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Thursday, November 12, 2020, 6:30PM

2020-2021 FICRA Board 2020-2021 FICRA Trust Board
Miguel Martinez President Howard Stapleton President
Pia Beetham Vice President Naomi Grant Vice President
Candy Wawro Secretary Gina Olson Secretary
Hal Goodell Treasurer Hal Goodell Treasurer
Howard Stapleton Past President Karen Kretschmer Director

Trust Board Attendees: Hal Goodell, Naomi Grant, Karen Kretschmer, Gina Olson and Howard Stapleton in attendance.

FICRA Board Attendees: Hal Goodell, Miguel Martinez, Howard Stapleton and Candy Wawro (joined meeting at 6:36pm) in attendance.  Pia Beetham was absent and excused.

Additional Attendees: Jim Braden, Joan Broughton and Ray Kittleberger.

The Zoom Meeting started at 6:25pm and the Joint Meeting was called to order at 6:31pm.  The meeting was posted and advertised to the residents of FI on the FICRA website with a minimum 10 days’ notice.

Approval of October 8, 2020 Minutes:  Joan Broughton noted some grammatical errors in the Draft Meeting Minutes (a misspelled word on page 1, two words repeated on page 5 and a missing word on page 6).  Naomi Grant moved to approve the Minutes as amended to address the errors, Hal Goodell seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

Presidents’ Report:  Miguel reported that the Halloween “Outdoor Movie Night” was successful and that we were fortunate to have nice weather.  Turnout was smaller than anticipated based on the survey.  Miguel spoke with several families who indicated they were still not comfortable attending events with groups of people.  Miguel believes we will have a better picture on the impact COVID will have on our events by summer.  Those in attendance stated they thought it was a good idea, were glad to get out with their kids and that they had a good time.  Miguel thanked Jim Braden and the other volunteers for their assistance in setting up the event.  Howard Stapleton thanked all of our volunteers for their participation and stressed that any event we are able to provide at this time that gives people the opportunity to safely share time with others is great and should be celebrated.

Treasurer’s Report: Hal Goodell

Hal shared the financial reports as of October 31, 2020 online with attendees.  The following information was provided:

Trust Checking account: Oct 1 Balance: $ 31,466.12   Oct 31 Balance: $ 30,483.62

Trust Savings: Oct 1 Balance: $ 295.69   Oct 31 Balance $ 295.71

Trust PayPal: Oct 1 Balance: $ 567.74   Oct 31 Balance $ 23.97

Trust Capital Checking: Oct 1 Balance: $ 3,925.45   Oct 31 Balance: $ 3,697.08

Trust Reserve Checking: Oct 1 Balance: $ 488.69   Oct 31 Balance: $ 326.98

Trust Money Market:  Oct 1 Balance: $ 176,801.99   Oct 31 Balance: $ 176,854.55

Trust Money Market Detail:

      Checking:  Oct 1 Balance: $ 70,691.86   Oct 31 Balance: $ 58,769.42

      Capital:  Oct 1 Balance: $ 74,000.00   Oct 31 Balance: $ 85,975.00

      Reserve:  Oct 1 Balance: $ 32,110.13   Oct 31 Balance: $ 32,110.13

FICRA Checking: Oct 1: $ 21,060.51   Oct 31: Cleared Balance: $ 21,614.10

FICRA Money Market: Oct 1: $ 31,023.58   Oct 31: Cleared Balance: $ 31,023.58

FICRA PayPal: Oct 1: $ 538.59   Oct 31: Balance: $ 144.13

Hal intends to transfer all funds (excluding those required for rentals) out of PayPal monthly. 

Designated funds in the amount of $11,975 from the years 2018 through 2020 were transferred from Trust Checking to Trust Capital.  Gina noticed that the Trust Money Market ending balance from last month did not match the beginning balance for October.   Hal indicated that this was because the transfers shown in the Checking Detail needed to be shown in the Trust Money Market account and that this would be corrected.  The ending balance is correct.  The amounts shown in the Trust Money Market Detail should add up to the totals in the Trust Money Market Account.  Hal noted that he originally paid a $475 cost for Movie Night out of Trust Checking instead of FICRA Checking and that this correction would appear in the November statement.  Membership as of 11/11/2020 is at 315.  There are 133 members from 2018‑19 and 174 from 2019‑20 that have not yet renewed.  He will be working with Miguel to get a letter sent out to these former members.  Ray Kittleberger stated that the clubs in Gig Harbor are seeing a membership loss of about 25% this year.  Hal believes the FICRA membership numbers reflect historical trends, showing initial renewals in August through November, with other renewing when we send out reminders.  He expects to get a renewal letter out within the next week or so.  Miguel asked if, due to our current financial situation, we are at risk of not complying with IRS requirements applicable to nonmember revenue sources.  Hal anticipates that we will comply with the requirement that 65% of our revenue come from members, since we are not expecting additional receipts from nonmembers at events.  

