Board Attendees: Naomi Grant, Kyle Larsen, Miguel Martinez, Howard Stapleton and Hal Goodell in attendance; Pia Beetham and Rob Moore excused.

Meeting Called to order at 7:06 pm

Minutes from the Jan 2020 Meeting are approved.

Public Comments: Joan B, Tony M, Jim B and Karen K in attendance.

Miguel thanks everyone (4 guests) for attending this evening.

President’s Report: Miguel would like to see additional nominees present next month, so that we are prepared for next board election. Kyle and Naomi will be stepping down, therefore there will be two openings, and 1 candidate potentially a new island resident, Candy. Jim suggests this be publicized to increase potential for more candidates

Miguel would like to get a stage set up for outside events. Additional suggestions made for a portable stage or requesting permission to use the FIYC stage. He would like to get WIFI established at the NCC. He would like to also consider hiring an outside event planner for some of the FI activities going forward. More discussion will be made later this week and will consult with the Building Committee.

Treasurer’s Report: Hal Goodell

BANK BALANCES: Hal reports

Checking: Jan 1: $12,653.51 Jan 31: Cleared Balance: $13,563.69

Money Market: Jan 1: $30,916.62 Jan 31: Cleared Balance: $30,936.31

Pay Pal: Jan 1: $923.64 Jan 31: Balance: $215.73

Membership is 362. 

Unfinished Business: Last week, we formed a new committee called the Communications committee. It was determined that a change is needed to the publications; monthly Flash and Quarterly FICRA News publication. Rather than a 1st of the month publication, it will be a publication based on need with flexible dates, of all the activities or events to be a spotlighted, or in a News Flash/Bulletin. Topics will be discussed at each board meeting and committees are provided opportunity to present their articles at that time. Karen, Jim, Candy Wawro, Cheryl Nelson and Miguel will be working together. Janet Steiner has offered 1/2 page of community news (Feb 20th for April publication) for all FI organizations.

Committee Reports:  

Social Activities: Miguel reports that the Magical Strings Celtic Concert to be at the NCC again on March 8th at 3 pm. Cost is $400 or 70% of door whichever is greater, free to members, $10 to non-members. Easter Egg Hunt on April 11th. A person to coordinate this is needed.

Membership: Naomi reports that in percentages (25%), of 1500 active households, we have 362 members is looking good.

Senior Activities: Miguel reports that Ray Kittleberger reports they are monitoring the new sports complex, to be completed in 2022, and not certain that there will be a senior center there. They are looking at a vehicle to manage transportation. They are looking for 2 display racks for putting up a display of information. Specific dimensions 36” x 18”, Howard suggests that they ask the group that meets for Men’s Coffee

New Business: Proposed Budget, Miguel would like the board to meet this Saturday 2 pm to discuss any adjustments to be made on the proposed budget for 2020.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:07 pm

Next Meeting is Mar 12, 2020

Respectfully submitted (by Gina Olson) for Secretary Naomi Grant