Trust Board Meeting Minutes 09-09-2021

FICRA Building Trust Board Meeting Minutes 
Thursday, September 9, 2021, 8:00PM 
Nichols Community Center, Fox Island, Washington 

2021-2022 FICRA Trust Board
Howard StapletonPresident
Arlyn LawrenceVice President
Gina OlsonSecretary
Hal GoodellTreasurer
Craig McLaughlinDirector

TRUST Board Attendees: Hal Goodell, Craig McLaughlin, and Arlyn Lawrence in attendance. Howard Stapleton and Gina Olson excused.

Other Attendees: Jim Braden (Project Manager), Joan Broughton (Audit Committee), Lance Powers (FICRA Board President), Wes King (FICRA Board), Candy Wawro (FICRA Board & Rental Coordinator)

Arlyn Lawrence called the meeting to order at 8:05PM, immediately following the FICRA Board meeting.

President’s Report: There was no president’s report.

Meeting Minutes: There were no changes to the 7/8/2021 Board Meeting Minutes as posted on the website. There was a motion to approve, which was seconded and unanimously approved.

Public Comments:

  • Jim Braden noted that we have another Eagle Scout as of the August 30th Board of Review, the second Eagle in as many months.
  • Jim Braden visited the PenMet meeting on September 7th and spoke on the hosting of the fishing pier and sandspit parks. Action: Jim will meet with the PenMet director and advise all residents of any change in the decision to halt the hosting program.
  • Wes inquired as to a PTA group meeting 6 PM, September 27, at the NCC. Board indicated support for the schools, in general. Permission was granted for the PTA to use the building on the 27th; Wes will be in attendance at that meeting and will lock up afterward. Wes and Candy to follow up.
  • Wes indicated that he met a person who does sign design that we might want to use for our overall signage at the NCC. There was a brief discussion about the need for consistent quality and branding in the signage of NCC. Jim and Wes to follow up on the sign issue (get the signs statements recommended to the board, again, for a final decision on what is needed).

Treasurer’s Report: Hal Goodell shared the financial reports as of August 31, 2021 with attendees. The following information was presented:

Building Trust Balances

Hal presented the financials, which were accepted by the Board members in attendance. (Balances will be included in next month’s minutes.)

Hal will be sending a thank you note to Abby Schofield for her donation of two high-level commodes for the restrooms, and will log the donation for tax purposes.

Standing Committees Reports:

Nature Center – Jim noted that we will be at the end of the avian nesting season by October 1 and he will be following up on the removal of the dangerous trees on the Nature Center as approved in a prior meeting. We have had some fires surreptitiously started in the Nature Center and behind the Sports Field. Some persons have been potentially identified (first names only, so far) and will be contacted. Board action: Identified Jim as the Trust rep to follow up on this.

Audit Committee – Joan Broughton reported that work on the 2020 audit is in progress.

Citizens’ Patrol – Jim reported that August was a very quiet month. Crime statistics for the last three months have been extremely low. There was a discussion on the need to properly (re)label the Citizens’ Patrol in order to comply with the Trust’s insurance underwriters, in order to include the Patrol on our insurance. This may include coming under a “Neighborhood Watch” or “Crime Watch” designation. Jim also noted that a Deputy Sheriff has been added for Halloween.

Emergency Preparedness & FIARC – Jim reported that the team is working to get a newsletter out to highlight September being National Emergency Preparedness month, and get information to all Fox Island residents. Board action: Get the newsletter out ASAP. Additionally, there was discussion about our proposed relationship with the Red Cross in the case of a need for shelter management during an emergency (versus local control). Board action: Set a meeting, or have discussion on line on how to handle this.

Fox Island Amateur Radio Club (FIARC): Jim reported that the team is continuing to build licensed participation, and is working to increase island coverage for our Emergency Response radio system.

Trust Building and Grounds – Window Phase 2 is ready to be bid (re-bid due to time delays – County grant has been signed as required). Jim will present to the board a proposed decision on which contractor to use. Evergreen Painting, a Fox Island company that painted the NCC, has touched up the windows on the East side at no cost to the Trust. Jim and Hal will get a thank-you letter to them. The project report will have active and proposed (mostly capital) projects with priorities indicated. Chairs were discussed again, and Jim will check into availability of more of the same black chairs. The board made the decision to order 50 more. Preliminary estimate for irrigation of the NCC garden, gazebo, and Sports Field came in a ~$20,000. Jim will break down the estimate for decision-making.

Unfinished Business:

Status of NCC Usage and Rates Discussions – Work is still in progress. Craig went through his consideration of handling NCC usage and rental rates. He is suggesting we do a step-back and build our plans starting with the big picture: understanding our mission and vision as two organizations, and making changes to those if that is best. He got no feedback from his initial draft sent to the board, which confirms the difficulty of this effort. There is much confusion as to the roles of the two organizations that are trying to complement each other. Craig commented that before we are able to nail down rates, we must first identify NCC’s purpose and mission, its relationship with FICRA, and appropriate lines of communication. There was a discussion about if it might be advisable to combine the two groups. Craig pointed out the need to identify the goals we want to achieve, and then we can put procedures in place to accomplish these goals as they relate to the purpose and mission of the NCC. Candy brought up that the rates are low. Craig wants to create a budget. It was also brought up that many people on the Island don’t even know the NCC is here as a community asset. Wes pointed out the NCC is private and for Fox Island residents, and that should factor into the usage and rates discussion. Board Action: Everyone will get their thoughts on Craig’s draft to him within ten days.

New Business – The signage regarding COVID-19 restrictions for the NCC have been posted and renters/users notified.

We need, as soon as we can, to advise the Wickline family of our intent to use them for our Christmas Concert. An alternative would be to have them record their Christmas concert and we make that available for residents to enjoy at home. Wicklines to advise how that option is coming along.

Having a car show was discussed briefly and Craig and Jim will pursue that. Likely to be a Spring event.

Hal reported that he is working on the NCC insurance policy, and is getting someone involved. We need liability insurance related to Trust.

Meeting Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 pm. The next FICRA Trust Board Meeting is scheduled for 8:00PM on Thursday, October 14th.

Respectfully submitted by Arlyn Lawrence and Jim Braden