FICRA Annual Members Meeting and Board Election Night Minutes 3-7-2013


March 7, 2013


Board Attendees: Jim Braden, Patty Metzger, Tony Moore, Lynne Goodwin, Mimi Miller, Jeff Goodwin and Hal Goodell.  There were many members in attendance.


President Jim Braden opened the meeting at 7:30 pm with the Pledge of Allegiance.  He introduced Dave Harrington, to host the election process and list the nominations.


2013 FICRA BOARD NOMINATIONS are as follows:

For the position of President: Jim Braden

For the position of Vice President: Jeff Goodwin

For the position of Treasurer: Mimi Miller

For the position of Director 2 years: Tony Moore



For the position of Auditor 1: Ray Kittelberger

For the position of Auditor 2: Joan Broughton

For the position of Auditor 3: Lori Imel


The floor was then opened for other nominations. For the position of Secretary, Gina Olson nominated herself.  She has been a resident of Fox Island for just over 2 yrs.  She a Physician Assistant working in Gig Harbor and has been interested in working with FICRA. She thinks this would be a great way to get involved with FICRA.  There were no other nominations from the floor.


The Vote was held by Voice Acclamation, with all in favor and none opposed.  Thank yous given to Dave Harrington.


Hal Goodell announced a reminder that the first Saturday in May is the Plant Sale. Help from FICRA members is needed with digging and potting plants to make it work. Digging has been done at the residence of John Reese yesterday.  Another SS Club Member Lan Altman has invited members to come this Wednesday to her yard.  There are others, Marion Fry’s place too.  Hal invited anyone who is willing to join them, also would like to know if people want plants dug/removed from their yards for the sale. Or to pot it yourself and contribute plants to the sale.

Linda Dodds announced that a representative is needed from FICRA to meet with The Fox Island Sand and Soil and The Fox Island Garden Club so they are all coordinated. Karen Craven volunteered to do this.


Jeff Goodwin announced that Gig Harbor Performing Arts is performing Annie Get Your Gun at Gig Harbor H.S.  Opening tonight and through the weekend.  7 pm performance, buy tickets at door.


The Third Clean up day is needing volunteers: Set for Sunday April 28 from 1 pm to 4 pm. There will be dinner served.  Same menu as last year is jokingly proposed: Taco Soup!


Membership Annual Meeting is concluded, and Announcements are opened to floor:


Karen Craven announced the following

Musical Strings Sunday at 3 pm happening

Open Mic at the NCC is 6-8 pm Friday night. She is excited that there will be more young/new people from Ladies Latte getting involved.

Ice Cream Sunday is on March 17 with games and ice cream.

Easter Egg Hunt is Saturday March 30th


John Reese requested introductions from the Board for the benefit of new attendees, and new attendees and board members were introduced by themselves or by Jim Braden.


Dave Harrington would like to teach a Zen Martial Arts and/or Self Defense class once each week at the NCC. If there is any interest let him know.


Acknowledgment and thanks given to Patty Metzger for her service as FICRA Secretary.  Thanks given to Carolyn Braden regarding work done by her and the Building Committee that is making progress toward getting new wood floors in the NCC by obtaining a Grant.


Meeting Adjourned.