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March 14, 2019

Board Attendees: Rob Moore, Miguel Martinez and Naomi Grant.Chad Gottschalk, Howard Stapleton excused. Hall Goodell arrived late.

Meeting Called to order at 7:03 pm

Meeting minutes from last month are posted. Approval to be made at the next’s months meeting secondary to tonight’s elections.

Jim Braden opens with introductions, and will be managing the Election

Fox Island residents in attendance at tonights meeting are Kyle Larson, Pia Beethham, Joan Broughton, Jay Gray, Ed McHugh, Jennifer Cox, Kristin Moriarty, Jim Shockman, and Bill Drenick.

Public Comments: Jim Shockman and Bill Drenick compliment the board and volunteers for all the terrific changes and improvements that they have seen happen in the last decade. They are also part of the nominating committee.

FICRA 2019 Elections: Jim Braden is Chairing the Nominating Committee for the election of the following six positions: 

For President: Miguel Martinez

For VP: Pia Beetham

For Secretary: Naomi Grant

For Treasurer: Hal Goodall

For Director 1: Rob Moore

For Director 2: Kyle Larson

Jim asked for nominations from the floor for any of the FICRA board positions with three separate queries. There were none. 

Jim therefore asks that there be a motion made to vote by acclamation. Motion made, seconded.  All those in attendance have responded by saying Ay. There are no nays. Therefore all the members listed above have been elected as nominated.

Audit Elections: There are a minimum of 3 persons to be elected to the audit committee and they will then assign positions within the committee:

Joan Broughton, Tony Moore, Lesley Murphy, and Jennifer Beard are all nominated.

(It is also noted that in the FICRA Bylaws it says that one member of the Audit committee “will” be on the Board. The Trust bylaws say that a member of the Audit committee “may” be a board member.  Tony points out this discrepancy.  It was agreed by all attending that “may” be the honored at this election.  An addendum will occur soon to see that the Trust Bylaws reflect the same language).

There were no nominations from the floor, with three separate queries. Jim therefore asks that there be a motion made to vote by acclamation.  Motion made, and seconded.  All those in attendance have responded by saying Ay.  There are no nays.  Therefore all the members listed above have been elected as nominated.

There was a motion to adjourn the election process, seconded, and unanimously approved. 

President’s Report: Miguel reports that there has been tremendous support to creating new events and activities for this coming year.  He welcomes the new board members to the board.

He reports membership continues to grow.  Naomi has been working hard to reach new and previous members – 405 Membership of approx. 1780-1795 houses. He asks that anyone interested in helping with this valuable part of ficra, please contact Naomi.

The heart of FICRA is in the community events, including but not limited to The FICRA Fair, the Plant Sale, the Christmas Tree Lighting, the Auction (sponsored by the Trust). 

Ray and Dave have been working with PC to enhance senior services and activities.  Contact Ray if you are interested in helping with this.

New events started this year include Trunk Or Treat (which will also have a hay ride this year), Dance Lessons, a FICRA Swap Meet (specifically to swap goods/no monetary exchange), A Father/Daughter and Mother/son dance in May, a Summer Solstice Party (again this year June 22nd), and then a Summer Friday Picnic Series including a picnic dinner, kickball, corn hole, etc.  Miguel is organizing a HS Graduation Party at the NCC for this June. We will also be hosting Casper Babypants Concert again. Soccer Camp for kids started last year.This year Miguel will also add a T-ball camp as well as Soccer camp for kids.  Another event planned is an Adult Prom Night. Miguel emphasizes that the Fox Island residents/volunteers are what make our community, Fox Island and FICRA the gem that it is.

Next Month Agenda Item: Rob has asked us to consider a lifetime membership option for those who want to renew.

Pia Beetham recommends the social committee add National Night Out, where there is an ice cream feed: Tues Aug 6th, where the Police and Fire Dept all come out too.

Treasure’s Report: Hal Goodell


Checking: Feb 1: $23,312.52 Feb 28: Cleared Balance: $25,494.67

Money Market: Feb 1: $18,720.54 Feb 28: Cleared Balance: $18,729.16

Pay Pal: Feb 1: $1400.04 Feb 28: Balance: $1,118.51

Memberships for 2018-19 total 405; over 100 yet to be renewed just from last year.

Unfinished Business: None

Committee Reports:  No reports due to elections

Jim reports we have had our best year in 2018 with rentals. Jim reports that it seems that “word of mouth” appears to be our greatest resource with increased rentals, and Jim credits Kristin Moriarty, the current rental coordinator for all of her fantastic work and excellent customer service.  The Board is pleased to present her with a parting gift for her excellent work.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:50 pm

Next Meeting is April 11, 2019  

Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson for Secretary Naomi Grant