days’ notice of any future rental as they have no place to hold services when the Nichols Center is unavailable.  They also would like to change their rental period, which is presently month­‑to‑month, to a six-month lease period at a minimum.  Their principal concern is that days’ notice to pre‑empt their use does not provide adequate time to locate an alternate location to hold services.  They are also concerned that the Trust is booking events several months out on the calendar and they would like to be more proactive in also booking events to coincide with our calendar.  The Board suggested a separate dedicated meeting to give Mr. Addeo ample time to discuss his concerns and proposed solutions with the Board.  Mr. Addeo will Email Board members to propose times for a meeting.

Madeline Hunter (French Toast Theater):  Madeline suggested options to the Board options for holding different events in collaboration with FICRA, including summer camps for children, a Food Truck Festival, and Family Movie Nights.  While French Toast Theater is a for-profit company, she proposed offering 10 percent back to the Trust on any monies made in these endeavors.  French Toast Theater currently has 181 children in their programs in both the Gig Harbor and Fox Island groups combined.  They would work around any events scheduled on our calendar, creating a Monday through Thursday event schedule to further allow weekend rentals. They need to know availability of the NCC by April.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Howard moved to approve the Minutes from the February, 2022 Trust Board Meeting, which was seconded by Craig and approved unanimously.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE – The Nominating Committee presented the slate of candidates below for the upcoming elections on April 14, 2022.

2022-2023 FICRA Building Trust Board Candidates:

Hal Goodell, Wes King, Arlyn Lawrence, Craig McLaughlin and Candy Wawro

2022-2023 FICRA and FICRA Trust Audit Committee Candidates:

Diane Abney, Jennifer Beard, Joan Broughton and Jean Wallace


Trust Checking account: Feb 1 Balance: $41,561.91, Feb 28 Balance: $44,945.78

Trust Capital Checking: Feb 1 Balance: $3,578.13, Feb 28 Balance: $3,578.13

Trust Reserve Checking: Feb 1 Balance: $319.98, Feb 28 Balance: $319.98

Trust Money Market: Feb 1 Balance: $312,968.69, Feb 28 Balance: $313,028.71

Trust Savings: Feb 1 Balance: $575.54, Feb 28 Balance $575.56

Trust PayPal: Feb 1 Balance: $28.95, Feb 28 Balance $2,090.37


NCC Usage and Rates Status – A subcommittee comprised of Hal Goodell, Jim Braden, and Craig McLaughlin has been meeting to assess what a fair market rental amount should be.  They will be conducting a survey to include other similar rentals in the area to ascertain if rental rates need to increase and, if so, what is a fair market value.  The overarching goal is for rental to cover the operating costs of the Nichols Community Center while allowing our islanders to use the facility at little or no cost.  The missing piece right now is the comparison with other venues.


Trust Board Position on PenMet Issues – As a 501(c)(3), the Trust Board position is to remain neutral on the issue of whether Fox Island should be de‑annexed from the PenMet Parks District.  The Board continues to encourage full and open communication between PenMet and all residents of Fox Island.

Pending NCC Use Requests – Candy reported that we have received multiple wedding inquiries due to Olalla Winery’s issues with permitting. 

The Trust Board meeting was adjourned at 9:15PM.

Minutes submitted by Arlyn Lawrence, Candy Wawro and Howard Stapleton.