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Jun 13, 2019

Board Attendees: Miguel Martinez, Hal Goodell, Naomi Grant, and Pia Beetham in attendance.Kyle Larsen and Howard Stapleton are excused. 

Meeting Called to order at 7:02 pm

Minutes from the May and April Meeting are approved.

Public Comments: None

President’s Report: Miguel reports no report.

Treasure’s Report: Hal Goodell


Checking: May 1: $26,544.11 May 31: Cleared Balance: $24,759.06

Money Market: May 1: $18,760.48 May 31: Cleared Balance: $18,776.41

Pay Pal: May 1: $963.47 May 31: Balance: $1280.86

Memberships for 2018-19 total 445.Expired memberships: 160

Hal to check on why the dance lesson payment is placed under income.

Unfinished Business: None

Committee Reports: 

Social Activities: Miguel reports the Father/daughter dance (13 fathers with daughters), and the Mother/son (8 mothers with sons) dance went well.Attendance may have been limited due to it being Memorial Day weekend.Pizza, snacks, juice, cake, veggie tray, and candy was served. He has received great feed back.More parents interested in attending than could make it.

June 30th HS Grad party has been cancelled due to inability to plan.Miguel has solicited help, but is still needing more volunteers. Ray has been helping contact volunteers needed. Jim reports having the right volunteers for each event is important.

Summer Solstice is June 22nd from 3 pm to 8 pm.Set up at 10 am. Miguel requests a membership table.Hal recommends Howard be contacted for Wifi set up. Kyle will be making signs, $14/sign, with space for Date Change.

Pia reports Recess Monkeys cost $1200 for 60 min, 3 performers, they bring their own sound system.Miguel has not heard back from Casper Baby Pants ($700).

Pia motions to approve $1200 cost, seconded by Miguel, and unanimously approved.Date to be in Sept.Naomi recommends Pia check the All Island Calendar. Hal says he keeps a list, andthen members names get checked at the door.

Membership: Naomi reports no updates at this time.

Senior Activities: Ray excused. Miguel reports Ray and Dave are looking into the new Senior Center in Gig Harbor, and they are getting involved to see if there is a way they can use info to benefit Fox Islanders

New Business: Rob reports the Chapel is being named in a lawsuit.It is in regards to a new property owner complaining about the noise during activities.There are county with policies over looked about 19 yrs ago.Property owner, new owner from May 25, 2017, is not happy with the Chapel. Rob feels that the last 119 yrs of Chapel activities are important to the island.He thinks that there is going to be a need for the community to stand together. The zoning changed to R10 years ago, but because no one was made aware, they did not request addendum and special use permits. He emphasizes that the Chapel will need community support, and says that they have been receiving supportive help from the county. The Chapel Preservation Society, and they are on historical registry.They provide events, chats, recitals, concerts, weddings, sometimes for little to no cost. Naomi feels that a letter stating what the Chapel means to you, it would be nice to compile these.TBD hearing date TBD. The Chapel has pursued a “non-conforming” permit, however a conditional use permit is being applied for.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:07 pm

Next Meeting is July 11, 2019  

Respectfully submitted (by Gina Olson) for Secretary Naomi Grant