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FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 7-10-2014


July 10, 2014

Board Attendees: Uwe Krohn, Jim Braden, Tony Moore, Gina Olson, Bob Bowser and Howard Stapleton. Hal Goodell excused. 

Uwe Krohn opened the meeting at 7:02 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Jim Braden introduced Betty Perry who has a local web business.  It is called Event Resources Gig Harbor and this is a comprehensive website directory of local venues that can be rented.  She would like to include the NCC. This is $250/year with photos, free without. Adds to the existing website, and gives details of the venue, and services that can be used with the event. She has made a draft, and will continue to work with Jen Bush.  The board will consider and reply. 

Uwe asked for attendee introductions. Volunteers encouraged to sign in. 

Minutes from the June 12, 2014 board meeting were unanimously approved. 

President’s Report:  Uwe Krohn 

Acknowledgement and thanks given to the Stapletons for the donation of a movie screen over the front stage in the NCC.  A movie night hosted by Nan Fagin utilized this successfully! Ed Burrough will be given a list of old movies and favorites that may be shown in future. 

A conversation with greater Pen Cons District regarding the Kim Toal property.  The next step is for the property to be assessed.  When they determine if this is a property they are interested in, then we can further discuss options.

Game night hosted 40 people and enjoyed by all. Thanks given to those who attended and hosted. 

The water district could be having shortages in the future.  It has been suggested that residents follow a general recommendation for watering on only even days or odd correlating with your house number. 

Consent Calendar: 

Treasure’s Report: Given by Jim Braden, in absence of Hal Goodell. 


FICRA  06-1 Checkbook: Bal: $15,811.56 ($15,917.00 bal. from 6/12 minutes) 07-1 Balance: $ 14,885.41

Money Market  06-1 Balance: $18,582.43 ($18,580.85 bal. from 6/12 minutes) 07-1 Balance: $ 18,583.96

PayPal Balance: 06-1 $ $1,122.27         07-1 Balance: $1,170.21

In transfer from old to new quick book program and past to current treasurer there are a few minor discrepancies to sort out. The new system is working well, and next month all discrepancies should be resolved. 

Membership is currently 333.  The 2014-15 membership list has been started. 

The budget is in good shape. Further review to be handled by board. 

Committee Reports: 

Social Activities: None 

Publicity: Jim Braden

A committee is in formation for further publicity. Lynne is doing a great job with the FICRA Flash.  More website and Facebook site development is happening headed by Stapletons. Having more addresses available is on-going, but sensitive to privacy requests. 

Special Committees:  

Membership Committee: Bob Bowser (new chair)

Will be working to continue increasing FICRA membership. Howard, Hal, Jeff, and George Weise are working on updating the Fox Island Directory. Despite obstacles it is progressing nicely.  

New Business: 

Concern about the safety of our roads due to speeding and reckless driving. The concerned resident was advised to make a report on the Crime Watch hotline and if enough complaints exist, then action can be taken. Stan Flemming has been involved in acquiring information about recording speeds on Fox Island, and this evaluation was brief. There is a  know fact that fines issued rather than warnings seems to have greater impact on speeding. 

Unfinished Business:  

FICRA FAIR: Hal is chair, but not in attendance today.  

He would like to help enhance raffle with Chambers Bay 18 hole golf Certificate.  He will get into contact with Hal Goodell to further discuss. Gisella is making a “scavenger hunt” to encourage each booth to be visited/explored by fair attendees. Location of the scavenger prize booth to be next to FICRA booth, to aid in new memberships. 

Post office and Coffee shop to be locations to help advertise the Fair. 

George Metzger providing use of the PA System. 

Carolyn Braden to discuss scavenger hunt details with the Fair Committee and booth location details. 

Movement to Adjourn at 7:55 pm. Unanimously approved. 


Next Meeting is Aug 14, 2014.  


 Respectfully submitted by Gina Olson, Secretary