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Emergency Response Team Created by FICRA Building Trust


Family self-sufficiency is the cornerstone of managing a major emergency and the development of the Emergency Response system will help our individual families prepare.

An EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS TEAM, including our Citizen’s Patrol, has been created by the FICRA BUILDING TRUST (The Trust) to help ensure Fox Island residents can manage a significant emergency like a bridge closure, major earthquake, major storm and other such events.

Our agencies on Fox Island, such as the Fire Station, Water Company and Peninsula Light already have their own plans on responding to an emergency so our response system will supplement their efforts.  Our response will be limited during the first 24-hour period of an event as the other agencies respond, however, our Plan has response building as we activate the teams within each neighborhood and staff the Nichols Community Center and communications system.  Depending on the nature of the emergency, it may take several days to fully implement the Plan.  So you can see the importance of initial self-sufficiency.


Neighborhood Preparation:  Your neighborhood will be organized in advance by a Block Captain, with a backup, who will inventory all residents of that neighborhood to identify those with ability to help, those that will need assistance, and pets.  Signage for your window (to be provided by the TEAM) can be used to alert neighbors of your situation (NEED HELP, WE’RE OK, etc.).  Your neighborhood leaders will advise on what supplies should be stored by you.  First Aid and CPR training will be available through Pierce County Department of Emergency Management.

Command Center:  The Nichols Community Center (NCC) will house our Communications Team and their equipment (supported by an emergency generator) which will network throughout the island with volunteer HAM operators and other communication tools.  We are working to include a Triage Center at the NCC and to have several helicopter sites around the island for medical evacuation.  Transport to NCC would be assisted by our Citizens Patrol.

Emergency Shelter:  The two churches, Alliance Church and United Church of Christ, will provide some level of shelter – level to be determined.  We are working with the Red Cross to certify those locations and provide necessary supplies.

Evacuation:  The Fox Island Yacht Club will be a part of the evacuation plan.  Evacuation sites will be established and an inventory of independent boat owners will be compiled.  The Yacht Club will advise on drop-off sites in Gig Harbor.

School Children:  The school systems are prepared to shelter kids for 72 hours with food and water.  Beyond that period, we have not been able to determine any existing plans for children.  Though the schools have parents sign a release for another family to care for their children in case the parents are unavailable to do so, if the back-up family is on Fox Island, another off-island back-up family should be identified and have release papers to ensure children’s safety.  We’re working with the Yacht Club on setting up a pickup location in Gig Harbor to eventually get the children home.

Citizen’s Patrol:  In addition to providing transport to NCC, the Patrol will be equipped with a communication device to stay in touch with the NCC communication system.

The above plan is a work-in-progress.  Over the next several months the Plan will be updated and republished.  An updated plan will again be presented at the 2015 FICRA FAIR.

We need volunteers to staff the various teams that are critical to carry out the Plan.  Signup sheets will be at the FICRA FAIR, also.  Please consider participating in this very important effort.  You are the beneficiary of this.

And, funds will be needed to provide the various supplies and communication equipment.  So feel free to donate to the cause.  This effort is not built into the Trust’s 2014 budget.

Jim Braden, President, FICRA Building Trust

Download this document in printable (pdf) format