Trust Board Resolution 2020-003 for Fund Transfers between Trust General and Capital Accounts:  Howard briefly summarized the intent of the Resolution, which is to provide Board authorization for funds transfers for capital projects consistent with our policies and project discussions.  After some discussion regarding documentation for the original Board approval for classroom blinds ($1,800) and confirmation that the Board already approved $8,500 for the South parking lot, the Resolution was amended to reflect the total expenditure for classroom blinds.  The Amended Board Resolution 2020‑003 provides that surplus funds originally approved for the following completed projects will be transferred from the Trust Capital Accounts back to the Trust Checking Account:

  • $331.30 for Basement water management; and
  • $18,000 to paint NCC outside walls.

The Amended Resolution approves additional funds for the following Capital Expenditures Projects and stipulates the funds be transferred to the appropriate Trust Accounts:

  • $600.00 for Electricity to and preparation of the garage; and
  • $2,123.64 for Blinds for Classrooms; and
  • $300.00 to Grade and drain the South parking lot.

Gina moved to approve the Amended Resolution (attached), Hal seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved by the FICRA Trust Board. 

Updated Rental Agreement, Facility Use Rules and COVID-19 Requirements for NCC:  Howard discussed the updated recurring use rental agreements, facility rules and COVID-19 requirements distributed with the Board Agenda.  Changes have been made to include COVID‑19 requirements based on the current State of Washington guidelines for Miscellaneous Rental Venues.  It is likely that the documents will be changed again, as requirements change and experience guides us.  In addition to the moving guidelines from the State, the agreements need to consider the specific recurring use proposed by renters.  For this reason, the Recurring Use Rental Agreement should be considered a template than needs to be adjusted based on the exchange of information with each renter for each unique use.  Since the Board approves all recurring uses, this approach should work for now.  The agreements will incorporate more standardized Facility Rules and COVID‐19 Requirements/Procedures as attachments that can be updated as conditions change.  Howard is recommending that we use the templates for any proposed interim NCC use and for our legacy arrangements in place.  We will continue to work on our new rental structure with rate options.  Our current challenge is how to structure our rates to incorporate the additional costs associated with disinfecting the facility under the current conditions.  Miguel asked when we would have the new agreements and guidelines available to answer questions from potential renters and publish on social media.  Howard responded that the information could be made available immediately, but we will need to stipulate that proposed use is subject to changing State requirements.  All requests should be directed to our Rental Coordinator (currently Jim Braden) to determine if we are able to provide the facility for their proposed use and what costs would be applicable.  Miguel has asked Jim to get together with Candy Wawro to determine the information needed.  Jim noted that we have quite a few requests already, advising that we move slowly for now and “test the waters” to see how things work out.  We have some responsibilities (i.e. COVID‑19 Compliance Monitor) that need to be loaded on the backs of renters and the negotiation of this takes some time.  He would like to see the Boards acknowledge that the documents put together reflecting our instructions and limitations are sufficient for the moment and trust the Rental Coordinator, working with the Board, to address requests for now.  Howard concurred with this approach.  The facility is available, if they meet the requirements for the type of activity proposed, but this is a very limited group right now.  Naomi moved that we use the documents and guidance (attached) as templates for now.  Gina seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved by both Boards.

Trust Citizens’ Patrol & Emergency Preparedness:  Jim reported that Citizens’ Patrol met on the 12th.  Things are going well with respect to the crime rate and there is nothing dramatic to report.  Emergency Preparedness is at a crossroads, anticipating a return to normal, but the new normal is expected to be restrictive.  He will be calling together the main players (cabinet meeting) to start looking at where the organization and processes are going.  There are some new persons involved who have recommended pulling together our procedures in writing.  Jim will come back to the Board with any significant changes to be undertaken.

Buildings and Grounds:

Project Status – Jimstated that the form already distributed reflects the priorities on outstanding and future projects.  The team is currently working on the Capital Expenditures Report, trying to make it easier to understand.  Future (proposed) projects will also be listed on the report and will be tracked for the Board, so priorities can be monitored and adjusted.  The window project is moving forward, with another firm onsite Monday to provide a revised estimate for the front windows.  Replacement of the rear vinyl windows is still at the preliminary estimate phase.  Ray Kittleberger stated that the seats in the fire pit area that were rotted out have been replaced.  The work was done by Tom Novotney, one of the volunteers from the Men’s Coffee Group.  The long term plan is to replace the seats with composite material that is similar to Trex. 

NCC Rental/Use Requests – Candy asked if there has been any progress on Lance Power’s proposed use.  Jim has been in communication with him.  Under the proposed guidelines, Lance Powers would be able to use the facility if the requirements related to COVID‑19 can be addressed.  Jim will be working with Howard and Hal to develop rates applicable to the proposed use.  We also expect to work with our legacy tenants (Cub Scout Pack 27 and AA) to get them on track with the new guidelines and rates.  Howard noted that the team working on the NCC Usage Policies and Guidelines voted in favor of allowing use of the building on an interim basis (2 month timeframe) in a straw poll at the meeting on 10/29/2020.  The building has very limited usage right now and there are not many eligible categories of use practical under the State guidelines.  The ballpark rate is expected to be $100 or less per session, depending on our actual cleaning costs. 

FICRA Publicity:  Miguel reported that the team is learning quite a bit.  Times are different this year and we will continue to improve on how we campaign as we move through different events and activities.  The feedback suggests we need to do more as the date for the event approaches.  Miguel would like to get feedback regarding outside requests to use our website to post information about COVID‑19 testing.  Naomi looked at some of the material Miguel provided and expressed concerns that payment information was not clear and costs appeared to range from nominal to $1,200.  She wants to ensure that we are not advertising for them, but providing service information relevant to Fox Island residents.  Karen Kretschmer had the same concerns and also expressed concern about the process used by a privately funded organizations.  They appear to be a media outlet instead of a health organization, soliciting business referrals.  Gina said that, with the additional information Karen provided, it was probably a no‑go for her.  The consensus of the Boards is that we should continue to link to official websites, which in turn, can direct people to specific services.  Jim has a number of pictures from the Halloween Movie Night, Clean Up and Garden Work around the gazebo that can be used for publications, emails and postings.  This would help keep our profile up in the community.  Miguel asked that Jim forward the pictures to him so he can work with Candy and Cheryl to get the pictures out on social media, and he can work with the team to get a newsletter out over the next couple weeks. 

FICRA Social Activities:  Candy has been working on an island light display.  Candy stated that Fox Island Magazine is working on some kind of “Lighted Home Tour” with the monies go toward a student scholarship.  She has also spoken with Janet about a scavenger hunt or “Amazing Race” event that could be done with social distancing to support the island.  Miguel would like to help support whatever events have already been planned.  Ray asked if there were any plans for decorating the NCC this year.  Miguel is meeting with Jim and Rob Moore to address this.  He wants to see us use our activities funds to “go Chevy Chase” (see it from space) on the NCC this year.

Unfinished Business:  Hal confirmed that the account balances reported on the financial reports for October are correct and that the numbers shown in the September Meeting Minutes may have been incorrect.

New Business:  None

Meeting Adjournment:  The meeting adjourned at 7:37pm.

Next Meeting: The next FICRA and FICRA Trust Board Meetings are scheduled for Thursday, December 10, 2020 at 6:30pm via video/teleconference.  The meeting notice and instructions for receiving the Zoom meeting invitation are posted on the website event calendar.

Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson and Howard Stapleton

Per Washington RCW 24.03.120, except as may be otherwise restricted by the articles of incorporation or bylaws, members of the board of directors or any committee designated by the board of directors may participate in a meeting of such board or committee by means of a conference telephone or similar communications equipment by means of which all persons participating in the meeting can hear each other at the same time and participation by such means shall constitute presence in person at a meeting.