Mar 10, 2016


Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Gina Olson, and Hal Goodell. Ray Kittelberger excused.


Meeting opened by Jim Braden at 7:03 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.

All attendees asked to sign in for the record.  Volunteers asked to log their volunteer hours.  Hours spent by volunteers have value in that it helps establish records which help us get grants.


Recognitions:  The planned Boys Scout representative guest was not able to attend due to weather.  Girl Scouts, Lauren Cabout and Ellie Skiffington, presented a proposal to build a “Little Free Library”.  It would store some 20 library books for free exchange. Size would be 21 in by 18 inch and have a roof and on posts.  They propose to pay for it themselves, and manage it themselves.  They need approval and suggestions on placement.  They are doing this to earn a Girl Scouts Silver Award, and plan to complete the project before the FICRA Fair. Approximately 20 books would be stored. They will continue to do research on such things as best type of books.  Board is universally supportive, and will discuss more details with them.


Hal notes $53.25 was donated to FICRA Trust from the Girl Scouts.  Thank you!


We have lost a couple of senior residents of the Island. Sylvia Powers was a long term resident of FI.  Tony recalls Sylvia and her mother hitchhiking across the US to see family on the East Coast after HS graduation. For the FICRA Fair she used to bake ‘Pies for Polio’, and ‘Cakes for Cancer’.  She was a real doer, and a very direct person.  She was a member of Cootiettes and Sansui.   She will be greatly missed. Friends of Sylvia have made a donation to the FICRA Trust in her name (Jill & Ralph Christ and Clara Duff & friends).  And the Men’s Coffee group has donated a new, permanently mounted, projector in the auditorium in Sylvia Power’s name.


Fox Lair resident Herm Botnen (the oldest living person born on FI before we lost him) also passed away recently.  He was very involved in Island affairs and a supporter of FICRA and the FI Museum.  The residents of Fox Lair have given a collective donation in his name to the FICRA Trust.


We met new attendees Randy and Debbie Bishop who moved to Fox Island in the last 2 mos, they live on Bella Bella drive.


Minutes:  The Feb 11, 2015 meeting minutes were approved.


President’s report: Jim Braden

We have enjoyed many accomplishments in the last year, and over the years. We have over a 100 volunteers that have helped keep the NCC well maintained and remodeled.  It has been recommended to post the list of accomplishments in the entry hall for a while. Board members agreed.  Jim to post.

There is a new projector which has been donated to the NCC from the Men’s Coffee (who meet every Wed AM, 9 to 11). Howard, George and Jim just finished mounting it, and this, with the wide screen that Howard previously donated, will soon be set up for movies, video viewing, etc.

Jerry Knight invited Jim to the FI Yacht Club recently.  Jim recognizes that the FI Yacht club is a healthy organization, which he believes is in good part due to its on-going social functions.  FICRA should continue to develop a variety of functions for members to take advantage of.  The new movie projector may be a real help with that.


Consent Calendar: No items.


Treasurers Report: Hal Goodell

Trust Capital Checking: 

Feb 1 Balance: $4,873.10 Feb 29 Balance: $4,735.58

Trust Reserve Checking: 

Feb 1 Balance: $10,750.00 Feb 29 Balance: $10,750.00 

Trust Checking account:

Jan 1 Balance: $33,558.64     Feb 29 Balance: $34,831.35

Money Market:

Feb 1 Balance: $1,911.28       Feb 29 Balance: $1,911.28

Trust PayPal: 

Feb 1 Balance: $3,729.75 Feb 29 End Balance $483.99


Committee Reports: 

Crime Watch: Stan Weston reports Crime rate is “pretty low.” One vehicle theft of ski equipment left in unlocked vehicle on Bella Bella.  Two Burglaries, no forced entry. Two vandalism report.  Stan reports that Crime Watch continues to keep watch out for suspicious vehicles during school bus pick up and drop off. There are 2 Category 3 Sex offenders on the island.


Emergency Planning: Jim reporting.  Peggy Levelford (PC rep) would like to hold another meeting for Neighborhood Captains.   The last meeting Captains were given PC-Net registration badges. FIEP “Fox Island Emergency Planning” is near completing the 10’x12’ communication room for holding communication equipment and supplies.  Hal is a Ham (amateur radio) expert who reports that he has been an operator for 60 years, and there is an upcoming class for amateur radio certification.  Some Citizen Patrol members are also in the class. Meeting at Fire District 5 on their Ham communication process went well.  Washington State has a planned exercise for “Cascadia Rising” in June to test the emergency systems, including communications. We will be participating. Peninsula High School has a radio station, KGHP, is now broadcasting general information on Fox Island Emergency Planning (FM 89.3, 89.9 and 105.7) and will have critical information broadcast during a major emergency.


  1. Building Committee: Jean Peterson, excused.  April 9th at 9 am is Spring Clean up.  Carolyn says there is a list of jobs they plan to tackle on a board at the NCC.  We have had as many as 38 people for past cleanups, and a free lunch is served afterward!


  1. Nature Center: Ed Burrough Chairman.  States the Nature Center is a 5 acre property wet land about 200 feet down the road. There is a lot happening, including clearing fallen branches, brush, and pulling blackberrys (280# last load!). Another project in process is a tri-fold brochure to help visitors find their way through trails and to notable sites.  Ed says he has identified 85 different species of plants.  The Board will work to get that list onto the website.


Special Committees: 

Audit Committee: Gisela, excused. No report.

Nominating Committee:  Board members have been given a list of candidates for the open Trust Board and Audit Committee positions. A request for volunteers to fill open positions has been posted on website.


Unfinished Business:  

Planning Calendar: Howard recently held a training class on using the FICRA/Trust g-mail account for accessing and storing documents in our archives.  He has noted some improvements already.

Rental Rates: Finance Committee to do further review of local rental rate comps is needed.


Sport Field renovation is in the planning.  There is a need to make the outdoors more attractive.  There is a small kids playground which is used regularly. We need better options for pre-teens, teens, and adults.  Possibly a soccer field, basketball court and walking path, and possibly exercise course.  The “Buy a Brick Fund” is still open.  There has been $4200 raised so far.  We need to get an advertising campaign going on this.  It will be an on-going effort to accumulate funds to use as matching money for requesting a grant.


Siding on Nichol Center needs repair. We are awaiting a bid on doing an investigation of the damage there to then set a repair cost estimate.


South parking excavation is still in planning.


Nichol Center Brochure update is still in planning.


Joan comments that FICRA new post states PC-Med Reserve Corp Emergency Review to be conducted by PLU Nurses, conducting an anonymous survey. They will be wearing identification.



New Business:  No new business.



Next meeting is on April 14, 2015


Meeting Adjourned at 8:20 PM.


Respectfully Submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary