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Thursday, March 8, 2018


Annual Member Meeting and FICRA Elections:  Jim Braden (the Nominating Committee) called the Annual Member Meeting to order and opened the election of FICRA officers, directors and Audit Committee members at 7:02 PM.

FICRA Board: The FICRA Nominating Committee presented the following slate of candidates for the FICRA Board:

  • President: Howard Stapleton
  • Vice President: Miguel Martinez (“Mike” and his family moved to FI in Aug of 2016 from Phoenix AZ, and after moving in, their first experience was the FICRA Fair. He and his wife have 4 kids. They love the Island and are excited to participate in their community, and be a part of future activities.)
  • Secretary: Chad Gottschalk (unable to attend due to late notice of nomination – excused).
  • Treasurer: Hal Goodell
  • Director 1: Rob Moore (Resident of FI since 2001. Served on Historical Society, joined Yacht Club, where he has served as a Commodore, and continues to be an active volunteer there. He retired 2 month ago from Alaska Airline pilot after 28 yrs.)
  • Director 2: Naomi Grant Resident of FI for 2 years.  She is joining FICRA Board to give back to the community. Retired School principal and teacher.  She has been “a resident in WA for longer than anywhere else”.

There were no nominations from the floor after three inquisitions. A motion was made from the floor for voice acclamation by Howard Stapleton and seconded by Lisa Stapleton.  The members in attendance gave a unanimous approval of all the persons above to their nominated positions.

Audit Committee: The FICRA Nominating Committee nominated Joan Broughton, Tony Moore and Leslie Murphy for the Audit Committee.  There were no nominations from the floor on three inquisitions.  A motion to accept voice acclamation was made by Howard Stapleton and seconded by Mimi Miller.  The members in attendance gave a unanimous approval of all the persons above to their nominated positions.

On behalf of all the volunteers with FICRA and the Trust, Jim Braden thanked Mimi Miller for her years of service and membership on both Boards.  Hers was a difficult job.

The Nominating Committee adjourned the election meeting at 7:22pm.

Howard Stapleton called the FICRA Board Meeting to order at 7:23pm.

Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Hal Goodell, Naomi Grant, Miguel Martinez, Rob Moore and Howard Stapleton were in attendance.  Chad Gottschalk was absent and excused.

Minutes from the February 8, 2018 FICRA Board Meeting were unanimously approved with no changes by a motion from Jim Braden seconded by Miguel Martinez.

Public Comment:  There were no public comments.

President’s Report:  Howard thanked all new Board members.

Treasurer’s Report: Mimi Miller provided in advance of the meeting the following figures for the month of February, 2017:

  • FICRA Checking Beginning balance  $22,672.82       Ending balance    $22,672.82
  • FICRA Money Market Beginning balance    18,658.66       Ending balance      18,661.52
  • FICRA PayPal Beginning balance         10       Ending balance           325.07
  • Membership 332 for 2017-2018, 152 from prior year have not renewed

Committee Reports:

  • Finance – No report.
  • Social Activities – Lisa Stapleton reported on the following items:
    • A 90 minute Magic Show is scheduled for 3PM on April 14th. Lisa would like to do popcorn (Gina Olson volunteered, too), and Hal Goodell will collect money at the door.  The event is free for FICRA members and $5 per person admission fee for non-members 12 or older.
    • A Sadi Hawkins dance is in the planning stages for Fall. The band (“Dark Horses”)  has been contacted.  Three of the band members grew up on Fox Island.  The band is very popular at local fairs. She also reports that there is a plan for a Haunted House next October with Trunk or Treat. Miguel will help with this.
    • The Easter Egg Hunt will take place on March 31st at 10 am sharp. Doors open at 9:30, Face painting and activities are also scheduled. Rennie Walker is organizing the event.  We are not sure if the “big bunny” will be making his appearance, due to costume issues.
  • Membership – Hal Goodell stated there was no report other than the annual membership renewal cycle starting. The membership cycle is August 1st through the following July 31st.  There was considerable discussion regarding an easy way to check if a resident’s membership is still current.  Howard will activate the membership search page created back in April 2017 so that Board members can provide feedback.

Unfinished Business:  None

New Business:  None

The meeting was adjourned at 7:41 pm.  The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 12, 2018 after the FICRA Trust Board General Member Meeting.

Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson for Chad Gottschalk

FICRA Annual Member and Board Meeting Minutes 3-8-2018