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Important recent information for Fox Islanders

Posted December 5, 2013

** FIRE ON 6TH AVENUE.  Last night at just after 11 PM, the Babson home on 6th Avenue was destroyed by fire with the loss of two lives, Dr. Babson and his 8 year old daughter.  Mrs. Babson and two children survived, in thanks to the heroic rescue by a neighbor and the efforts of first responders.  The news media is monitoring the situation and will continue to update on the situation there.  This site and our Facebook site will be updated as information becomes available.

The cause of the fire is unknown.  The home was destroyed so the cause will be some time coming.

** We have even more severe cold weather on the way which puts even more strain on a home’s heating system.  Be sure not to bring any fired heaters indoors nor operate portable heaters near flammable material.

This cold weather poses other possibly unexpected problems.  Freezing water pipes can leave you without water and result in structural damage.  Those of you with freeze-proof outside faucets need to be aware that you should disconnect the hose from those so they will drain.  Otherwise the water trapped in the internal pipe can freeze and split the internal pipe with disastrous results.

And, with temperatures going down so low and for so long, look out for black ice on the road.  It looks like dark, dry pavement, but is shear ice.  Four-wheel drive is good for snow, mud and partially icy conditions, but on shear ice it’s no help – so be extra cautious for the next few days.

** SCHOOL CHILDREN BEING OFFERED RIDES.  On December 3 there were two incidences of children being offered rides.

Teach your children to stay in groups as much as possible as they go home from the bus stop and to be observant of what is around them.  Also, if possible, they should get license numbers.  FICRA has extra patrols of County Sheriffs and Citizen Patrols that focus on bus stops, but troubled people are not easily deterred, so our kids need to be alert.

** FOX ISLAND HOMICIDE.  There is no new information on the homicide that occurred November 21st at the Fox Island store area.  The police are investigating, and there is a person of interest the police are trying to locate.  Fox Island is the safest community in Pierce County, but crime can occur anywhere.  So, being alert to your surroundings is always a necessity – and looking out for your neighbor is also a major factor in keeping Fox Island safe.

** RECENT BURGLARY.   On November 29, a home was burglarized on Lummi Drive.  There have been several reports of two or three men walking down the various lanes on Fox Island, of late.  If you observe that kind of activity, don’t forget to report what you see to 911 if it is immediate and serious – otherwise, call 549-7744 or go to to report information you feel would be of value to Fox Island residents.