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FICRA Board Meeting Minutes 8-2-2012


August 2, 2012


Board Attendees:  Jim Braden, Jeff Goodwin, Patty Metzger, Tony Moore, Hal Goodell, Lynne Goodwin.


President Jim Braden opened the meeting at 7:32 pm with the pledge of allegiance. Minutes from the July 5 board meeting were unanimously approved as written.


President’s Report: Jim Braden

  • In order to involve youth more, Jim suggested establishing a youth board that the youth would manage. Jim reported that the youth leaders at the Alliance and UCC churches on Fox Island were enthusiastic. We would have a rep from the FICRA board attend the youth board meetings and the youth would complete the use project test form to summarize their ideas to bring to the FICRA board.
  • The FICRA Fair has had many people involved to plan for the Fair. Many thanks to Lynne Goodwin for her work.
  • The Directory is being updated and will be given out with membership renewals at the fair. Thank you George Weiss, Judy Wilson, Tony and Georgia Moore.
  • Again reviewed the purpose of the consent calendar. (No Items for this month.)


Treasure’s Report: Hal Goodwin for Mimi Miller

  • FICRA Beginning Balance     $2565.03
  • Deposits                                    2927.13
  • Expenses                                   (2122.09)
  • FICRA New Balance               $ 3370.07


  • Money Market Beginning Balance  $20763.88
  • Interest                                                           2.65
  • Money Market Ending Balance       $20,766.53


  • FICRA Trust Beginning Balance       $11,775.77
  • Dividend                                                         1.50
  • FICRA Trust New Balance                $11,777.27


  • Current Family Memberships: 255 Plus 5 pending memberships that have not yet been deposited


The complete treasurer’s report is attached to these minutes.


Committee Reports:


CrimeWatch: Stan Weston

  • Stan Weston reported that there were no burglaries in July.
  • Crime continues to be very low on Fox Island particularly compared to the rest of Pierce County.
  • After reporting some minor incidents, Stan suggested that the Board give the deputy specific guidelines regarding trespassing (at church parking lots, NCC, other community buildings.) Jim concurred that the board would follow up. Note: private parties can go to 11:00pm at NCC unless specifically allowed otherwise by the Board.
  • A 10’ dingy was stolen from a front yard.
  • Stan suggested that if you think someone might try to break into your house, put the lights on and make sure they know you are home.


Building Committee: Carolyn Braden

  • Carolyn reported they are working to get grants for interior improvements.
  • Work is continuing to clean up the exterior including painting the garage, pulling out blackberries and spreading wood chips received from Penlight.
  • There will be a clean up day in October.
  • Anyone volunteering hours should fill out the volunteer hours sheets since FICRA is a non-profit organization.


Social Activities: Karen Craven

  • Karen Craven reported game night, book review, kickball/ice cream social were a big success.
  • Teens are working on a large canvas backdrop for the stage. Children will be invited to paint parts of the mural during the fair.
  • Upcoming events:
    • September: garage sale, political round table being planned for local candidates by Carolyn and Terry Wall, Astronomy Night
    • October: Beer Fest in the fall for members only, fund raising children’s concert.
    • Karen suggested a “think tank” session after the surveys are in.


Nature Center: Phil Craven

  • 65 volunteer hours in July with hardworking volunteers.
  • There will be 2 tours of the NC during the Fair.
  • Phil suggested the Board needs to decide on “use” guidelines for the NC (dogs? fires? camping?, open sunrise to sunset?) Jim asked that the NC committee to write up their recommendations and present to the Board.


Publicity: Jim Braden for Kalli Ostner

  • FICRA Flash, Facebook updates re Fair, have been published.


Fundraising: Jeff Goodwin

  • Sue Spencer shared her impressive list of donators for the FICRA Fair raffle. (Over $1000 value).
  • Jeff Goodwin is working on the membership drive. He’s looking at communication what FICRA is doing by organizing names by streets. Sign up sheets were available to have people contact neighbors.


Special Committees:

  • Audit Committee: Ray, Joan, Laurie
    • The Audit Committee members presented 12 “talking points” regarding their recommendations from the audit.
    • The Board unanimously approved the following new procedures based on the recommendations:
  1. 2 signatures will be required for all checks of $500 or more.
  2. Change signature authority on checks within 30 days of elections.
  3. The Board needs to consider its policy on depreciation further.  We need to understand more fully the impact of depreciation on insurance and taxes, and, make sure we have any capital additions brought into the equation.
  4. Committees will need to submit their budgets to the Finance Committee by November 1.  (We need to have consistent feedback to the committee chairs from the Finance Committee. Perhaps the committee chairs should be on the Finance Committee.)
  • Procedures the Board has already established that were mentioned in the Audit Committee recommendations:
  1. Separate FICRA from the Trust for tax purposes. (This is part of the Bylaws Committee ongoing work.)
  2. The Treasurer will reconcile the bank statement with the finance report each month.
  3. The Treasurer will give a list of lapsed membership to the Membership Committee to follow up with contacts.
  4. Jim will circulate a draft voucher form for expenditures, including incorporating the $500 limit for 2 signatures.
  5. Sue the new dues and donor receipt form. (Attached.)
  6. Board plans to review all details of the insurance policy when it is received in August.

Board also discussed not using the debit card and instead using a credit card. No vote was taken.

Board also discussed the need to establish a system backup, perhaps in the cloud, but no vote was taken.


  • Bylaws Committee:
    • Bylaws Committee title work is in legal hands and is making progress.


Unfinished Business:

  • Dwayne at the FI Store will let us use the big board to advertise at no charge. We need someone to organize this.
  • Hal Goodwin reports that a link to the Fox Island Survey has been included in the FICRA Flash (given to all households and P.O. Boxes). 50 responses have received to date. There will be 4 “active” computers in the big room at NCC during the Fair for people to complete the survey.
  • FICRA Fair: Lynne Goodwin
    • 40 vendor booths
    • FICRA tent will be at the entrance.
    • There will be a posted schedule of events
    • Entries for the Flower Show should be brought to the south classroom from 9:00 – 0:30 are on Aug. 11. Judging will begin at 10:45.
    • Needed: volunteers to direct parking for vendors from 8:00 – 10:30am, to set up the FICRA tent on Friday afternoon.
    • Rental Contract: working on levels of contracts and checklists

New Business:

  • Board agreed to have the Wicklines run the Christmas program again.
  • The Chapel on Echo Bay will have a local musician (Dave Vick) in concert on August 26. This will be their membership drive. $25 for a family membership; $15 to see the show if not a member. Might as well be a member!




Meeting adjourned 9:28pm. Next meeting September 6.


Respectfully submitted,


Patty Metzger