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Fox Island Nature Center Committee Meeting Minutes

5 November 2015


Attendees:  Ed Burrough, Nan Feagin, Philip Craven, Terry Wall, and Terry Mace.


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m.


Old Business


  • Ed reported that we removed 240 pounds of blackberries during the October work party and that the wood chips had been delivered to the Nature Center. He also noted the article about the Kids’ Photo Exhibition in the FICRA e-newsletter


New Business


  • Philip said that a group from the UCC wanted to do stream team water testing in the Nature Center and wondered if we should set guidelines, if it needed FICRA Board approval and whether copies of their data should be forwarded to us.  Ed will bring this up with the FICRA Board at their next meeting.
  • Philip also reported that the UCC wanted to use the Nature Center for an afternoon as part of their vacation bible school.
  • We discussed plans for distributing the wood chips at our next work party.
  • Philip told us about his visit to the Willapa Bay Nature Center and described the signs with questions and the sculptures through out the area. We will think about additional signs (seasonal or permanent) or a handout with numbers corresponding to number signs in the Nature Center to engage visitors.  Nan and Terry Wall will work on a prototype handout/brochure.  Terry Mace will try to polish the existing plant name markers on stakes throughout the Nature Center.
  • The next meeting is Thursday, December 3 and the next work party is Saturday, November 21.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.