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Oct 8, 2015


Board Attendees: Tony Moore, Jim Braden, Gina Olson, Hal Goodell and Ray Kittelberger.

Meeting opened by Jim Braden at 7:04 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Volunteers asked to sign in for the record.


Minutes:  The Sept 10, 2015 meeting minutes were approved


President’s report: Jim Braden

Fundraiser held today for Pen School Ed Fund to help school to afford many things surrounding the arts, ie instruments.  Hugh McMillian “Kid’s Corner” Author invited Jim.   Jim speaks at the Annual 4H organization annually and this is how he met Hugh.  Many programs available in 4H, not just sheep and goats.  Scouts and 4H are both things to consider as other ways to get kids and families involved.


Consent Calendar:

Approve the $131.15 for replacing the dying plants in the NCC front landscaping.

Citizen Patrol caps and jackets approved for purchase amount of $450.  This will help make them more official and recognizable to those who see them on neighbor properties, for example. 10 jackets and caps.


Treasurers Report: Hal Goodell

Trust Capital Checking: (new account established)

Sept 1 Balance: $0. Sept 30 Balance: $200.00

Trust Reserve Checking: (new account established)

Sept 1 Balance: $0 Sept 30 Balance: $200.00

Trust Checking account:

Sep 1 Balance: $50,855.45     Sep 30 Balance: $46,860.89

Money Market:

Sept 1 Balance: $12,860.10     Sept 30 Balance: $12,461.14

Trust PayPal: 

Sep 1 Balance: $138.98 Sept 30 End Balance $270.37


The full summary report is on file.  Hal reports that the Trust will have two additional checking accounts; one for the Capital Expenditures and the other for other Trust spending on Reserve needs. Transparency of the FICRA finances is important to Jim and the Board. The FICRA Building Trust Reserve Study is a document of the financial planning for long term facility preservation. Jim explains the capital account and reserve funds which are needed to cover all the annual cost of building expenses and upkeep. There is a detailed Capital report on the Ficra Website.


Jim adds that the kitchen remodel is going well.  Jean, Dee Ann, and Carolyn have worked hard to make selections of value and have garnered savings.  The project is on schedule. The electrical is near completion with inspection pending. The cabinetry is partly installed.  Counter tops are next. All is going well, and expenses have been on track as well. Floform has a small add-on to countertop expense, above the estimate by $510, however the Board already anticipated some variable cost due to changes after approval that could not be foreseen and this is not outside of amount expected (10% contingency was already approved).



Committee Reports: 

1.Crime Watch: Stan Weston

Stan says “I am having trouble finding crime!” in a positive tone.  No speeding tickets reported.  An abandoned vehicle on 3rd Court was removed.  Most crime continues to be theft from unsecured vehicles.

Several reports were made Oct 3, 2015 to the Sherriff Dept in regards to uncomfortable confrontation with seemingly aggressive door-to-door sales persons of cleaning supplies.  Sheriff office received 5-6 complaints, persons were described to be in their 20s in a white Ford Van with License plates that did not match the registered vehicle. There was no official crime, although home owners felt there was intent.   Recommendations to all home owners are to remain civil, but call 911 if there are any problems.  Also, two large planter pots stolen from a residence and a kayak stolen from another, both on Bella Bella.


  1. Emergency Planning: Ray Kittleberger

Ray reports that Emergency Preparation Update document is available for review.  This has been posted in both the Oct Newsletter and on  There is a FB link on how to subscribe to the newsletter.  Ten new people came to the last meeting.


  1. Building Committee: Jean Peterson

Jean reports that the kitchen is in progress, and “about done.”  Jean wants to work on another project to replace/repair NCC windows.  Bids were obtained in 2011 to replace windows in auditorium and south side, and front window which can be restored or replaced. All the bids have increased in last 3-4 yrs, then but estimates are $60,000.  Replacements will be double -paned and wood.  Heritage Capital Fund Grant is available if we apply.  Jean feels we should take advantage of this. If the Grant is given, it covers only 33% and comes in reimbursement form of payment.   All the costs put together over the last 6 yrs and now, she feels that the 33% would also include the cost of the floors and kitchen already completed. There are $10 Million given away each year, as awarded by the Legislature under recommendation by this Heritage Board. We need someone with Grant Writing experience to do this. You can learn more at projects fund or at HCPF web page. Timing is critical.


  1. Nature Center: Ed Burrough.  The nature center remains uncomplicated!  Removal of invasive plants is a continued effort. Lisa requests that Ed send her the photos/pictures from the submissions during the fair.


Special Committees: 

  1. Audit Committee: The Board met with the Audit committee on Sept 23, and the recommendations of the Audit Committee were reviewed.  This confirmed we are in compliance with all recommendations, or in progress of getting there.  The Audit committee is satisfied with the Boards progress.


Unfinished Business:  

  1. Video Cameras: One is set and monitoring! Vehicles are now identifiable for review if any further suspicious activity is noted.
  2. Planning Calendar: There is a lot more to do. Howard is working on the Jan Auction to create a calendar schedule. Domain names are changing. Test site domain picked up as site is moving to “Wordpress” as a content management system. He is hopeful that everyone will become familiar with this so in the future postings will be seamless. is a very highly prized domain, and it was established by the Ostner family.  If we ever decide to no longer use it, they have requested that we give them the option to take the name back.  All on the Board agree to this proposal.

School House Rock, Jan Auction “Party with a Purpose”:   Howard and Lisa are hard at work making preparation. They have made a few changes to maximize the “fun” in this fundraiser.  Main items: Price $20 per person; 150 Pre-sold admissions max;  Souvenir glass 12 oz, but new style stemless wine glasses; 1 drink ticket included; Appetizers -researching caterers; Silent & Live Auction; Wish list to be posted so an individual can pick an item to donate to specifically; Live band at 8 pm; and 9 pm dessert. (Another “preceding event” to be “Happy Hour” and the details are: $10 per person; 1 ticket for vodka tasting; 5:30 to 6:30 pm; 1 drink ticket for specialty drink or wine; 1 raffle ticket for handbag or tool drawing; Additional raffle tickets for $5, or 5 for $20). They plan to preliminarily send out requests for donations and sponsors.  Then invitations to attend events go out in early Jan.  We are looking for items for silent or live auction, looking for cash donations, and looking for sponsorship of any one part of the event (band, drinks, etc).  Jim Borgen will return again as the Auctioneer. Heritage Distillery glass design in works. Call them directly for auction items. Hal suggests a “bid number” be given at payment time to decrease event check-in congestion.


New Business:

Planning Meeting: Jim suggests that this is important, and we need to convene a planning meeting.  A retreat was suggested.  An agenda will be drafted.  He asked for board members to send him dates.

Garage Sale: Ray has a report.  Net was $939 dollars.  He feels it was too much work, and not very profitable for Ficra.  Suggestions were made to have it every other year, or have the Museum take over the All Island Garage Sale, as they seemed to be more successful.  Another suggestion was to have an event coordinator to manage the NCC for the event.  Ray says that it required a lot of work, and this was a frustrating year. However, some emails to Lisa were complimentary. Only 3 persons signed up to use the NCC, and only 1 showed up. The advertising seemed not a value other than Craig’s List.  Meeting with the Museum staff is needed for next year.

Donations: Dave Harrington would like to donate a soccer goal to the field.  Board accepted this donation.


Next meeting is on Nov 12, 2015


Meeting Adjourned at 8:28 PM.


Respectfully Submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary